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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review and Swatches: Milani Limited Edition Texture Nail Lacquers

When I first posted the press release for these new textured nail polishes from Milani, I quickly discovered by your comments that textured polishes are a bit of a polarizing topic. Either you love textured polishes or, well, you don't. These new limited edition polishes from Milani were actually my first experience with textured polishes (I haven't yet tried any of the others currently on the market) and I believe they're the first textured polishes to hit the drugstore.

Milani sent me this collection for review, and I was so excited to try them. Unlike some of the other textured polishes on the market, these are completely sparkle-free, and I was so curious to see what they'd look like on my nails. Take a look...
Milani Limited Edition Texture Nail Lacquers
(retail: $4.99 each, 0.45 oz)

These polishes are made in the USA and there are six shades in the range.

Keep reading for my full review and swatches...

(All swatches were done using two coats of polish and no top coat.)

For this first pic, I wanted to show you what it looks like before this polish fully dries. If you look at the nail on the far right, this is what it looks like when this polish is in the middle of drying. The other two nails are completely dry, so you can see that the texture becomes more bumpy as the polish dries:
Spoiled In Fuchsia
Spoiled in Fuchsia is a true fuchsia that required two coats for good opacity.

 Shady Gray
Shady Gray is a charcoal gray that required two coats for good opacity.

Aqua Splash
Aqua Splash is probably my favorite of the bunch. It's a beautiful shade of teal and required two coats for what you see above.

 Yellow Mark
I was scared to try Yellow Mark, only because so many yellow polishes seem to be streaky and hard to work with. I was surprised to find that this was a very easy yellow to work with--I only needed two coats for what you see above.

Tainted In Red
Tainted In Red is a bright tomato red that's actually a bit more orange than what you see above. Two coats for perfect opacity.

Purple Streak
Purple Streak is a deep, true purple that, just like all of the others, required two coats for perfect opacity.

For my first dip into the textured nail polish pool, I'm beyond pleased with every color in this collection. All of these polishes apply as smoothly as a regular creme polish and, unlike glitter polishes, you don't have to concern yourself with placement of the "bumps." You can just swipe and go, and the bumpy texture will distribute itself evenly. It's actually kind of fun to watch the texture develop as it dries (these polishes also feel really neat--almost like fine, bumpy plastic).

Not one of these polishes required more than two coats, but none of them were one-coaters either. You'll definitely need two coats, regardless of which shade(s) you buy.

Dry time was very impressive with this collection. These polishes seem to dry quicker than standard (non-textured) polishes. I was also impressed with the wear on these, especially since I didn't apply top coat to any of them. I can get about two days of wear from these polishes before I start to see some tip wear and minor chipping.

Removal was very easy. I would say that these remove easier than glitter polishes, and almost as easily as regular polishes. I do use a 100% acetone remover though, so I can't tell you how these will remove if you use a non-acetone remover.

FINAL VERDICT: I realize that these are not for everybody, and they're certainly not for every occasion. But if you're looking to try something different and fun with your nails, and you don't have the patience for nail art or embellishments, these could be a very easy, hassle-free option for you. I personally love the look of them because, without any glitter or sparkle, they have a very 80s vibe to me (especially since they come in such vibrant, 80s-friendly shades). Again, I haven't seen any other glitter/sparkle-free textured polishes on the market (please correct me if I'm wrong!), so I find these pretty unique (especially for the drugstore). 

This limited edition collection is available at Meijer, Walgreens, HEB, and Fred Meyer. This collection will be hitting the majority of stores in March. The collection is also available on the Milani website here. To see what the display looks like, click here.

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. I love the color on these, but I'm a little OCD and the texture would drive me nuts!

    1. I'm a little OCD about anything textured on my nails too, but believe it or not, I'm totally OK with these! The bumps look big in close-up, but in real life they're actually very, very fine. I thought I would be constantly playing with them, but you kind of get used to it after an hour or two. Also, they don't catch in your hair anything like that (thank goodness because THAT would drive me nuts. lol!).

