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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Review: Freeman Bare Foot Repair for Callus Softening and Cracked Heels

Longtime readers of this blog know that I love many Freeman skincare products, but I have actually never tried any their Bare Foot products or Bare Foot Repair products. So when Freeman sent me a few of their Bare Foot Repair products for review a while back, I was so excited to try them. My heels are in a constant state of dryness so I'm always up for trying new, affordable products that are targeted toward the heel area--especially now that we're in full-blown Sandal Season. Because let's face it, it's kind of a nightmare to look down at your heels while you're wearing flip-flops and see that they're dry and/or cracked, am I right?

 Freeman Bare Foot Repair for Callus Softening and for Cracked Heels
(retail: $6.99 each, 3.4 oz)

Let's start with the For Calllus Softening formula:

Before I even tried this product, I thought, "How cool!" It's acid-free and non-abrasive, so no need to be scared (is it just me or do some of the current foot products on the market kind of scare you too?). What's important to note about this product is that it doesn't claim to REMOVE calluses--it only claims to soften them:

I happen to have dry, hard calluses on my heels and with the weather being so dry right now, it makes it a challenge to use my trusty Ped-Egg without softening my skin up a bit beforehand. So I went into this hoping that this Freeman product could soften my heels enough to make the Ped-Egg more effective, and it did just that!  Check out how it works:

When you first squeeze this product out of the tube, its comes out like a thick lotion. When you rub it onto your feet, it feels just like a thick lotion and you won't think it's anything special or different. But keep working it in and, in a few minutes, it takes on a consistency that's sort of like Elmer's Glue. It balls up, and sort of gently "peels" the dry top layer of skin from your heels. I did it on my hand in these photos, so there wasn't much skin for it to "peel" away, but I think you'll see what I mean here:

See how much softer and smoother my skin looks in the second photo? That's definitely what you'll see on your heels as well. It makes my heels look visibly smoother and softer. But remember: it doesn't remove calluses, so my calluses are still there; they're just softer and less noticeable. I find that using this product prior to using my Ped-Egg is a winning combo, but I've also used it AFTER using my Ped-Egg (just to see what would happen) and I was seriously impressed with how much softer my feet felt. Also, using this after the Ped-Egg seems to make my Ped-Egg treatment last a few days longer than if I were to just use the Ped-Egg on its own. So if you use a Ped-Egg, experiment and see if it works better for you prior to, or after, you use your Ped-Egg! The scent of this product is peppermint, but it's a soft peppermint and not overpowering.

TIP: When using this product, place a towel or several paper towels under your work area because the "balls" will go everywhere. Alternatively, you could sit on the side of your bathtub and use it that way to avoid a mess. Also, don't forget to rinse your feet when you're done.

Next up, the For Cracked Heels formula:

This formula contains some ingredients that are well-known for keeping skin hydrated and soft, and this foot cream did not disappoint. It you've ever used a product like Avon Silicone Glove, you're probably familiar with that slick, glycerin type of feeling that coats your skin. This product has that same slick feeling, and it forms a nice, protective barrier on the skin. The scent is like sugared grapefruit--I love it. This product is thick but also very easy to work into the skin, and it's been a wonderful follow-up product for me to use after my Ped-Egg and the For Callus Softening formula above. I've also been using this cream on my elbows and even on my hands when they're looking extra dry and I love it for elbows and hands too.

FINAL VERDICT: The key to soft, smooth feet is consistent maintenance. I don't care what lotions and potions you use--if you don't use them consistently, dryness always has a way of creeping back. Since I personally suffer from chronically dry heels, I can say with absolute certainty that both of these products work for me, but I didn't go into it with unrealistic expectations. I know that if I don't stay on top of my foot care, things will revert to their ugly, dry state in a week or even less. So I'm happy that I only need to use the For Callus Softening product once weekly (before or after my Ped-Egg) and the For Cracked Heels formula every night before bed to maintain soft, smooth feet. I really love using the For Cracked Heels formula as my regular, night-time foot moisturizer right before I go to bed. It's a bit too slick for morning use (be careful walking across tile or linoleum!) but for bedtime it's been fantastic for me. With continued use, I think you'll be happy with these products. They are definitely working for me.

Do you use any Freeman Bare Foot products? If so, what do you think of them? You can purchase these products on the Freeman website (everyday free shipping on orders $25 or more and free samples with every order). To see where Freeman products are sold in your area, click here.

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews. For more information, click here.


  1. This might be a silly question, but do you think anything bad would happen if I used the For Cracked Heels formula on my legs? My feet don't get too dry, but my legs are chronically dry, irritated, and itchy. No matter what I put on them -- from "intensive healing" lotions to straight up coconut oil -- nothing keeps them from becoming itchy after a few hours, short of eczema lotion with cortisone cream. I've been looking for a super-hydrating lotion. I wonder if this would be the ticket.

    1. I don't know how this would work on legs, but I have to say that I use this for my legs and it's amazing:

      It's expensive but you only need a little bit at a time and it really works.

    2. I like ShiKai Borage lotion for my legs. Mine get so itchy it's hard not to scratch until I bleed :( I use the Advanced Formula with rooibos extract and colloidal oatmeal. I find it works better than the original (for me anyway). It is a lot stickier than the original as well.

  2. I have not tried Bare Foot Repair, but I love Bare Foot products. I use the Foot Scrub and Foot Lotion. They used to have a Foot Soak. When I discovered it years ago, they only had two scents. I used the Peppermint & Plum. I use a pumice stone with them. Love love Freeman products.

    Stephanie, have you tried Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream or Cetaphil DailyAdvance Lotion? I have had good results with both.

    1. I've been eyeing that Peppermint & Plum lotion for a long time now...I need to try it! Thanks for all the tips! :D

  3. My heels are always dry, and these seem like fabulous products to help soften and moisturize them. I will be on the lookout for these!

  4. I've use a few of their products that I really liked. See I always forget to apply foot cream on my feet then I wonder why I have dry heels

  5. I have the Bare Foot heel and callus balm and foot scrub in the "Peppermint and Plum" scent, and I have been disappointed by both. The scrub is supposed to be a pumice scrub, but the scrubbing particles are so few and far between that I don't notice a difference. The "balm" is just lotion; nothing that makes a difference at all. And both are supposed to have tea tree oil in them, "for tired feet," but the oil is SO FAR DOWN on the ingredients list that it doesn't actually have any effect. As someone who uses tea tree oil on breakouts, I love the tingling feeling it leaves and was expecting that, maybe to a lesser degree... But it doesn't do ANYTHING.

  6. I can't use the softening one since it contains propylene glycol. But I think I might get the cracked heels one, since I've run out of my usual handmade foot lotion (I am an Etsy addict lol), and I am leaving for the holiday to go see my family.


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