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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Jordana Powder Blushes (NEW SHADES)

Back in June I mentioned that Jordana was releasing 12 new shades in their powder blush line. I received six of the 12 new shades for review, and I'm super excited to show them to you today.  You know I love the Jordana Color Tint Blush Sticks, and even though so many of you love their powder blushes, I actually have never tried one...until now!

 Jordana Powder Blushes - NEW SHADES
(retail: $2.49 each, 0.08 oz)

All shades are matte (no shimmer or sparkle):

Peach Blossom

In the pic above, I wanted to show that even one of the lightest shades of the six I received still has great pigmentation on my NC20 skintone. Using just my EcoTools Alicia Silverstone Finishing Brush (duo-fiber stippling brush), I applied this to my cheeks and the color you see here is after one light application. All I'm wearing here is a light application of powder foundation underneath this blush.

Texture and consistency: These blushes are very finely milled and feel smooth and silky to the touch. I experience little to no fallout during application. Even on less-than-perfect skin (see above!) they glide across the skin and don't accentuate skin imperfections.

Blendability: Of the six shades I received for review, not one of them was difficult or tricky to apply. They blend incredibly easily and don't appear patchy or inconsistent on the skin.

Pigmenation: As I tried to illustrate above, even the lighter shades above have wonderful pigmentation on my NC20 skintone, and I didn't have to build for intensity. The lighter shades would probably work best on those with skintones either close to my own skintone or lighter. The deeper, brighter shades above are insanely pigmented and I think they'd work beautifully on all skintones (but you'll have to use a very light hand if you're fair).

Staying Power: As you all know by now, I have very oily skin and blush is one of the first things to disappear on my face (especially in the summer). I'm very happy with the staying power of these blushes--I can easily get six to seven hours on the deeper shades and five to six hours on the lighter shades before I start to see any major fading--even on very hot days.

Fragrance: I detect no fragrance to these blushes, other than a very light "talc" scent that I can only smell when I hold this blush up to my nose.

FINAL VERDICT: Wow. I finally understand why so many of you have been raving about these blushes. I feel like a fool for not trying them years ago because, for the price, they are pretty unbeatable. I should have known that they'd be wonderful considering how much I love Milani's blushes (Jordana's sister company) but I really had no idea how much I would love them until I actually tried one. They're silky smooth, finely-milled, blend like a dream, have excellent pigmentation and great staying power. Plus, these new shades are absolutely beautiful (and wearable). Win, win, win!

You can purchase Jordana Powder Blushes at Kmart, but as of the time of this post, the 12 new shades are only available online, through the Jordana website.

Do you own any Jordana Powder Blushes? If so, which shades do you own and how do you like them?

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  1. I have four, can't recall the names but they are a cool pink, coral, terra cotta (I believe that is the name of that one) and red/brick. The only issue I have is that occasionally the lids can be tricky to screw back on.. but for the price who cares. They are similar in pigmentation to the WnW blushes.. IOW proceed with caution lol. I use a regular blush brush, tap once into the product, tap a few times into the lid, and slowly build the color. I really like the size.. they are just big enough to get a brush into easily but still small enough to store easily with no wasted packaging space.

  2. Replies
    1. I really want to buy these and try them!!!

  3. If I find these I think I'll get the raspberry one.

  4. Oohh these blushes are so affordable and the shades are lovely! ^^
    I'm glad they're matte too. I have a lot of shimmery/glittery ones already.

    I definitely want to try these. Thanks for the review! :)

  5. Thanks for the review! I'll hopefully be picking some of these up if I can find them.

  6. I love Jordana like no ones business! It is my favorite drug store brand hands down. Never been disappointed by any of their stuff and yes, the price for these blushes and how the perform is unbeatable. I wish that Jordana would garner a bigger following!!

    For anyone wondering, their liquid foundation and powder is great, as are their matte lipsticks and mascara!

  7. wonder when they are going to bring the shades over here.

  8. I hope they come to stores really soon. I want one or two of these. I already have a couple that I picked up at Kmart! Apple cheeks looks like something that will work on me!

  9. I want to try these they look gorgeouse!

  10. I love that they are matte. Those are a rare find in the drug store. Thank goodness jordana listened. Cant wait to try them! I saw their new mascara and thanks to you im in love with the original so im anxious about these too.

  11. Coral Sandy Beach is a great shade too!

  12. Thanks for this review! I'm sold - I'll be picking up these blushes soon.


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