  2. I was wondering how hard it was to remove these and you answered my question. Thank you!

  3. I'm torn on these. The texture kind of grosses me out, but at the same time, I'm really curious to try them. I might have to pick one up just to give it a shot and have it in my stash, but I'm not sure which color to choose. I like the yellow, but it kind of makes the nails look like lemons...

    1. I think that if you're curious you should definitely try one. Keep in mind that these pics are extreme close ups, and when you see how they look in real life, it's very different. The bumps are MUCH finer than say, beach sand, and the yellow does not look like the rind of a lemon at all. Hope that helps!

    2. I expected to hate the feel of the texture, but gave it a shot with one polish, and surprisingly it didn't bug me. I'm still not sure I'm on board with the trend though, still kinda weird to me.

  4. I like the yellow mark,and the tainted in red polishes.The onther ones not so much.

  5. I wonder who will be the first company to come out with a textured top coat to make any polish have that sand paper look ?
    I'm on the fence about them, curious but not exactly. You are right - they very much have an 80s look about them somehow. I wish there was an olive green !! Ofc, I always wish there was an olive green, lol.

  6. I'm seriously on the fence about the texture trend. I *want* to love it. I want to love it as much as I (still) love crackle and magnetic... but I don't. It's not even that it bugs me on my nails (I got Spoiled in Fuchsia to give it a fair try), it's just weird. It's like goosebumps on your nails or something!

  7. These might be better than the OPI Liquid Sand. Love the aqua, I'll have to get that one.

  8. GeezI think the colors are gorgeous however all can think is it looks like your polish bubbled. I am not sure .... Thank you for the review G. Now I just have to ponder these!

  9. Hee hee! You found it fun to watch 'paint dry'!!! OK, looks like I'm going to have to purchase my Milani online because I can't find it here in Denver. And, I have to get a least one of these.

  10. Oh dear... I def prefer the smooth nail look. This looks like sand paper

  11. The only "textured" polishes from this new trend that I've been drawn to thusfar is the Zoya Pixie Dust line. I think Milani just suffered on keeping them as cremes. Kudos for being different, but I might pass on these. They were SO CHEAP at my local walgreens though!

  12. Still not for me, but I gotta say...I do like how the gray looks like wet cement, and the purple looks kinda like a grape popsicle after you suck some liquid out.

  13. I can't get over how odd they look.

    At a glace it looks like when you accidentally press semi-dry polish on your jeans/blanket/etc. and you end up with the fabric pattern on the nail.

    Which is followed by "Ugh crap! I had just finished this nail and now it's ruined...".

  14. I was so prepared to get these until drugstores here told me it was a US exclusive collection (what's new?). Just read on a blog that using a neutral textured colour (Zoya Godiva) as base for any regular nail polish and you'll have a textured look of the desired colour. I might not have to buy them all after all :)

  15. This seems like a non-glitter version of the OPI liquid sand or Zoya's Pixie Dust options. (Anyone know for sure?) These look so cool, though, that I might grab a couple when they're on sale. Love the brights, and they remind me of the 1980s. (Like, totally!) I only wish the purple was a bit lighter and more vivid, and they had a bright lime green or an olive green in the mix. Surprisingly I'm not drawn the the gray, and I always love gray.

  16. Oh, and I saw these marked for $3.99 at my corner Walgreens. Don't know if it was a misprint, or a sale, but it's better than $4.99!

  17. i want them all!! trying to hold out for a sale or the Jordana dupes to be released. i've tried OPI Liquid Sand and Zoya PixieDust. i thought the texture would bug me but it really isn't nearly as pronounced as the macro shots appear. i love that these are cremes as opposed to glitter or shimmer too.

  18. I didn't think I would go for the textured polish but I bought the black and red OPI. I can't believe how I found myself really loving it -- and boy did I get great wear from it! I work with my hands a lot and I got a GOOD 5 days wear out of it and that hardly ever happens. And no top coat! Go figure!

  19. From your photos, I kind of love them and hate them at the same time. I will have to try them. They kind of remind me of the texture of lava after it cools.

  20. Zoya has a collection like this & opi has some too...i think in the mariah collection.

  21. I picked up the teal one last night at Meijer (NW Chicago suburbs). These remind me of Nerds candy. LOL


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