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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Swatches: NYX Macaron Lippies in Blue Velvet, Pistachio, Earl Grey and Black Sesame

So you know I had to place an order after I told you that the long-awaited Macaron Lippies are now available for purchase on the NYX website. I got my order this morning and I wanted to get some swatches up as soon as possible. So please note that this is obviously not a traditional review since I just got these today--it's more like a "first impressions" post, but with tons of swatches! So let's get started...

NYX Macaron Lippies
Blue Velvet, Pistachio, Earl Grey and Black Sesame
(retail: $6 each on the NYX website, 0.16 oz)

There are twelve shades in this range. I purchased the four colors that I personally found the MOST intriguing--I simple had to know what these four shades would look like on my lips!

 photo 021-4.jpg

 photo 005-11.jpg

 photo 007-13.jpg

 photo 010-10.jpg

 photo 011-7.jpg
Earl Grey

 photo 015-8.jpg

 photo 016-12.jpg
Blue Velvet

 photo 013-13.jpg
Black Sesame

PLEASE NOTE: The color above is accurate in terms of what Black Sesame looks like before you actually use it. But once you "break the seal" you can see that this is actually more of a concrete gray color:

 photo 068-3.jpg

 photo 023-4.jpg
Earl Grey, Pistachio, Blue Velvet, Black Sesame

Looking at the swatches above, you can see that these lipsticks have nice, even consistency and very good pigmentation. These swatches were done using just one light swipe per lipstick. All four shades are cremes (no shimmer, sparkle or glitter) and I believe that all of the lipsticks in this range are cremes. 

PLEASE NOTE: Any weirdness you see on my bottom lip in the following swatches is due to my lips being chapped; these imperfections were NOT caused by the lipsticks themselves.

Below is what one application of Black Sesame looks like on my lips. On my medium-pigmented lips, this is a very cool-toned concrete gray. It's extremely opaque, but it's not chalky. I also wanted to show you what each color looks like after applying a neutral red creme on top of each color (below).

 photo 030-3.jpg

Black Sesame

 photo 067-3.jpg

Black Sesame + Revlon Fifth Ave Red =

 photo 035-3.jpg

Below is what one application of Earl Grey looks like on my lips. On my medium-pigmented lips, this is a pastel periwinkle blue. It's not as opaque as Black Sesame, but it's not chalky or too patchy.

 photo 038-2.jpg
Earl Grey

 photo 061-4.jpg

Earl Grey + Revlon Fifth Ave Red =

 photo 040-5.jpg
A cool-toned berry!

Below is what one application of Pistachio looks like on my lips. On my medium-pigmented lips, this is a pastel mint green. It's quite opaque and not chalky at all.

 photo 042-3.jpg

 photo 064-3.jpg

Pistachio + Revlon Fifth Ave Red =

 photo 048-6.jpg

Below is what one application of Blue Velvet looks like on my lips. On my medium-pigmented lips, this is a bright azure blue. It is by far the most pigmented of the four shades I purchased, and it is also easiest to apply. One swipe to each lip yields perfect, even color and pigmentation. I can't stress this enough--the opacity and pigmentation of Blue Velvet are amazing.

 photo 051-3.jpg
Blue Velvet 

 photo 065-3.jpg

Blue Velvet + Revlon Fifth Ave Red =

 photo 054-2.jpg

And finally, I wanted to try an ombre look using Pistachio:

 photo 055-4.jpg
Coral & mint ombre lips!

For this look, I applied Pistachio to just the center of my lips. Then, using a lip brush, I took a pinky-coral lipstick (Revlon Snow Peach) and lined my lips, being careful not to cover Pistachio. Then I just smooshed my lips together (very gently) and it mixed the two colors perfectly!

 photo nyxmacaronlippiesa.jpg

Additional thoughts...

All four of the shades I purchased feel extremely creamy on the lips. None of them are dry or chalky, and each one glides onto the lips with ease--no tugging or dragging. Honestly, the texture of these lipsticks is quite impressive--they're not just novelty lipsticks that come in cool colors but feel like crap on the lips (I know you know what I'm talking about!). I've only owned these lipsticks for a grand total of seven hours (as of this time of this post) so I obviously cannot comment on staying power. 

The pigmentation and opacity of all four shades is impressive as well. The weakest is Earl Gray (periwinkle blue) but even that one looks nice with a little extra effort. The best shade, in my opinion, is Blue Velvet (azure blue). One swipe on each lip is all I need for perfect pigmentation and opacity. It's my favorite of the bunch, for sure.  I'm not a huge football fan but I can't wait to wear it paired with yellow eyeshadow if I go to any Chargers games this fall!

The fragrance of these lipsticks actually reminds me of macarons. How fun is that? It's sort of an almond-y, coconut-y macaron fragrance, but it's quite light. The flavor sort of tastes like macarons at first, but then it morphs into tasting a bit like suntan lotion. But not to worry--after about 10 minutes, I cannot detect any flavor or fragrance at all.

PRELIMINARY VERDICT: I love 'em so far! The texture, consistency, opacity and pigmentation completely exceeded my expectations, and I absolutely love that I can mix these with my existing lipsticks to create fun, unique colors. I personally do not wear unconventional lip colors on their own (although I think they look amazing on others!) so I'll be using these to mix with other shades, for sure. But if YOU enjoy wearing bold, unconventional lipsticks shades, I think you might want to give these a whirl. They're impressive all the way around, but my favorite is Blue Velvet--it is truly amazing and the pigmentation is insane. 

The new NYX Macaron Lippies are available now on the NYX website. I do not know, as of the time of this post, if they will eventually be available in-store at Ulta, Target, CVS, etc. PS: I believe these are permanent, not limited edition. 

