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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beauty Bite: Jordana Sweet N' Smooth Nourishing Lip Balms

To kick off Milani/Jordana Week here on the blog, I thought I'd start with this fun new offering from Jordana. As we all know, tinted lip balms are a current drugstore trend, so let's take a closer look at Jordana's version.

 Jordana Sweet N' Smooth Nourishing Lip Balms
(retail: $1.99 each, 0.138 oz)

The stick full retracts into the case, but I twisted it up a little bit for the photo above.

 Juicy Raspberry (left)
Yummy Strawberry (right)

  Tasty Watermelon (left)
Sweet Mango (right)

  Delicious Tangerine (left)
Succulent Cherry (right)

  Vanilla Cake (left)
Tropical Punch (right)

  • Creamy formula that feels light, moist and hydrating on the lips
  • The deeper shades are very nicely pigmented and can be built up for even stronger pigmentation
  • Each lip balm is softly scented to match its name
  • There is either no flavor or very little flavor to these lip balms (a "pro" if you're sensitive to flavored lip products)
  • The stick retracts fully into the case, so you won't hit the stick with the cap when opening or closing
  • Good staying power despite the light, creamy formula; I can get about 2-3 hours for most shades
  • The lighter shades, Yummy Strawberry and Tropical Punch, do not show up at all on my lips (obviously Vanilla Cake doesn't show up either but it's intentionally clear)
  • There is either no flavor or very little flavor to these lip balms  (a "con" if you love flavored lip products)

THE LAST BITE: There are obvious similarities to Maybelline Baby Lips here, but I'd say the biggest difference to me is that the pigmentation of the deeper shades is better than any regular Baby Lips shade I own (I haven't tried the Baby Lips Electro line yet so I can't compare them to those). Also, the Jordana lip balms seem to keep my lips feeling hydrated a little bit longer than some of the Baby Lips shades I own--hours after wearing the Jordana lip balms, my lips still  feel quite moist and smooth. Another difference is that Baby Lips have a stronger fragrance (could be a plus or minus for you depending on your sensitivity to fragrance) and the flavor is either nonexistent or very, very subtle for all of the Jordana lip balms. All in all, I think if you're looking for a very budget-friendly tinted lip balm that can provide some very nice pigmentation, I'd suggest Juicy Raspberry, Tasty Watermelon, Sweet Mango, Delicious Tangerine and Succulent Cherry. I think you might enjoy them quite a bit (unless you prefer strongly flavored/fragranced tinted lip balms, of course).

Jordana Sweet N' Smooth Nourishing Lip Balms are available now and can be purchased on the Jordana website.

Do you own any of these new lip balms from Jordana? I would love to know which shades you own and what you think of them!

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  1. For $1.99 I will definitely grab a couple of the pigmented ones to try!

  2. oh! tangerine and sweet mango are so up my alley
    so sad tropical punch doesnt have color :( it looks so pretty in the tube and i like the color combination of the packaging

    1. We share the same thoughts here! I love the looks of those two most, and was anxiously scrolling to see a swatch of Tropical Punch. Wonder why it's pretty much clear...

  3. I'll have to try these. I know everyone loves the Baby Lips, but they don't really hydrate enough for me. I feel that as soon as I put it on, it doesn't last very long on my lips. These sound like they might be a little better if you got a few hours of moisture out of them, G. Thanks for the review, I didn't know these were out there. :D

  4. I really wish these would be in stores so I could check them out in person! I'm not much of an online makeup buyer :(

  5. I want them all!! I have all the baby lips too. I am obsessed.. :)

  6. I keep looking for these in stores. I want to try the mango shade.

  7. G, will these be in stores at all? I so want to try them but I'd ratherurchase in-store.

    1. My guess is that these will be in stores soon, since Walgreens has recently put lots of Jordana items on clearance in their permanent displays.

  8. Ooh these look quite nice, especially the pigmented ones. I tried Baby Lips before, but I was not satisfied with its hydration and pigment.

  9. I haven't had any luck finding these at any Walgreens, but I stumbled upon all 8 of them at Luckys for $1.25 each! Love all of them.

  10. Just bought 2 today! I adore sweet mango!


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