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Monday, February 24, 2014

Hard Candy Spring 2014 Releases (what I know so far)

THIS JUST IN: Click here for a comprehensive look at ALL of the new Spring 2014 product launches from Hard Candy. The post below is incomplete, but it also offers some close-up photos of some of these new products. so it's definitely still worth a look!

Hard Candy products are sold exclusively at Walmart (in-store and online) and according to Hard Candy, the new Spring 2014 products should be popping up in stores NOW (end of February). So keep your eyes peeled for these. These are all new additions to the permanent line (not limited edition).

First up, sneak peeks from the Hard Candy Facebook page:

Hard Candy Cheeks & Balances Highlight & Contour Cheek Duos
Available in 3 shades (Cheeky Pink, Sun Kissed and Sweet Cheeks)
(retail: $7 each)

From Hard Candy:

Contouring has never been easier! Create a multi-dimensional look with just one swipe. This dual-toned stick was developed to deliver the perfect amount of highlighter and blush/bronzer to sculpt, color and illuminate cheeks. 

 Hard Candy Ombre Lipsticks
Available in 10 shades
(retail: $6 each)

From Hard Candy:

Effortlessly achieve an instant gradation effect with one easy application. Two complementary shades in one lipstick makes it easier than ever to add definition and fullness to lips. Sweep the lipstick on upper lip as the darker shade faces up and on lower lip as the darker shade faces down. 

Hard Candy Single and Loving It (multicolored eyeshadow palette)
(retail: $3)

Thanks to my pal Halifax at Sparkled Beauty for the heads-up about this one--Hard Candy shared this pic on social media yesterday (Sunday). I'm not sure how many shades are in this range (I believe there are more shades than just the one you see above).  Click here to view all six shades in this range. As many of you have pointed out, these new shadows look similar to the Stila Countless Color Pigments.

Hard Candy So Baked Contour Trios
Available in 4 shades
(retail: $9 each)

From Hard Candy:

Contouring is as easy as 1…2…3 with our new So Baked Contour Trio. Just one product will illuminate, contour and highlight for a healthy looking, captivating glow. The baked trio includes a luminizer for highlighting cheekbones, forehead and under the brow, a satin-finish blush for cheeks,and a glowing bronzer that helps contour and define. 

New eye products and new shades
Take Me Out Liner in Night Wizard, Treasure Chest, Hot Coals, Abyss $4
Poppin Pigment in King Me $6
Walk the Line in Black Light $6

Next up, reader Sonika spotted these new primers at her local Walmart this week and was nice enough to share this pic:

image credit: Sonika for Nouveau Cheap
New Hard Candy Sheer Envy Dark Spot Correcting Primer
New Hard Candy Sheer Envy Color Correcting Primer
(retail: $8 each, 1.3 oz)

Next up, reader Yaz G. (@yazmataz on Instagram) purchased two of the new-for-2014 nail polishes and was nice enough to share this pic:

image credit: Yaz G. for Nouveau Cheap
Hard Candy Pop Star (left) and Soda Pop (right)
(retail: $4 each, 0.26 oz)

I believe there are even more new shades of polish releasing right now, and I will let you know as soon as I have more info about the additional new shades. There are eleven new shades for 2014. Click here to see them.

Now for two very helpful comments from some lovely readers who shared even more information here on the blog yesterday. Products in red below have been spotted in addition to the products pictured above (there's a lot more on the horizon)!

Reader Miranda Turner writes:
...I wanted to share what I saw the other day when I was out and about. Has anyone else seen the new products from Hard Candy at Walmart? There are some new ombré single eyeshadows (there are six or so) then there are ombré lipsticks then they have new colored eyeliners in four shades, and an eye shadow primer, then there is four or five mascaras and two new jumbo eyeshadow pencils in sliver and gold! 

Reader haley goodwin writes: my walmart there is a new hard candy mod being set, there's a new glamoflauge concealer, and new shades of the existing, new primers, contouring blushes, new eyeshadow singles that look like the stila ones released last summer, cc tinted moisturizer sticks, new shades of cc creams, and contouring sticks.