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. Seems completely fun to have! I like that you're mixing colors. My favorite of the bunch is your ombre lips!

  2. Thanks G!
    I hate it when I get those chalky dry lipsticks with cool colors :(
    I can't wait to try these lipsticks out!

    P.S. You're my favorite blogger in the entire world! I love you so much <3

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow!!!! The colors look so creamy and a bit shiny!!

  4. The fact that the grey one isn't the one called Earl Grey bugs the crap out of me! I seriously want every single color from this line though.

  5. These are so exciting!! I love that they're so opaque and not chalky. Thanks for doing the fun layerings with a red lippie, too - so versatile :D

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Anyone who wants to look attractive should avoid these at all costs!!!! Not flattering in anyway to anyone. For Halloween--maybe.

    1. I think that's a bit rude. A lot of people love wearing bright colors! It's not necessarily for attractiveness but rather fun and for oneself! Rihanna has worn blue lipstick and since then many people have jumped onto the boat and it is a fab trend. I would love to get the courage (esp after my braces are taken off) to maybe wear Blue Velvet.

      Many girls rock these bright, in your face, colors and I can only wish to have the confidence they do to wear something like this.

      Life is short, make it colorful! :)

    2. Beauty isn't always the same to everyone. I quite like these, actually.

    3. Well said misssomayea and Justin Greige...too bad not everyone appreciates the fact that G has demonstrated the versatility of these bold lippies.

    4. Yeah! Well said, guys- I agree wholeheartedly! =)

    5. If someone wants to rock an unusual look, I'm all for it. It's makeup. It washes off anyways.

  8. Earl Grey looks amazing, I want to wait for more reviews 'till I commit though. I'm very picky about wear time with lipsticks, if it doesn't stick around - I don't want it haha

  9. That's a lot of fun to mix 'n match with other lippies.

  10. These are just too fun! I almost wish that it would be normal to wear any color on the lips... out in public. How fabulous would that be? I'm totally in love with the grey color... just beautiful. I do like that you demonstrated how the colors look topped with a red... very practical. Thanks!!

  11. I really like seeing them layered on one another. It makes them more wearable for me!

  12. Interesting swatches! If I ever want to experiment with unconventional lip colors, I will definitely start with these.

  13. Thanks for the swatches! I was dying to see what these looked like on. Although these aren't for me, I think they are cool and fun. I applaud anyone who has the confidence to wear these. Also, that ombre lip is amazing. By far my favorite of the looks you created. :D. (Also can't believe how quickly you received these from NYX)

  14. I might get them for my theater and cosplay makeup. Thanks for the review

  15. Earl Grey definitely gives me old school wet n wild vibes, love it

  16. Ugh, G, your layering ideas are so clever. I've tried the trick you used for the Kleancolor blue lipstick but I may have applied things too thickly. Either way, you really know how to combine these colors. The ombre lip is brilliant, a wonderful pairing, and I'm really impressed by your trying to find a more conventional way to work in such unique lipsticks but that you're also not afraid to just try them out on their own. Keep on with your fearless attitude towards makeup, G! I salute you. :-P

  17. The link you posted on how the NYX lippies being available for purchase in the first paragraph goes to the Revlon link in your blog. Just saying, other than that, beautiful swatches!

  18. Thank you for swatches! I can't wait for mine to arrive.

  19. Ummm... how on earth are you ever going to wear Black Sesame in public?! (Zombie for Halloween? =D) Or is it just for mixing with other lipsticks?
    Overall, the Macarons seem like reeaally cool lippies, and I think with so many crazy-fun colors and a great formula I need at least one in my stash! Thanks G!

  20. Awesome! I ordered all of these, plus the black-ish one too, and the orange and green as gifts for my son's birthday.

  21. Okay, they look awesome! I will order some! I love Pistachio, dig Blue Velvet and Black Sesame but not feeling Earl Grey.. why is it even called that? I think I'll also get Key Lime and mayyybe Citron. I'm going to wear these in public, even if I have to fight myself to do it. I've got the feeling that these types of colors are going to be the norm in 30 years. Hopefully not full body colors though, you know, The Hunger Games..

  22. Fun!!!! I wonder if Ulta will eventually carry these...

  23. The idea of mixing a red on top of these colors is fantastic! Lovely pics! :D

  24. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.............yolo.......make it fun!

  25. WOW, This is such an awesome post. When I first saw these lipsticks I was like....0.o but you made me see them in a totally new light. Awesome!

  26. These do look like a lot of fun. I love seeing these swatched alone and paired with other lippies.

  27. I don't usually wear lipstick, but I kinda want these anyway ;)

  28. how cool!!! I really need to get my hands on the blue ones. Love making cooler toned lips!

  29. Quick, cheap note. If anyone ever bought that Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick, shade 15, that's kind of a shimmery grey with hints of purple, those are turning up in clearance at some Big Lots, for something like $2. (I bought mine on sale at Walgreens a while back, so I didn't register exactly what they are on clearance.) But those blend well with a lot of colors. Inspired by G., I tried it over a too-vibrant (for my tastes) neon orange-red and it took it down to a pretty, shimmery terra cotta red. It also makes a fun touch of shimmer on cheeks or as a quick eyeshadow (and works better for me than some other creme shadows - less creasing, etc.)

  30. I feel like there close to the colors of melt cosmetic lipsticks maybe?..

  31. Are they sold in stores?
    Great review :)

  32. WOW! Those colours are amazing and very, very unique!! On their own I wouldn't wear them, but the ombre lip (my god that looks gorgeous) and the combined shades are pretty damn awesome :)


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