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Monday, July 1, 2013

Fing'rs Haul

Here's a quick post containing everything I bought when I found the new Fing'rs Heart 2 Art Collection display at a Walmart here in San Diego--on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. to be exact (a HUGE thanks to reader Jolie Mann for the tip about that--I really appreciate it!).

I kind of wanted everything, but I limited myself to the following (for prices please see my original post):

 Get Spotted Nail Art Kit

I will be reviewing this kit TODAY, so please check back soon if you'd like to see how this worked for me.

 Color Splash Nail Art Kit

I wanted this primarily for that little fan brush (it's tiny and has nice, firm bristles) so that I can finally do a Fan Brush Manicure! I'll be sure to do a post after my first attempt.

 Foiling Around Nail Art

I have never tried working with foil before, so I'm SUPER excited to give this a shot. If you want, I can do a post after I try it--just let me know if you'd like to see!

 Stripe Out Nail Art

Again, I have never worked with striping tape, so I'm extremely excited to give it a shot (finally!). This set has silver, gold and black tape, but there was also a set that just contains three rolls of black tape.

 What worries me though is that it says not to remove this (or the foil above) with acetone remover. I don't own non-acetone remover. If any of you have removed foil or striping tape with acetone, can you let me know why it might not be a good thing to use? 

And last but not least, I bought four of the new Fing'rs polishes. NOTE: I mistakenly called these stripers in my original post--they actually don't have striper brushes--the brushes are normal-sized:

I'll be swatching these VERY soon but in the meantime, the gray creme contains fine silver glitter (so pretty), the blue creme is actually a true teal (my camera's making it look blue), the black is a jelly-creme with metallic gold glitter shards (I posted sneak-peek swatches on Instagram today both with top coat and without top coat) and the glitter polish contains blue and holo stars and fine holo glitter.

Please check back soon for my full review of the Get Spotted kit! In the meantime, have you purchased anything from the new Fing'rs display yet?

And thanks again, Jolie Mann, for the tip on where to find this display in San Diego. I really, really appreciate that!!


  1. I would love for you to review/show us the foils! I've never worked with them either, but have always wanted to!

    Awesome haul! <3

  2. *-* What a huge haul!!!!
    I don't know which one is the best buy you've done but the two kits looks fun (to use) ehehe ;-)

  3. Yes, please swatch everything when you can. Looking at that black polish it reminds me of the NYC haunted.

  4. Nice! Yes I went to Walmart on friday and bought the striping tape, the metal stud kit, and a few of the nail polishes. I too thought they were striping polishes but now that I know they aren't I'm going to go back and get more! Often the reason I didn't get some of the colors was that I didn't think I'd do much striping/art with it. I got the debra lippman dupe though and I love it!

  5. I have used pure acetone on the foils and the tattoo sheets and I didn't explode or anything, so you should be safe :)

  6. Ooh, can't wait to see the manis you do with these! My Walmart didn't have them. They still don't even have the Salon Perfect Floam-ish dupes. And they put out the newest HC polishes over 2 months after I found them at another WM. Le Suck.

  7. Please do a review on the nail foils G! I bought them today too and have no idea how to use them!

  8. Yes, please swatch everything! I am dying to find this display! Was at Walmart today and no dice :( The fan brush looks cool...I've never seen that type manicure before. Also, can't wait to see the spotted polish. Hope it's an OPI dupe. :D

  9. Please show everything that you try!

    I think the tape would "melt" if you use acetone remover. Might become a sticky mess.

  10. Awesome haul!! I cannot wait to see what you think of them all.

    Get Spotted will be mine as soon as I find it, and the striping tapes. I always see the striping tapes at Sally and want to try them.

  11. You have purchased every kit I want to purchase!!! Both local Walmarts do not have any if these yet!!!! Oh it is killing me. Best I can do now is keep stalking! G. please swatched it all and I would love to see what kind of art you come up with using the tape!

  12. I purchased the striping tape after learning about this display in your post. I held off on the Spotted style polish because I heard mixed reviews from a couple of people on MUA. Thanks for sharing your pictures, I can't wait to see the pretty manis you'll do, as well as to read the spotted review!

  13. My Walmarts don't have these yet.

  14. Looks like these are not big three free, though... Such a shame. ):

  15. The other strip tape isn't 3 black its metallic blue and purple with holographic green.

  16. The other stripe tape is actually blue, purple and holographic green.

  17. I used acetone to remove striping tape I had bought on eBay. I had never heard of not using acetone to remove it. I had no issues, but that was the first and only time I used and removed striping tape, so I have nothing to compare to it. I only use non-acetone remover when stamping so that if mess up a stamp design, I can remove it while leaving the underlying polish mostly intact so I can try again.

  18. wow - i hope these end up in Canada! Thanks for linking ot my blog ---- i love how easy fan nail art is but wish that I had a better brush like in these kits.


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