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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bath & Body Works Outlet haul

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you might have heard me mention that Mr. G and I have been on a mini "stay-cation" here in San Diego for the past few days (you can see about 20 pics from our travels over on Instagram).

One of the things we did was take a drive down to the San Diego/Tijuana border to the Las Americas Outlets. My favorite store in that outlet mall is the Bath & Body Works Outlet. I've posted hauls from the BBW outlet in the past, so I thought I'd continue that tradition and show you what I picked up this time around.

NOTE: I realize that some of these deals might not seem as "crazy" to you if you've been shopping the current Semi-Annual Sale (which is THE time for crazy deals), but the BBW Outlet has these types of deals all year long and they also offer many products that you can no longer find at regular stores. It's pretty much heaven for BBW fans.

Before I even walked through the door, the first thing I knew I wanted to look for was Sparkling Blackberry Woods (so sad this scent was discontinued!). When I walked inside the outlet, the first thing I was given was a 20% off coupon (good toward my entire purchase) and then the associate answered my question and directed me to the Sparkling Blackberry Woods products:

 Sparkling Blackberry Woods body mist: $14 each
Sparkling Blackberry Woods body lotion: $11
Outlet price: $2.75 each
After 20% off coupon: $2.20 each

I always grab some hand soaps when I'm at the outlet:

 Hand soaps in Ocean Sunset, Citrus Fig and Wildberry Dahlia: $5.50 each
Outlet price: $2.75 each
After 20% off coupon: $2.20 each

I don't know if Mr. G was just trying to act enthusiastic since he knows how much I love the BBW outlet, but he seemed pretty happy to get these body sprays:

 Men's body sprays in Oak and Citron: $12 each
Outlet price: $6 each
After 20% off coupon: $4 each

How funny that his products were the most expensive of the entire haul! 

Finally, no trip to the BBW outlet would be complete without some candles...

 4 oz candles in Tropical Spice and Leaves: $10 each
Outlet price: $2.37 each
After 20% off coupon: $1.89 each

Total retail price of this haul: $96.50
Total outlet price + 20% off coupon: $24.98

Not bad at all, I'd say! I'm the most happy about getting another Leaves candle (one of my favorite scents of all time) for under $2, and of course being able to stock up on Sparkling Blackberry Woods for about $2 a pop.

Thanks for reading!

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. Too funny!! Just came back from our BBW, and didn't realize I'd be coming home with some goodies!!! Three lotions (Country Apple, Midnight Pomegranate, Dark Kiss); 1 body wash (Juniper Breeze); 2 foaming anti-bac soaps (Apple Blossoms and Ocean Sunset), and 5 of those tiny pocket bacs(Pink Champagne, Aqua Blossom, Passionfruit Fig, Vanilla Berry Sorbet, and Apple Mango). I was dying to buy the Espresso Bar candle, but it would help foster a caffeine addiction each time I burned it, LOL. Had I realized I'd save more money than I actually spent (spent $38, saved $47), I'd've bought more!! sigh...there's always tomorrow...squeee!! =)

    1. they still have country apple??!! it still remains my favorite, but every bbw store i've been to in norcal no longer carries it. i've been told it has been discontinued :(

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Last time I went (in Nov or Dec) I was looking for the wallflowers refills and they were the same price as at a regular B&BW at 6 for $24. I was trying to find some good Halloween stuff on closeout and it was picked clean.

    Did you find anything good at Cosmetics Company Store?

    1. Nothing good at the CCS this time around! My wallet was happy for once. Lol! ;)

  4. I'm so jealous! What a gorgeous haul. :)

  5. It seems that your outlet mall does have discontinued items. The one in Orlando and the one right here in my 'burbs of Denver are in outlet malls but are just like regular stores.

    1. Those aren't actual outlets. My store is a real outlet and there are only a few in the US. It has to say "outlet" on the actual storefront like this:

      Hope that helps! :)

  6. I can't believe that in all the years I lived in SD, I'd never been to those outlets.

    Nice haul! And what a coupon!

  7. The Wildberry Dahlia smells sooo good, and I love the Betsey Johnson-esque design. The other similar one (Raspberry&Peony, I think) also smells great, and has similar visuals on the label. :)

  8. Wow! I gotta go to that BBW next time!!!

  9. I found a new collection everyone on instagram is talking about! Its the Essence Me and My Ice Cream collection! I found it on the Essence website but not in store yet. The packaging is super cute and the products look fun to play around with! Except they refer the eyeshadows and stuff as icy and no one really likes icy eyeshadow, but its worth a shot! Hope it helps!!

  10. You got some great deals, G! Awesome haul!!!!

  11. So jealous of your Sparkling Blackberry Woods mist and lotion! You got me hooked when you mentioned it in January, but all I could get my hands on was a bottle of shower gel. It's such a great scent and my bottle's almost empty. So jealous!!

  12. I looooooooooove B&BW's stuff for men -w- I'm highly particular about scent and my boyfriend wasn't around when his mom and I bought him cologne in Noir and later Twilight Woods. Turns out, he likes woodsy scents! Now if only I could buy their stuff for me more often... And find an outlet store close to moi, heh.

  13. I wish I hade a BBW outlet near me!!

  14. does anyone know where to get country apple scented items at bbw in norcal? i've been told it's been discontinued. they have something called "irresistible apple" and it is NOT the same. shall we start a petition to bring back Country Apple, G? lol

    the online community started a petition for calgon turquoise seas and the scent has been revived! :D


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