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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review and Giveaway: New Jesse's Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Not only do I have a review for you today of the brand new Jesse's Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, but I've also got a fun GIVEAWAY to share with you for a chance to win this new liner AND MORE! (Details are at the very end of this review.)

PLEASE NOTE: The giveaway is hosted by Jesse's Girl and NOT by Nouveau Cheap. Any entries left in the comments section on this blog post will not be approved, as you cannot enter via this blog post. Again, all of the details for entry are at the end of this review.

Jesse's Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black
(retail: $6.99, 0.17 oz)

This liner comes in one shade (Black). From the Jesse's Girl website:

Our unique Japanese calligraphy-style brush allows for precise, super-fine application that lets you create lines as small as one millimeter thickness! Combined with a formula that dries super-quick (for a waterproof, smudge-proof application), our liquid eyeliner glides on smoothly without tugging or pulling. 

A closer look at the applicator:

True to its description, this fine-point applicator allows you to create an extremely fine line, as well as a thicker line (you just need to hold the brush and a slight angle and press a bit harder to create a bolder, thicker line):

Here's a photo after my standard "rub test" where I take my index finger and rub back and forth with a good amount of press for about five seconds:

As you can see, the lines did not smudge. There was a bit of fading, but absolutely no smudging. Here are some pics of me wearing Jesse's Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner:

For the above photos, I tried to show you that, even within the same eye look, you can create both a thicker line, and also a very precise point. I went thicker toward the outside corner of my eye, but then for the "wing" I ended the line in a very, very fine point.

Finish, pigmentation and consistency: This is a very black liner. It doesn't veer toward blue-black or green-black; it's a true black and very richly pigmented. The finish it a tiny bit shiny, but there is no glitter or shimmer to this liner. The consistency is fluid without being watery or runny.

Ease of application: I can't think of another liner that requires this little pressure for application. If you like liners that allow for extreme precision and require very little effort (no pressing, tugging, pulling or pushing) you will love this one. With just the gentlest touch, this liner easily deposits color onto the skin, allowing for an effortless, whisper-fine line. The applicator is a brush, but the bristles are not separated--they're twisted together and they stay together (they don't unravel during use). Because this is a brush, you may experience a tiny bit of "floppiness" when you're first learning how to work with this liner. I'm used to a firm, felt-tip applicator, so I had to keep reminding myself to stop using so much pressure. After my second attempt at using this liner, I had no issues at all. You just have to remember that less is more (when it comes to pressure) and my motto is: Let the brush do the work.

Staying power: I can get a full eight hours plus with this liner before I start to see fading. I can also lightly rub my eyes and not suffer any serious consequences (aside from a little bit of fading, this liner will not smudge if you gently rub or touch your eyes). It is definitely water-resistant (I have splashed my face with water multiple times while wearing this liner and it did not run or smudge) but if you rub your eyes while they are wet, this liner will smudge and run. So just try to remember: rubbing while dry is ok, rubbing while wet is not. Removal is very easy using just my regular facial cleanser (no makeup remover required).

Fragrance: I detect no fragrance to this liner.

FINAL VERDICT: This is a deep, rich, highly-pigmented black liquid liner with an applicator that allows you to create an extremely fine line and get deep between your lashes with ease. Little to no pressure is required while using this liner, so there might be a slight learning curve for some of you while you adjust to this liner's capabilities  But after a few uses, I think you'll get the hang of it and I'm betting you'll love it as much as I do. Staying power is impressive and it's truly smudge proof and water resistant (just don't rub or touch your eyes while they are wet because this liner will smudge). All in all, I'm very impressed with the pigmentation  precision application and staying power of this product.


Please be advised that the contest link below (as well as the contest entry page itself) will not work from mobile devices, but WILL work on a desktop computer.

Enter the Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner Sweepstakes for a chance to win the following prize pack:

One (1) Jesse's Girl Liquid Eye Liner
One (1) Jesse's Girl Eyeshadow Primer
Three (3) Jesse's Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dusts (assorted colors)
One (1) Jesse's Girl Masquerade Palette (30-pan eyeshadow palette)

Retail value of each prize pack is $32.94

CLICK HERE TO ENTER but, before you do, please note that you can select "Nouveau Cheap" in the dropdown menu on the entry form. When you fill out the entry form and select my blog from the dropdown menu, you'll be putting yourself in the pool of entries associated with Nouveau Cheap. In other words, Jesse's Girl will randomly select at least one winner from EACH blogger/vlogger listed, so you'll only be "competing" with other Nouvettes if you select "Nouveau Cheap" when entering!

Jesse's Girl will be giving away AT LEAST FIFTEEN (15) prize packs, with at least one winner representing each of the bloggers/vloggers participating in this sweepstakes (listed on the dropdown menu on the entry form). Additional winners may be selected based on the bonus entry question.

Entries on the Jesse's Girl Facebook Page will be accepted beginning on Monday, April 15th 2013 at 12:00am EDT (4:00am GMT). Entries will close on Sunday, April 28th 2013 at 11:59pm EDT (3:59am GMT).

If you would like to purchase this liner directly from Jesse's Girl, you can do so here. This liner will also be available for purchase at Rite Aid stores.

Best of luck to everyone!

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews. Nouveau Cheap has not received any form of compensation for its association with the Jesse's Girl Facebook Giveaway. For more information, click here.


  1. How would you say this compares to the PF eye booster pen? They seem very similar.

    1. They are similar, but this one doesn't feel as floppy as the PF liner. I personally feel like I have more control with this one. I think that, if you love the PF liner, you might REALLY love this one, if that makes sense?

    2. I love the PF liner pen so this sounds like a more affordable alternative. Thanks for the review, G.!

  2. If I can find this liner, I'm going to give it a try. I tried the Milani Eye Tech liner a year or so ago, and found the formula was so thin it seeped into tiny lines on my lids I didn't even know were there! However, the Milani Eye Tech has a felt tip, and it stands to reason that type of tip would have to use a thinner formula. Hopefully the Jesse's Girl product with it's brush tip will be thin enough to apply smoothly, but at the same time be thick enough not to seep into those darn lines!

  3. I'm actually excited about this liner after reading your review. I never have good luck with pen liners because they tend to skip all over my eyelids. This looks good though!

  4. I entered the contest, however the facebook page didn't give an indication if it was accepted or not, so I hope so! :)

  5. This sounds right up my alley! Not bad for $6.99

  6. A girl on YouTube said this is a dupe to the famous Dollywink eyeliner (the famous best selling one in Asia), which I also have, and I agree based on both your reviews! Only difference is tht this is 50% of that price and available here! Yay!

  7. i'm super excited to try this! this is my favorite type of eyeliner. i have the pf one as well as the dolly wink and other japanese ones. all are $12+ so this one seems like a steal! will it be hitting riteaid stores soon?

  8. This looks identical to Physician Formula's lash booster eyeliner! Which is very similar to my HG, Heroine Me liner (Japanese brand) except the Heroine Me has a finer tip (0.1mm I believe)

  9. This is awesome! I use Japanese liners and have been buying the K-palette one because it really does not smudge on my oily lids and I just don't get the appeal of felt tips. I might check this as a dupe!

  10. This reminds me so much of the Lorac liner that I have. It is by far my favorite liquid liner that I have ever tried. I have been looking for a cheaper alternative and I am gonna have to give this a try. Plus the Lorac one isn't waterproof. Yay for money saving potential.


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