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Monday, July 29, 2013

Spotted: Salon Perfect Fall 2013 First Look Fall Polish Forecast Collection

Big thanks to readers Lisa and The Polished Mommy (and several followers on Instagram and Facebook too!) for letting me know about this one! Salon Perfect has released a new Fall 2013 collection that is now hitting Walmart stores. Reader Lisa shared this pic of the full display:

image credit: Lisa for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Salon Perfect Fall 2013 First Look Fall Polish Forecast Collection 
(retail: $3.98 each at Walmart)

Keep reading for a closer look and shade info...

The Polished Mommy was nice enough to share bottle shots of all 11 shades (plus one matte top coat):

 image credit: The Polished Mommy for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: The Polished Mommy for Nouveau Cheap

Lisa was also nice enough to list the shade names and give us descriptions:
Lisa writes:  
The eleven colors on the display (plus a matte topcoat) are *all* lovely shimmers: 
Café Olé--taupe/mushroom with gold shimmer
Dirty Martini--olive green with gold shimmer
Ivy League--forest green
Nautical nights--dark teal
Pink taffeta--mauve with gold shimmer
Playful Plum--yep, it's plum
Raisin the Roof--dark red-brown with gold shimmer
Red Dahlia--burgundy
Royal Knight--very dark purple-brown
Scarlet Enchantment--orange-leaning red with gold shimmer
Tainted Love--nude with green shimmer (reminds me of OPI Nomad's Dream, but with stronger shimmer--alas, I don't have the OPI to compare side-by-side) 
I believe some shades are new and some are old as they were already listed on Salon Perfect's website.  No idea whether any of these are limited edition. 
Also saw another "new" (at least to me) color, After Midnight, which wasn't in the "First Look" display.  It's a very deep shimmery blue.

I have to admit, I'm not super familiar with the shades in the Salon Perfect core range, so I have no doubt that some of these could be existing core shades based on what Lisa said above!

Thanks so much, Lisa and The Polished Mommy, for the great sightings, pics and info. I really appreciate it! And thanks to everyone on Instagram and Facebook for alerting me to this new collection as well!


  1. These are worth keeping my eyes open for!

  2. Yup going to be looking for these...not quite ready to ditch summer colors, but I do see a couple there that intrigue me! Thanks girls!

    1. I don't know what it is, Robin, but I am sooo ready for fall shades. Weird, huh? ;)

    2. I am not quite ready to say goodbye to my summer shades just yet either but I have so many dark shades I am dying to wear too!

  3. huh, never even heard of this brand... is it only at Walmart? if so that would explain it since I next to never go there. I am tempted to make an exception for a couple of these but knowing my luck they'll be perpetually OOS and/or just as trashed as everything else in their beauty aisles :( *sigh* not that I even need more polish having been on an Etsy buying spree lately! there are some really great items and sellers there, esp if you like glitter like I do; all the pretties have me making jelly sandwiches every other day LOL

  4. Salon Perfect does some shades that I don't see in a lot of stores, I look forward to seeing this collection at my Walmart.

  5. I've been impressed with the Salon Perfect polishes I've bought. That said, I suspect I may be duplicating existing China Glaze polishes I already own. I know I have the SP version of Flying Dragon. If anyone out there happens to know about any China Glaze/Salon Perfect dupes, please comment!

    Also, I made myself crazy looking for the neon glitter polishes that are, I assume, LE for summer. I thought I had missed them. I finally found an abundance of them at a Wal-Mart about an hour and a half from my house. So...I think I might have been looking too early rather than missing out by looking too late. Just an FYI for anyone looking for these or any other SP. I was actually pretty amazed at how large, clean and well stocked that particular Wal-Mart was, too. It was a stark contrast with my local Wal-Marts where the cosmetic department always looks trashed. I really hate shopping at my local stores for that reason. So if you have had bad experiences shopping at Wal-mart, consider trying out a different one.


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