JUST IN: Click here for ALL of the Spring 2014 product launches from Hard Candy! 

Thanks so very much, Halifax, Sonika, Yaz G., Miranda Turner and haley goodwin, for the great info, tips and pics. I so appreciate it!


  1. These look really unique! And after losing my mind chasing all those limited edition goodies (thanks a lot, Maybelline and Wet and Wild!) its a welcome change.

  2. I saw these at my Walmart the other day! There is also a blue primer for "matte" skin. I wanted to take a longer look but the hubs and kiddo were rushin me :(

  3. Oh dear! I haven't even caught up with the last batch of new Hard Candy. Time to brave the Walmart cosmetics aisle.

  4. Oh, yummy on those lippies. And, I see what my July 4th manicure is going to be already. :)

  5. The Baked Contour trios looks so appealing to me, but I hope they don't smell nothing like their baked blushes.. I bought their baked blush in "Living Doll" about a month ago, but I had to return it.. it smelt so awful.. like paint, strong chemical :/ but the blush was so pretty! I just couldn't stand the smell.

  6. AH! I'm super excited about the new products! I'll take one of each, please. :) I love me some Hard Candy makeup!

  7. My Walmart takes FOREVER to put out the new stuff. Last time they had a big release of new products, I think they got it a month after everyone else seemed to lol. Which is a bummer cause I always get so excited for the new stuff. I'd just order it online but their site never has them up right away either :(

  8. Love the ombre lipsticks and the cheek duos most, but lots of great stuff coming! Excited to find and get some of these :)

  9. You're welcome G :)! Glad I could help. Some of the things that you have shown pictures of , I didn't see at the Walmart I went too. Either they haven't gotten them in yet or I need to go to another Walmart.

  10. Those highlight and contour blush sticks look interesting! hopefully they have more pigment than Benefits fine one one, which was very disappointing (to me anyway) when it was the thing going around the blogs a while ago

  11. Oh my goodness. These all look fantastic! Really wanting those primers...and maybe an ombré lipstick. Cool idea!

  12. There's a total of 6 shades for the new eyeshadows, some new shades of the lip glosses, and a ton of empty spaces for new polishes. I work in the cosmetics department, and we haven't got the new shipments yet, only one shade of the cc tm stick came in. SO much of the hard candy went on 25 to 50% off clearance. the cc tinted mositurizer stick looks interesting, its very similar to the concept to the maybelline gel foundation stick, it has the foundation shade around a special core. The HC core is a swirl of green and lavendar. From appearances, the tm looks very orange.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I've had good luck with Hard Candy's primers, so I'll be interested in their new formulas. I can't wait to see what shades the shadows will be available in.

  15. They were about 3 weeks late with that red, white, and blue glitter polish... I would have rocked that SO HARD this Olympics!

  16. Interesting. I hate shopping at Walmart lol but now I will have to stop by to check out these new products. I am kind of over the whole baked thing though, it feels kind of dated and I wish brands would move away from it... there are still a few that are hanging onto it.

    The lipsticks are definitely interesting in theory...cannot wait to find out either by trying or by reading reviews how they perform.

  17. I really am liking the looks of the new nail polishes...must have the red white and blue. Also the Lipstick duo or ombre...I really want to see these in person as well as the blush or bronze and highlighter sticks. These things look really cool! I guess Walmart it is going to have to be. Oh well.

  18. Definitely want to try the Contour Duos Sticks, Ombre Lipsticks and Contour Trios!

  19. I just got to work and he hc mod is mostly stocked! There is a new eyeshadow primer, 3D lip gloss, neon eyeliner, and at least 9 new polishes! The new glamoflauge concealer is dual sided, in stick form, and is called glamoflauge lite.

  20. Hey G! Thanks for the credit :) I actually bought a contour duo stick, and I'm not a fan. I'll stick to the FitMe sticks and elf.

  21. The baked trio called 3 Strikes has the most amazing purple pink shimmer blush. It's so different in person and on skin. I wouldn't use the contour shade, but it works as a bronzer.


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