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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spotted: Wet n Wild Summer 2013 Megalast Nail Baskets

Instead of the Nail Pails that Wet n Wild has released in previous years, this Summer Wet n Wild has chosen to release their seasonal polish set in cute little wicker baskets! And unlike last summer's Nail Pail which included seven Fastdry polishes, this summer's Nail Basket includes eight Megalast polishes for the same price as last year's set.

Longtime reader and photo contributor Jess just spotted these new Nail Baskets at her local Bed Bath and Beyond and was nice enough to share some pics with us. Take a peek!

image credit: Jess for Nouveau Cheap
Wet n Wild Summer 2013 Megalast Nail Baskets
(retail: $9.99 each)

For all the details about what's inside these little baskets, keep reading!

image credit: Jess for Nouveau Cheap

Kit contains:
8 Megalast Salon Nail Colors (full size)
2 Nail Files
2 Toe Separators
1 Nail Buffer

image credit: Jess for Nouveau Cheap

The two shades that are kind of hiding out in the photo above are more visible in this photo (see left-hand side):

 image credit: Jess for Nouveau Cheap

 From what I can tell, the shades in this basket are (all existing shades):

Back Row:
Break The Ice
I Red A Good Book
Through The Grapevine
Clear Top Coat

Front Row:
I Need A Refresh-Mint
On A Trip
Club Havana

I could be wrong on a couple of those, but that's what they look like to me! Since these polishes retail for $1.99 each, that's already a great deal at $9.99 even before you add in the nail files, etc.

 Thanks SO much, Jess, for the great sighting and pics! So exciting to see this year's version of the Nail Pail (and I think I like the basket more than the pail).

PS: Don't forget about the Spoiled by Wet n Wild Summer 2013 polish sets that are now surfacing at CVS.


  1. I would so buy this,I love wetnwild products....

  2. I never knew Bed Bath and Beyond carries beauty brands? I don't think my local store does but I'm going in a few days to check it out.

    1. Apparently a lot of people have missed my past posts about this, but I'm always happy to repeat it:

      Not all BBBs carry makeup. Only the stores that have a Harmon Beauty inside of them (a store within a store) OR what's called an "extended beauty department."

      The best thing to do is to call around to all of the locations in your city and ask them if they have an extended beauty department.

      As an example, there are several BBB locations in my area (San Diego) but only TWO have an extended beauty department.

      Hope that helps!

    2. And you can use their $5 off $15 or 20% coupons on beauty products. Score!

  3. This would make a cute gift! I already have too many of the polishes, though.

  4. Wonderful gift basket and a bargain at that price. I already have all these and they are good polishes. I love the application brush, it's wide and tapered and makes a beautiful easy application.The colors are so on trend.

  5. I'm not overly thrilled by Wet n Wild's polishes, but the Megalast ones are eh, OK for the price. I may have to hunt down this basket.

  6. I love these polishes, have them in tons of colors. This is cool is you aren't a hoarder of WNW nail polishes like me because you can get a bunch for an even better price.

  7. Ugg. I just saw the One with only 3 colors separators and flip flops for 9.99

  8. I just spotted this basket (along with the Spoiled trios) at CVS!


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