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Monday, February 4, 2013

New from Bodycology: Tropical Mist Collection

A huge thanks to reader Meagan for the heads-up that, in addition to their new Sweet Love collection,  Bodycology has released three new tropical body mists:
New Bodycology Tropical Body Mist Collection (retail: $3.97 each)
Bahama Berry, Cabo Coconut, Miami Mango

According to their Facebook page, these were on sale at Target over the weekend, but I'm not sure if the Tropical Body Mist Collection is a Target-exclusive (but I'd probably check there first if you're interested in these, though).  Bodycology also has a $1 off coupon on their Facebook page (good for any Bodycology product).

Have you spotted these in stores yet? Thoughts?

Thanks so much for the heads-up, Meagan!


  1. How awesome, the coconut one is drawing my attention, I love anything "Hawaiian/sweet/tropical" scents! I wonder how long lasting these are?

  2. Looks like they're going for the Bath and Body Works Look ;D

  3. Shameless knockoff of the Bath and Body Works ones. I love their Rio Rumberry so I wonder if Bahama Berry will smell similar!

  4. *hmm* Coconut AND a mango one... sold!

  5. Wow, I know Bodycology likes to do B&BW "inspired" products, but this release is such a blatant rip! B&BW: Rio Rumberry, purple packaging; Aloha Coconut, blue packaging; Bali Mango, orange packaging. I'd pass just on principle! :\

  6. I've been to 2 different Target stores recently and haven't seen these yet. (I swear my brain is wired to check the cosmetics and bath & body aisles everytime I'm in Target). But some other Bodycology stuff was on clearance, probably to make room for these scents. I really want to sniff the Cabo Coconut.

  7. Is Bodycology owned by Bath & Body Works? I was at B&BW this weekend and saw tons of tropical-inspired product. Or are we in for a big coconut year?

  8. Good gravy!!! Talk about potential for copyright infringement, wow. BBW does the work and Bodycology just copies it? SMH. Fail.

  9. I saw these at my local Walmart (I'm in northern Illinois) over the weekend.


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