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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Wet Brush: Now available at Sally Beauty

A huge thanks to reader Lisa on Facebook for this one! Lisa just told me that The Wet Brush (which I reviewed here) is now available at Sally Beauty (in-store and online). Lisa said it's on sale right now for $6.99, but the regular price is $8.99 or $7.99 for Sally Club members.

If you've been wanting to try this brush, now you don't even have to order online! Yay!

Thanks again, Lisa, for the great tip!


  1. Yes!!! I am definitely running over to Sally's tomorrow. I will do (almost) anything to reduce my daughter's AM whining.

  2. Yay!!! I got mentioned in your blog, whoo-hoo!!! And you are welcome!

    1. Is the sale online or in store? :D

    2. It is on sale in store and online. I picked one up on Friday. They have another wet/dry brush for cheaper. It has the same style and flexibility to the bristles, but the ball tips were already wearing of on all the ones they had in stock. The Wet Brush had all the ball tips intact. So I bought the Wet Brush.

  3. It's on sale in store and online. I picked mine up on Friday. There is another cheaper option at Sally's, but it it's not as good quality in construction.

  4. I know it's online...I just bought a purple one at the sale price, woot!

  5. I just read your review and I've GOT to try this! I have long, fine, very tangle-prone hair (like you said - the underside and nape is awful) and I always feel like I'm breaking my hair when I try to brush out the tangles. And what better time to try it than when I'm on vacation and I FORGOT TO PACK A BRUSH!!!

  6. Thank you both Lisa and G! I stopped in as soon as Sally's opened this morning. I hope the hair brushing after my daughter's bath is less traumatic.

  7. This works great on dry hair too. DD's hair is very thick and wavy and every brush either hurts or doesn't get the job done. The Wet Brush rocks!

  8. I bought the purple one this evening. Mine did not ring up on sale but that's alright with me. Still cheaper than ordering it and paying shipping. I also noticed that they sell an off-brand knockoff of these in Sally's. The knockoff seems to have bigger bulbs on the ends of the bristles but other than that it looks pretty similar. I think the knockoffs were $5.99.

  9. Thank you SO much for reviewing this brush. Mine arrived just a few minutes ago from Amazon ($8.98) and I am already amazed. I don't know what wizardry was used to turn an ordinary-looking hair brush into a magic voodoo wand capable of brushing through my long, tangly, thick hair with such ease, but I don't care! Best $9 I ever spent, hands down.

  10. Hi G!

    After seeing your post I came to my nearest Sally's! I got the brush in purple and I can't wait to try it!

    Just wanted to add that it is not on sale! It is only $6.99 for professionals (ie:stylists) but not for the general public nor Sally up paying the full $10 but I'm sure I'll love it!!!!

    Thanks again! (:

  11. I just had to leave another comment!

    After I left my first comment, I tore the brush out of its package and tested it! My hair was slightly damp because I had taken a shower in the morning before I went out to run some errands and OMG!

    I have really straight (not even the strongest hair spray can make my hair keep a curl) hair and its always a tangly MESS whenever I have to brush it. Which explains why the past few months I've literally been putting it in a bun (which is bad because when I'm in the shower, a bunch of hair falls off...but anyways). W-O-W. I'm usually not as fortunate when it comes to the latest "craze" in the beauty world but this is AMAZING.

    I understand what you were saying before, how you couldn't explain what's so special about it...let me just tell you that it's SPECIAL!!!! The hype is true, hahaha! When you run it through your hair, it doesn't even FEEL like you're holding the brush let alone that it's brushing your hair, I love it! I'm not sure if I would use this with wet hair...but since it didn't tug on my hair with slightly can't hurt to try.

    I can't thank you enough G, all my life I've had my hair tugged and pulled and I got to the point where I didn't even care/minded that it was pulled/tugged...this is just so amazing, I'm ever so happy!!!!

    If you can get your hands on it--please DO! Amazing brush!!! And I don't know if it's the picture, but I expected the brush to be smaller but it's just a normal sized brushed, super impressed! (:

    Thanks again G!

  12. Thanks for telling us about this and the sale at Sally's! I picked one up and it does work great, I no longer dread the combing of my wet hair. I saw the brush at Bed, Bath and Beyond tonight for $8.99 and a smaller size for $4.99 in various colors. It was one of the stores with a Harmon beauty section, so it may not be in all of them.

  13. I always trust your reviews! and like're right!!! My daugther and I have the same hair, I never ever have to brush mine but her hair is a nightmare, tangles so easy, we tried everything, detanglers (the cheap ones and expensive ones) conditiones ans leave in conditioners. I show her the review and the pictures and we were puzzled, since that brush looks just like a regular brush, but I told her I will get for you and we'll see, so I went to Sallys and I got it on sale (yay!) and first thing when she came back to school we tried on her dry but sweaty hair, full of tangles after a hour of PE on humid hot wheather in FL, IT WORKS IT WORKS IT WORKS!!!! WE are so happy!!! no more crying in the mornings! best brush ever!!! thanks for that review and share your experience with us :) thanks to you we are a tangle free family!!!

  14. My purple Wet Brush arrived from Sally's yesterday, and I tried it last night after my shower. When I first looked at it, I was skeptical...all those fine, flexible bristles? No way. Well, let me tell anyone who is skeptical - WAY! This thing just flat out works. I have fine hair that is always tangled after a shower (even with conditioner), but I felt not one tug or pull or snag using this brush. I'm going to buy a couple of backups, it's that good! Thank you, G, for this post - I never would have given this brush a second glance without your info.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I bought this at Sally Beauty then saw a similar one at CVS by Conair for $2.99 on clearance! Can't wait to try both!


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