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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spotted: New Wet n Wild Limited Edition Coloricon Toppings Collection

There seems to be a sudden resurgence of China Glaze Prismatic-type glitters hitting the drugstores right now. First we got the Sinful Colors Almost Famous collection, and now this one, from Wet n Wild! 

Reader Vick was kind enough to share some pics of the new limited edition Wet n Wild collection with us, which she spotted at Walgreens recently. Take a peek:

image credit: Vick for Nouveau Cheap
New Wet n Wild Coloricon Toppings Collection
(retail: $2.99 each)

If these look familiar to you, you're probably remembering the Wet n Wild Be Jeweled Collection from Spring 2012. They do seem similar, except that these new polishes are in adorable little lollipop bottles, and I don't see a blue-toned shade in this collection (although I could be wrong!). Also, it appears that there are gold and green shade in the Toppings collection (no gold or green in the Be Jeweled Collection). 

Have you spotted this collection in your area yet? Thoughts?

Thanks so much for the awesome sighting and pics, Vick! 


  1. I haven't seen these yet, but I can't wait. I was looking at the Covergirl Nail Art or something..the one that is double ended and they are nearly 10.00! I have a ton of polish and I bet these would be a great inexpensive alternative to those CG ones. I'll have to get a few to review on my blog.

  2. I wonder if that "stick" detaches from the brush. Looks like it might be hard to use. Very pretty colors though.

    1. Great polish. Yes, the little sticker remove easily and the polishes stand very well. I loved this glitter.

  3. I got 3 of these today - as far as I can tell- the handle does not detach. The bottles are small-ish, .33 ml and the shape makes them awkward. That said, they are super pretty. I'm not positive, but I think they are a re-issue of the Be jeweld collection from last year. There are 6 shades in total. The lollipop thing is cute, but the shape is really impractical, imo.

    They are for sure worth seeking out if you missed out on the China Glaze, or the BeJeweld ones tho, as the colors are soooo pretty, color shifty and sparkly !

  4. While these look pretty, the bottle is just not practical. They would never fit in my Helmer without sitting them on their side. Thankfully I have the Prismatics and the WnW's from last year, so I'm sure I can skip these ones.

  5. Oh my! These are adorable! But I agree, the design seems obnoxiously impracticable. Absolutely adorable design. They could make a great addition to a gift.

  6. I saw them and brought one and tried and loved it. The one I got was called Sprinkled with Love and it gives on a bluish teal tint and purple tint in certain lighting. With the right lighting you'll see the gold tint too. Tonight I stopped and got another Gimme Some Suga can't wait to try it :)

  7. I purchased 2 of these tonight and I am in love with them. The bottles are adorable although on the small side.. I swatched the colors I bought on some fake nails I had handy and I def. reccomend Confections of a bake-aholic which is silver with tiny rainbow sparkles. It's gorgeous on the nail. Just like in the bottle. I also picked up Frosted Over which is the the one with the aqua/purple sheen to it. It's very pretty on the nail, only swatched it one coat. I would love to buy more if I get the chance!

  8. I bought two of them.. Confessions of a bake-aholic (silver with rainbow glitter) and Frosted Over (aqua/purple tint) and I'm in love with them. They are gorgeous. I didn't have the money to buy more, but I want to if I can later.

  9. I picked up all of these today! I couldn't help it! They looked so cute and I'm still bitter I could never find the Be Jeweled collection at any local store last year.


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