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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Allure Summer 2014 Beauty Box: TAKE TWO

If you haven't seen the comments on my original post today, or you don't follow me on Instagram, you may not know that the Allure Beauty Box event was a slight disaster when it went on sale at 12:01PM EST today. I started accessing the site right at the start date and repeatedly got a blank screen. I wasn't the only one, apparently, since the comments on my Instagram and also the comments here on the blog from you indicated that just about everyone got a blank screen.

There were lots of rumors floating about and for a long time I believed the box just sold out instantly (if you went on the Allure Facebook page, you probably noticed those comments as well). But thanks to SEVERAL of you for letting me know that Allure actually posted the following message about an hour into the event:

To all of our Allure Beauty Box fans:

Our site went down when the sale was to go live at 12:01 pm today - we're so sorry for the inconvenience. To make this fair game we're going to reset the sale for next Tuesday, May 6 at the same time, 12:01PM EST.

I heard from several of you who never gave up trying and were actually successful in purchasing a box today (congrats!!) but for those who missed out, and are still interested in this box, you get to try again next Tuesday.

I completely understand if you're angry, upset or bitter about your experiences today on the Allure beauty box site, but please try to keep your comments civil below--I am in no way affiliated with Allure and I tried just as hard as you did to get a box. So I know what you're feeling, but if you have a complaint, please leave it on the Allure Facebook page or contact Allure directly--you have a much better chance of having your comment seen there, rather than here on my blog. Thanks!

And thanks again to everyone who took the time to share this update with us!

PS: If you missed my original post and would like more info about this box, CLICK HERE.


  1. I was undecided about purchasing a box, now I have more time to think about it. It is nice that Allure is doing a do- over. In the small window of time that the site worked, some people were able to order boxes and Allure will be honoring their orders. I think that for future boxes it should be limited to one box per customer. It is beyond frustrating to want a box and not be able to order one because somebody has ordered 2 or more boxes and is not shy about sharing that fact. Really, what are you going to do with all those products?

    1. I agree! It should definitely be limited to one per person.

  2. I managed to snatch one up with the beauty-box link today, and just received an e-mail confirmation that they did indeed receive my order and will honor it. I should be getting the box in 2-4 weeks. :D

    1. Happy to see it worked for some people! How much did it end up costing?

    2. $54.95 total with shipping. The checkout also mentioned something about charging applicable sales tax, I'm in Oregon so that wouldn't apply to me, but it might add a few dollars to the total for others.

    3. Mine was $58.25 after tax. $44.95 for the box, $10 for shipping and handling, $3.30 for tax.

    4. Great! Thank you ladies! I do pay taxes in PA so mine will be around $58 and some change.

  3. Awesome!!!!! I am happy now because I really want that box! Not only is it a great deal, but there are products in it that I already use and love..... plus I really want to try the CC Cream! Marking my calendar again right now!!!! Thanks for letting us know!

  4. I somehow lucked out and was able to purchase a box today. I have missed boxes in the past so I do feel pretty fortunate! I saw a lot of the frustrated comments on Facebook so I do think it's great Allure is going to offer the deal again. I like to think maybe they're even adding additional units to help out...but I'm probably dreaming there! LOL Thanks so much for keeping us updated though, I love this blog!!

  5. Allure has some technical issues during big giveaways too, which is understandable.

  6. I do understand technical problems but was furious that they didn't say boo on their website , Twitter , Instagram or FB.. During the chaos . The only contact phone number was for their magazine and yet the reps were saying it was sold out , which I knew was a lie, since I was fairly certain the site went down , since it and other pages were working prior to Noon . With all that said . I did get one for me and another for my mom

  7. I know things happen but having the site go down right around the time the box was to be available, seems coincidental. They should have anticipated high traffic on their website.
    Having said that, I will try on Tuesday and if I don't get it, then I do not get it. NBD.
    I do agree that it should be limited to one box per customer.

  8. Well..... Allure is a joke! Once again... no box. I was on the site before 12, kept refreshing my browser continuously. All it said was "This is the Allure Beauty Box offer" Finally when it said "Buy Now" it was sold out! Hope some of you were able to get one!


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