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Monday, March 25, 2013

New Jordana Sweet n' Smooth Nourishing Lip Balms

Jordana (sister company of Milani) really knows how to make lip colors that appeal to my weaknesses. Remember their Rainbow Sherbet lipgloss I couldn't get enough of a few years ago (and still love)? Well now they've got these:

NEW Jordana Sweet n' Smooth Norishing Lip Balms
(retail: $1.49 each, 0.135 oz)

Keep reading for more details...

Jordana Sweet n' Smooth Nourishing Lip Balm in Tasty Watermelon

This new collection is available in eight shades and, according to Jordana, they're flavored and "lightly tinted." You can see the full ingredients list and swatches of all eight shades on the Jordana website here.

Now available on the Jordana website.

What do you think of these balms from Jordana? Think you'll give them a shot?


  1. I would def give them a shot. They remind me of the Baby Lips, which I can't bring myself to try because I find them horribly overpriced. But these at $1.50? That's what I call a 'cheap thrill'. ;-)

  2. I love tinted lip balms and I will have to check these out. Do you know what the taste of the balms are?

  3. I know I'll grab the tangerine one, because I love citrus-flavored lip balm! :)

  4. The packaging is a lot like Babylips

  5. Sweet Mango and Tropical Punch look pretty. Do you know if these will make their way to K-Mart or Walgreens?

  6. *hmm* Really loving the color of the Sweet Mango one, and I'm a sucker for mango-flavored things! :)

  7. Damn petroleum. Not only is it reportedly bad for you, but I really dislike the way lip products containing it just kinda sit on the lip rather than feeling truly moisturizing. : /

    1. Petroleum actually isn't bad for you. It just forms a barrier on top of the skin that prevents moisture from evaporating. :)

    2. I'd rather avoid ingesting/absorbing a by-product of the oil industry. I also know how it acts as a barrier, and that is exactly what I do not like about performance...I much rather have something on my skin, lips etc that nourishes and puts moisture into it, while also allowing my skin to "breathe" and eliminate toxins. I just overall rather use more natural based moisturizers such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, fruit and seed oils etc. Just a personal choice, but ofcourse on occasion if I really want a product badly enough I may break my own "rules". One rule I'll never break is keeping it cruelty-free. :)

  8. Will these be coming to stores?

  9. The first thing I thought..."Baby Lips much?" Love this price point though! I have to say that I have a basket full of Chanel Glossimers but do you know what I reach for most? Jordana! Go figure!

  10. Intrigued. I hope these have a bit better color payoff than the Maybelline Baby Lips. I love those, but do wish they had a bit more impact.

  11. Its annoying of how many are copying baby lips!

  12. I posted this on the you tell me page a month ago and still havent found these anywhere.

  13. These have such cute packaging and I like the price. I am satisfied with all the Jordana products I have used so far, but I have not tried their line of lip products. This looks like a good place to start!


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