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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beauty Bite: NEW Lypsyl Vanilla Plum Lip Balm

I've mentioned my love of Lypsyl lip balms here on the blog several times over the years (my favorite is still the Honeyberry flavor), so when I spotted the newest member of the Lypsyl family at Walgreens a week ago, I had to pick it up. I'm a huge fan of anything plum-scented and I think plum in general is a bit underrepresented these days when it comes to drugstore products. So here's a Beauty Bite for you about this new flavor...

 Lypsyl Lip Balm SPF15 in Vanilla Plum
(retail: around $2.99, 0.10 oz)

 (click to enlarge)

  • As with all Lypsyl lip balms, the packaging is adorable and unique (gotta love the honeybee slider!)
  • Moisturizing
  • Creamy, smooth consistency
  • Good staying power (I can go several hours before the need to reapply)
  • Fragrance (I don't get vanilla from this, but I do get a nice combination of honey and plum notes)
  • The flavor. This lip balm tastes sort of like Violet Pastilles candies, but without the sweetness. I get a strong, floral, powdery flavor from this, and a sharpness that makes me feel as if I accidentally licked my skin after applying perfume.

THE LAST BITE: As much as I love Lypsyl, I'm afraid I can't recommend this one. Considering how yummy their Honeyberry flavor is (it tastes like a delicious combination of both honey and sweet red berries), I feel that they really missed the mark with Vanilla Plum. I was hoping for a combination of tart, sweet plum and soft vanilla, but this lip balm tastes like perfume, without any sweetness whatsoever. It also has a lingering sharpness that I find quite unpleasant. I would pass, unless you really love the taste of floral-type candies, etc. and don't mind the absence of sweetness.

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  1. I have to say, I LOVED this! Pretty much for the reasons that you didn't like it, lol. I don't like sweet lip-balms, so it was kind of refreshing that this one wasn't sweet. The staying power of it though is fantastic! Longest lasting lip-balm I have tried yet!

    1. Same here! I ran to Wags on Friday night iso this, and was on sale $1 off w Wellness card. I don't dislike sweet lip balms but lean more towards herbal-y, floral, minty, spicy, or tart/fruited. I think this Lypsyl smells like powdered (classic baby variety) plums. Funny the honey notes were there when I smell the actual stick, but on the lips it's not detectable. I agree on the wear-time, likely bc the texture is rich without too much slip or's like almost a matte moisture finish. Btw- an fyi for all: these are typically placed in the isle with cold remedies/cough drops etc. :)

  2. I'm intrigued, but if it tastes like perfume, I'm not sure sure. I wish they had a plum-tinted lip balm that tasted like plum, honey and berries.

  3. I got this after your post on Instagram. Hate the smell but love the feel. I do find that the smell disappears after a short time. It's my new go to lip balm at night. My lips have never felt better in the mornings. I'm currently on the hunt for the berry one.

  4. That is a cute delivery system. Too bad about the flavor.

  5. I've never seen this product in America and I, as a swedish person, love the fact that some of our products are coming over here finally! Something that I find interesting is the fact that the packaging for Lypsyl has never looked like that in Sweden, which sucks cause it's way cuter! :P

  6. I've never seen this product in America but as a swedish person over here in the states I'm so excited that some of our products/brands are coming over here finally! Something I find interesting thought is the fact that the packaging for lypsyl never looked like that in Sweden(they just look like the nivea or chapstick ones), which sucks cause it's way cuter!:P

  7. After I discovered the mint Lypsyl it was the end for all other lip balms! I love it!!!


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