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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spotted: Wet n Wild Limited Edition Spring 2014 Megalast Nail Colors, 8-Pan Eyeshadow Palettes and Makeup Brushes

PLEASE READ: To see my swatches of both of these new 8-pans, click here. To see my swatches of all six nail colors in this collection, click here. If you are looking for this collection or have located this collection and would like to help others, please see the interactive sightings map here.

Yesterday I showed you pics of these new Wet n Wild Spring 2014 Limited Edition 8-Pan Palettes (click here if you missed those) and today I have pics of the display for you, which also includes the Spring 2014 Limited Edition Megalast Nail Colors (and there are some new makeup brushes surfacing as well)!

First up, reader Marquita spotted this display at Harmon Face Values and was nice enough to share this pic:

image credit: Marquita for Nouveau Cheap
Wet n Wild Limited Edition Spring 2014 The Style Award Goes To... Collection
(retail: $1.99 & $4.99 each -- 1.79 & $4.49 at Harmon)

Left to right in the photo above:

(8-Pan Eyesahdow Palettes) Walking The Red Carpet, Flirting At The After Party

(Megalast Nail Colors) Elegance, Champagne Toast, Sophisticated Lady, Valet Tag, Candid Affair, Silver Lining

I don't think we've ever seen white handles for the Megalast polishes before (unless my memory is failing me). Here's the shade info from Wet n Wild:

Reader Jasmine also spotted this collection at Harmon and shared this pic with us:

image credit: Jasmine for Nouveau Cheap
Polishes left to right: Elegance, Candid Affair, Sophisticated Lady, Champagne Toast, Valet Tag, Silver Lining

Reader Megan also spotted this collection at Harmon and shared some pics:

image credit: Megan for Nouveau Cheap
Polishes left to right:  Elegance, Silver Lining, Valet Tag, Champagne Toast

Megan also shared close-ups of the polishes that were avaialble in her display:

image credit: Megan for Nouveau Cheap
 Elegance, Silver Lining

image credit: Megan for Nouveau Cheap
 Valet Tag, Champagne Toast

Megan also shared a close-up of the Walking The Red Carpet palette:

image credit: Megan for Nouveau Cheap
Walking The Red Carpet

To see additional photos of both palettes in this collection, click here.

And last but not least, Megan also spotted some new makeup brushes at Harmon and shared this pic:

image credit: Megan for Nouveau Cheap
Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes
(retail: $0.89 - $2.79 - these are probably $0.99 - $2.99 elsewhere)

From left to right: Eyeshadow Brush, Foundation Brush (not pictured), Powder Brush, Bronzer Brush.

For some weird reason I feel like I've seen these before. I know there were makeup brushes in the Fergie Holiday 2013 Collection but those were totally different than these. I think that Wet n Wild may have released colored brushes like this before, but a quick search of my blog didn't yield any results so that could just be my imagination.

As for other retailers that are going to carry these collections, I'm afraid that I'm starting to get reader tips confused (between sightings of these collections and other new collections) but I THINK these have only been spotted at Harmon/Bed Bath & Beyond as of now, but I could be wrong. Hopefully these will surface at Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens soon (if you've spotted them there, please do let us know!).

Thanks again, Marquita, Jasmine and Megan, for the awesome sightings and pics. I really appreciate it!


  1. OH THE POLISHES! Can't wait, they are my absolute favorite!

  2. OK, I'm in... I'll take the Goldie brown eye shadows and all the polishes...


  3. Yahoo! I'm excited for the polishes!

  4. I must have this collection! Sight map worthy, in my humble opinion. >_<

  5. I need swatches of these nail colors pronto! I love them!

  6. I hope I see this collection in stores, I see 2 polishes I wanna snag.

  7. Ermahgerd! The polishes! I mean, I was already going to track down that neutral palette, but once I saw the polishes, my brain kicked into full-on hunting mode. They shall be mine! Mine, I tell you! Muahahahahaha! (Mine is an evil laugh.)

  8. Can't breathe... I need Champagne Toast now!!! And those gorgeous white handles- they remind me of white chocolate! Mmmmmm...

  9. Oooo Silver Lining for sure! As far as the brushes, my first thought was that I definately seen them before too...I think it may have been a store brand of brushes or just generic no-name. I hope this isn't the last of WNW spring np...I was hoping for another collection like In Bloom, I think it was called, from a few yrs back. I loved that line and only got Birdbath, and Garden Hose...even love the names. :)

  10. LOVE the megalast brushes and once they pop up at more drugstores, I'm going to need to add them to my growing horde!

  11. OMG...WNW is inasne this year! They have certainly picked up their game. I need them all, and will find them. :)) I though the same excat thing about the brishes, I saw them before Christmas!! However, they are different. I am going to hunt down CVS and Walgreens everyday.

  12. I have never had any luck with WNW LE like alot of people. Last year I gave up hunting for the LE's but for this I may have to make an exception and go all out on a hunt including road trips. I want every NP and the brushes!!!!!

  13. I really hope that this spring collection isn't as hard to find as last year's spring collection. Too bad my Harmon at Bed Bath & Beyond never carries any WnW products.

  14. All of the polishes are sitting in a bag right here in my car! Yeah! Even the yellow one... I can always return it. It will be base for glitter or something.

    I also got the gold and brown shadow.

    Harmon baby! So happy!

    Forgot to use coupons but I didn't have a fiver anyway.

  15. Neeeed to see swatches! I love the Megalast line!

  16. Just a heads up! Some bloggers and gurus got the first batches of the new wet n wild spring 2014 nail polishes and there is some confusion regarding the names of them. For example, many videos say the pink frosted polish is called "Elegance" but when I bought mine in store, the label says "Sophisticated"


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