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Monday, January 13, 2014

The top coat Jennifer Lawrence raves about in American Hustle...

Call me weird, but I absolutely love it when I can identify beauty products in film or television shows. I'm guilty of pausing, rewinding and obsessing over grainy backgrounds in order to figure out the beauty products sitting on a character's vanity, end table, what-have-you.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might recall that I was quite proud to proclaim that Tara on Sons of Anarchy wears Orly nail polish:

Stop staring at Jax and look at the nightstand.

So when reader Ann shared this article on xoJane about the top coat that Jennifer Lawrence refers to in American Hustle, I was in before I even got to the second sentence. I absolutely LOVE the author's determination and quest for confirmation. If you're like me and these types of things intrigue you as well, definitely give this one a read--it's fascinating (well, to some of us). 

Thanks again, Ann, for the link!

PS: If you comment on this post about Sons of Anarchy (which is awesome and totally encouraged), please be mindful of spoilers. Some of the people reading this post may not be up-to-date in their viewing, so be careful what you say (I won't approve comments with spoilers--just a warning!).


  1. Thanks for sharing that! I am so guilty of that. My favorite guilty pleasure is the Carrie Diaries and I love looking at the fashion and the nail polish. Carrie and crew often have bottles of Essie laying around. Some of them are definitely current releases!!!

  2. I love this G.! I wanted to know about the nail polish in the movie! I wasn't all that impressed with the story but the actors were amazing (which maybe why I fixated on the top coat and the fact that the can of Elnett was used for what's his name's comb over!) Hahaha. My first comment to my husband after the movie was about the Elnett!

  3. That moment when you glance at the "stop staring at Jax" when you were totally staring at Jax.

  4. Omg yes! I always look at the makeup in tv and movies!

  5. That was the coolest post to read! Thanks for sharing. The amount of research she did was awesome. Did you order the top coat? I'm almost tempted, I hope shipping isn't too much.

  6. Great article! I was wondering if the topcoat was real. I also called out to my kids that the Elnett wasn't available here yet. Now if I can just find a science oven...

  7. Lol I did notice the Elnett hairspray and thought woe that is too new. I certainly was interested in the top coat and if it existed in real life. Her nails were so glossy they looked wet!! Thanks for the cross reference to xoJane's blog as I now plan to order a bottle.

  8. It's me again :) I was watching the finale to my favorite novela (Spanish soap opera), Marido en Alquiler, and one of the brushes the actors was holding looked like a real techniques brushes! It was a brush with the orange handle, it looked like the expert face brush or the buffing brush. Haha, you totally have me looking at vanity's now.

  9. Thanks for the link! The Mavala is a GREAT topcoat.

  10. When I was watching American Hustle I was thinking the whole time, I HAVE to find out what top coat she's talking about!! It was such a great movie too huh?

  11. Great article! Now I'm off down the rabbit hole of on-screen beauty product sleuthing. Goodbye productivity!


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