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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: L'Oreal Limited Edition Miss Candy Collection Nail Colors in Berry Nice and Jolly Lolly

Ever since I first posted about the L'Oreal Limited Edition Miss Candy Collection, I've been wanting some of the "Gellie" polishes (that's how they're referred to in the display). I finally found this collection at my local Rite Aid last week, and after seeing these polishes in person, two in particular found their way into my basket:
 L'Oreal Limited Edition Miss Candy Collection Nail Colors in Berry Nice and Jolly Lolly
(retail: $5.99 each, 0.39 oz)

As many of you have indicated, Berry Nice, which many of us thought was a black jelly, is actually a deep purple jelly. I don't have another dark purple jelly in my collection, and I'm always on the lookout for a good red jelly, so that's why I chose to purchase these two shades.

Let's start with Berry Nice:

Two coats, no top coat

Berry Nice is a gorgeous color, but it's streaky after two coats (actually even after three, which you'll see in a moment). I'm beginning to think that anything with a purple pigment is difficult to work with (I've lost count of how many purple eyeshadows, eyeliners, glosses, etc. have been streaky for me) and sadly this one's no exception. I think that it could probably be more successful if you applied a white creme base color first, but then that would take away some of the depth from the jelly finish so...yeah. Dry time was excellent on the first coat, decent on the second and a bit long for the third coat (three coats were used in the next photo, not the photo above).

What kind of jelly polish review would this be without a jelly sandwich?

For this jelly sandwich, I applied a coat of Berry Nice, followed by a coat of glitter polish from the brand pa (holo moons, gold stars and small iridescent glitter in a clear base) followed with two additional coats of Berry Nice. As you can see, it's still streaky in spots and the color is so dark after three coats that it's hard to see the glitter unless you're in direct sunlight. I would imagine that you'd probably have better luck with white, matte glitter, if you wanted the glitter to show through more strongly, but I don't have a white matte glitter polish. Oh, and for the record, I tried stopping after applying just one coat of Berry Nice after I applied the glitter and it was too streaky, so that's why I applied another coat.

Next we have Jolly Lolly:

Two coats, no top coat

My camera likes to distort bright reds and make they look blotchy, but in real life there's absolutely no blotchiness to this polish. This one is lovely and quite opaque after just two coats, and the formula is very easy to work with. I LOVE this polish. After two coats, it leans more toward a pink-toned red, but as you're about to see below, three coats turns this polish into a more orange-toned red. Dry time was excellent on the first coat, good on the second coat and longer on the third coat (two coats were used above and three coats were used in the following photo).

A jelly sandwich using Jolly Lolly:

For this jelly sandwich, I applied one coat of Jolly Lolly, and then I dabbed on some glitter from the Kleancolor polish Twinkly Love (multi-colored hearts in a clear base) followed by two more coats of Jolly Jolly. My photo really doesn't do this one justice. Yes, the color of Jolly Lolly distorts the color of the heart glitter a bit, but it's still very lovely in person when the light hits the holo glitters. I love, love, loved this manicure and would love to wear this next year for Valentine's Day!

FINAL VERDICT: Both of the polishes I purchased from the Miss Candy Collection are extremely shiny and both have a nice jelly finish. However, I would probably skip Berry Nice unless you're very patient and are an expert at applying sheer jellies. If you're like me and not very skilled at avoiding streaks, this one's probably not going to be streak-free for you unless you apply four or five coats (or apply a white creme base coat first which, like I mentioned above, would take away some of that lovely jelly squishiness). Jolly Lolly, on the other hand, is a winner! It's beautiful at just two coats and even richer and deeper with three. And it makes great "bread" for jelly sandwiches.

Do you own any of the polishes from the Miss Candy Collection? Thoughts?

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I fell in love with these when you first posted about them, and was lucky to find them shortly after that! I bought all of them except for the two purples and the yellow...I absolutely love them. The red is my fav, followed very closely by the green, then the blue. So good!

  2. I love love love this collection to pieces. ^_^;; I had a store credit, and I needed jellies... so I ended up withthe full collection.
    Today I was wearing Lilac Coolers and got so many compliments from random people (including men! Lol). I like Lilac Coolers so much because it has a tiny bit of creme to it. The jelly is still there so it gives it a beautiful depth. It really did look like I had pieces if candy taped to my nails.
    I never used to give l'oreal nail polish much thought but I have loved the last two collections much.... I can't wait to see what they do next!
    Though, as much as I love them I am still mourning the loss of my black jelly *sad*

  3. I just saw these at CVS and passed on them because "Im over the jelly" ummm yeah right. Who am I kidding. These are so fun! Now to decide what colors...hmmm Hehe. Thanks for your swatches!

  4. I like to think I'm good with jellies! I might just snag Berry Nice. It's pretty :3

  5. I picked up Jolly Lolly, Miss Pixie (the blue), and Bubble Trouble (the milky light pink). I think Jolly Lolly's my favorite. Miss Pixie is absolutely gorgeous, but only over a white base (alone it just doesn't have that same intensity) and only after 3 coats. I spent a whole afternoon getting all this on my nails only to have the blue layers slide off hours later because it never did completely dry. Boo. And Bubble Trouble is just kind of boring. But I love Jolly Lolly!

  6. Interesting. I didn't know what jelly polish was before but it's beautiful and the way you combined it. Loved it.

  7. I ended up getting them all except the yellow. I was thinking the yellow would be hard to work with, so I skipped that one. Yeah, I'm pretty much in love with this collection. Nice swatches, G, as always! :D

  8. Berry Nice (and the yellow) didn't make it to our Canadian display. I did get Jolly Lolly, so that's good news :)

  9. I purchased the red one and love it. I am going back for more - I am most attracted to the orange one, next. Thanks for the review and pix, and btw, that first pic of the purple looks great.. streaky doesn't show in your pic at all.

  10. I didn't really love the color of Berry Nice, but Jolly Lolly is beautiful! I have never done a jelly sandwich because I have never been able to tell what really entailed a "jelly" polish. Can't wait to try this! Thank you G.!

  11. I loveee jelly polishes! The red looks so good. :D

  12. Mmm, look at that purple jelly! It looks delicious enough for me to deal with the streaking, I think. I'm willing to baby a polish if it gives that good a color payoff!

  13. I was hoping someone would give this collection some credit. The jellies are yummy, squishy goodness. I only had glitter jellies before, but now I have the Loreal orange, red, l

    1. Lilac, and blue. They wear well and the red looks like liquid candy.

  14. I have Miss Pixie and I was disappointed, although I never thought to try it over a white base so I'll have to do that next time. I tried three coats and I always feel like two is the max for my nails as anything over that chips off quite easily. So this was a let down for me :(

  15. Oh God, I didn't realize these were jellies! Now I want some.

  16. I love these! I just uploaded a photo of my flakie jelly sandwich that I will try to tag you on.

    For anyone having problems with visible nail line, try using a base similar in color before adding the polish. You still get that squishy look.

  17. I definitely feel like I'm in the minority by disliking the look of these. Jellies are just not for me!

  18. I got them all! I have been rocking the sammiches with the new sinful colors glitters-and they all seem to show up well. Berry Nice is kinda hard to work with-but worth it if you have an hour to just sit around drinking coffee waiting for the layers to dry :) LOVE your blog, BTW!


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