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Monday, August 5, 2013

Spotted: Maybelline Limited Edition Fall 2013 Fashion Week Collections

UPDATE: To see the rest of the displays in this collection (nail colors, eyeshadow, etc.) please click here.

Huge thanks to reader Lily for this one--Lily spotted some of the Maybelline Fall 2013 Fashion Week Collection displays at her local Harmon (inside Bed Bath & Beyond) and was nice enough to share some pics of the gloss display (and more!) with us.

NOTE: It is NO surprise that Bed Bath & Beyond stores with an extended beauty department (or Harmon) are the first to get these--remember the minor hysteria around here when the Maybelline Summer 2013 Collections (including those LE Color Tattoos) landed at BB&B before anywhere else? And is it just me or does that feel like it was years ago? I can't believe that was just a few months ago--April, to be exact!

image credit: Lily for Nouveau Cheap 
Maybelline Limited Edition Fall 2013 Fashion Week 
Color Sensational High Shine Lip Glosses
(retail: $5.49 each at Bed Bath & Beyond)

Keep reading for more info on these glosses, and also the lipsticks and nail colors in this collection!

Lily spotted the limited edition Color Show Nail Colors (more on those in a second), the limited edition Color Sensational High Shine Lipglosses you see above, and also limited edition Color Sensational Lipsticks at her BB&B store.

She shared swatches of the two lip colors she purchased:

image credit: Lily for Nouveau Cheap
Top swatch: Limited Edition Color Sensational Lipstick in Midnight Plum
Bottom swatch: Limited Edition Color Sensational High Shine Lipgloss in Purple Royal 

Lily said that in the limited edition Color Sensational lipstick display (not pictured), there was a lavender lipstick and also a fuchsia lipstick (in addition to Midnight Plum which is swatched above). I don't know about you, but I am LOVING these deep plum, berry and wine-colored lip colors for fall! So excited to see these in person.

Lily also spotted a limited edition Fall 2013 Fashion Week Color Show Nail Color display, which featured nail polishes called VINTAGE LEATHER that have a leather-like finish (dupes for the Nails Inc. Leather Effects polishes, eh?). Exciting!

Here's a swatch of the Vintage Leather polish that Lily purchased:

image credit: Lily for Nouveau Cheap
Maybelline Limited Edition Fall 2013 Fashion Week Collection
Color Show Vintage Leather Nail Color in Antique Teal

Lily also purchased another shade from the Vintage Leather collection called Vintage Violet, and she said that there were two other shades in the display as well--an olive/gold and a gray.

If the Maybelline Fall 2013 Fashion Week Collection keeps with the tradition of their previous Fashion Week collections (of which I have covered many on this blog!), then in addition to lipglosses, lipsticks and nail colors, we should expect to see additional displays containing eyeshadows (Color Tattoos, I hope!), blushes and possibly highlight shades too.  And of COURSE, if you spot any of these displays, I would absolute love if you'd share some pics with us!

And just like that, the fall collections are here. Can you believe it? This time last year, NYC was releasing their Halloween 2012 collection, so I expect to see the Halloween stuff start to invade the drugstores pretty soon too. Are you ready for Halloween and Fall 2013 releases yet? Or are you still trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer?

Thanks so much, Lily, for the awesome sighting, pics and info. I really appreciate it!


  1. Vintage Leather? Do you mean the skin around my eyes? Hahahahaha. Thought that was funny. Looks like I will be stalking for those nail polishes. :)

    1. Bwahahaha!! Oh that was goood, T.! ;) Thanks so much for the giggle....I needed that.

      And for the record, it's more like the skin around MY eyes. Yours is like a baby's bottom. :)

  2. Interesting! Normally I'm not wowed by these but hey, lip products.

  3. Eagerly awaiting (with fingers crossed) new eyeshadows. Maybelline, if you are reading this.. no more repackaging old ones with a new name either! Hopefully the color theme so far will continue and we will get a plum quad and/or color tattoo.. that would be great.

  4. Nice offerings so far and I can't wait for more Color Tattoos!

  5. Is that a blue lip gloss in the display picture?

  6. I wished all these new Maybelline products came to Australia. The Rocket mascara isn't even out here yet. And these new High Shine Lip glosses are AMAZING, they are seriously high end quality glosses. Wished we got some of these limited edition shades.

  7. Can't wait until:
    1) you have pics of the full display;
    2) I get paid so I can start stalking these lip and nail colors. OMG

  8. Yeah, I feel like "leathery" is the opposite of how I want my nails to be described.
    Also, totally NOT ready for fall collections yet. Still want summer! However, it's hard not get get excited for new colors.

  9. I am not usually a Maybelline girl, except for Falsies mascara, but I really want to have a look at these I think I will need some of these lip glosses!

  10. Intrigued by the vintage leather polish. I am thinking a bit toward fall in my makeup choices lately, never mind that there's a solid month of summer ahead.

  11. That lavender lipstick WILL be mine!! I'm excited to see the blushes too, Coral Burst (which I actually just picked up today, the summer 2013 display at my Wal-Greens still has a ton of them, plus Orange Edges and Infra-Reds!) and Wild Blossom impressed me. Maybelline is pretty much my favorite drugstore brand atm.

  12. I just got a new issue of glamour magazine with an ad for the new lipsticks, also with a $2 off coupon!!!! But now i want that purple gloss!!!


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