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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: NEW Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tinted Lip Balm in Dark Chocolate & Cherry

Palmer's has released some new lip care products for 2014, and I spotted them a while back at Bed Bath & Beyond (a location with an extended beauty department). Today I'm going to be reviewing the one that really caught my eye and found its way home with me, but I also have photos for you of the other new lip care products (wait until you see them--they're adorable!) at the very end of this post.  But first:

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tinted Lip Balm SPF15 in Dark Chocolate & Cherry
 (retail: around $1.49 each, 0.15 oz)

This product is also available at here, and it comes in two other versions: "plain" and Dark Chocolate & Mint (which you'll see at the end of this post). I saw the "plain" version at my local Target this week, so it looks like they're starting to become more widely available. 

As you can see, there is definitely some color to this lip balm, but it's sheer. On my medium-pigmented lips, it takes about four swipes before I see a flush of color. It's subtle but yet visible on me, and I've actually been very pleased with how it makes my lips look on no-makeup or low-makeup days. It's almost like a "my lips but better" type of shade on me, which is nice.

As for the texture, this is a slicker, thinner lip balm. It's not heavy or waxy, and it does feel a tiny bit greasy on the lips. If you like light, slick balms, you'll probably enjoy this one, but if you prefer heavier, thicker, creamier balms, this might not give you all that you need.  I like the shine it gives my lips, but I do find that I need to reapply often. I'm horrible at maintaining any type of lip color on my lips for too long because I tend to smoosh my lips together a lot when I'm wearing product, so you may get better staying power. But I can only get about an hour before it's gone.

The flavor of this lip balm tastes exactly like a Cherry Tootsie Pop to me! Seriously, it's got that same artificial, candy-like cherry note mixed with chocolate, and it SMELLS just like a Cherry Tootsie Pop as well! Both the flavor and fragrance are strong during application but they fade pretty quickly. I've also noticed that as the flavor fades, it takes on a bit of a chemical taste, but I've sort of gotten used it to and I don't really notice it much now that I've been wearing this so often. I carried it around in my pocket all day over the weekend and I found myself reaching for it a lot, if that tells you anything. I also noticed that, while wearing this product all day, my lips felt very smooth and hydrated by the end of the day. I'm guessing that's the cocoa butter working its magic (my skin tends to love cocoa butter).

FINAL VERDICT: If you don't go into it expecting this product to be big on color (or staying power), I think you might enjoy this lip balm if you like the flavor and fragrance of Cherry Tootsie Pops. It really does smell and taste like a Cherry Tootsie Pop, which is quite fun if you're a candy lover. Because of the thinner, slicker consistency, I didn't expect much lasting hydration, but after wearing this product all day (reapplying often throughout the day), I can tell you that my lips feels quite soft and hydrated by the end of the day, which is an added bonus. 

As I mentioned earlier, there are more new-for-2014 lip care products from Palmer's! Here's a look:

image source:
 Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm SPF15 
 (retail: around $1.49 each, 0.15 oz)

image source:
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm SPF15 in Dark Chocolate & Mint
 (retail: around $1.49 each, 0.15 oz)

 Both of the above products are available at here and here, and I also spotted the "plain" version at my local Target recently. Also new for 2014:

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tinted Lip Butter SPF15 in Wild Mixed Berry
(retail: around $2.49 each, 0.29 oz)

How cute are these little tubs? The one above is tinted! The one below is clear and I spotted both of these at my local Bed Bath & Beyond with an extended beauty department. But they are also available on the website here (where you can also view the full ingredients). 

For perspective, the Vaseline Rosy Lips Lip Therapy contains 0.25 oz of product, so you get a little bit more with the Palmer's. To me, it felt like the Palmer's container was a little bit shorter and wider than the Vaseline container, but that was just my initial impression and I did not compare them side-by-side. 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Butter SPF15 in Cocoa
(retail:  around $2.49 each, 0.29 oz)

Have you spotted any of these new Palmer's lip care products in your area yet? Do you own any of these lip balms? I'd love to hear from you!

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. Love the sounds of chocolate cherry and chocolate mint! For $1.49, why not

  2. Great review, G. Thanks. But I gotta say, I'm a little shocked to see that cocoa butter is not the first ingredient in this lipbalm (or second or third). I'm glad you noted that is on the thinner side since I like a lip balm that is thicker. ;D

  3. I love the color and the scent of chocolate and cherry. I hope I find this!

  4. You turned me on to Lypsyl, and this is new to me too, will keep an eye out!! :)

  5. I have had the Mixed Berry in the little tub for quite sometime. Purchased at 5 Below. I really like this its nice and creamy and almost a pigmented as a lipstick. The color is raspberry maybe with a bit more blue. Plus it does leave a subtle stain behind. It tastes and smells just like berries! The only reason I don't use it as much is that I feel the need to use a brush to tip into the tub. It is not filled to the top so right from the get go I used a brush to keep it from getting underneath my nails...which I hate! All in all great product and when the tub is empty I can use it for mixing my lippies!! Or storing the remains of a lipstick tube!

    1. 5 below? *perk* It's been some time since I visited 5 below, I guess this means I must make a little trip! lol

  6. I have the dark chocolate & cherry lip balm in the squeeze tub...which tends to be on the glossy it. The smell and taste are amazing!

  7. We have the dark choc & cherry one in the UK, not noticed the others or the little tubs which look SUPER cute!

  8. I saw these around the holidays at Harmon inside BBB, and passed since it has to really wow me to buy a tub lip product. I do remember there being a minty aqua green colour tub, don't recall the flav tho. Funny thing is they had them available in two ways...on the card as in the pics, and loose in a tub (pretty sure they were shrinkwrapped for safety.)

  9. I just started using the Dark Chocolate and mint and it gives me a tingling feeling on my Lips. Could anyone tell me if they ever experience this and if I should continue using this one or not.


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