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Friday, February 8, 2013

Maybelline Limited Edition Pop Sticks: Reissued?

Thanks to reader Katlyne for leaving a comment on the You Tell Me page today (I'm aware that this page has hit 200+ comments and is not loading properly for some of you--I will be creating a new page this week. Thanks for your patience!) about these "new" Maybelline lipsticks that are popping up at Rite Aid.

Here's the deal: Back in the Summer of 2011, Maybelline released a limited edition collection of translucent lip colors called Pop Sticks (Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm dupes) that looked like this:

  image credit: Maria for Nouveau Cheap
SUMMER 2011 Maybelline Limited Edition Shine Sensational Pop Sticks

image credit: Jess for Nouveau Cheap

Just recently, reader Katlyne and a handful of other readers have reported spotting Pop Sticks at Rite Aid. As of right now, I don't know if the shades being spotted NOW are the exact same shades that were released in 2011, but they're definitely called Pop Sticks and they're Limited Edition.

The original collection (above) came in four shades: Pink Lollipop, Rasberry Ice, Citrus Slice, Fruit Punch. If you have spotted Pop Sticks recently, I'd love if you could confirm if the shades are the same as the Summer 2011 shades, or different.

To see my original post from July 2011 with swatches and more info, click here.

Thanks so much, Katlyne, and everyone else, for reporting this sighting!


  1. these look awesome! I missed them the first time so hopefully they will arrive at walgreens soon! We don't have rite aids where I live ):

  2. So freakin cute I'd almost pay $6 for basically clear lip balm! If they added SPF I probably would do it.

  3. I had a handful of stuff so I only reached up to look at one, but it was definately the shade "rasberry ice"

  4. Ugh. These sucked. :( The way they sat on the lips was really unpleasant, plus they were in no way moisturizing. I don't think that I even got any color out of Raspberry ice. I think I'll skip them this time around.

    1. i agree! i found these a couple of months ago on clearance at bed bath & beyond and they had a tester out, so i tried it on the back of my hand and it was nothing. i wouldnt even pay the $1.25 BB&B was asking in their clearance bin for them. they were pointless. and there is NO WAY that model in the advert is ONLY wearing that product on her lips! the one i tested was super neon and bright in the tube but swatched clear. totally false advertising. #shameonyoumaybelline #falseadvertising

  5. Aw, I wasn't too excited about this reissue. I don't remember seeing these at drugstores by my place, so I don't expect to see them this time around. On a slightly unrelated note, I kind of wish Maybelline would reissue the Cool Effects Eyeshadow Jumbo pencils - those were my favorite back in high school!

  6. They still have the old ones at my local K-Mart.

  7. Mlle, ive seen a few shades of those at my local dollar stores and sometimes big lots!

    and as far as those lippies go, i have one and its barely used even though i loved the sheer wash the scent was very plastic and made me nauseous.

  8. I saw these in Albertson's of all places tonight

  9. Sorry but there is NO WAY the model in the ad campaign is only wearing one of the Pop Sticks... Maybe she is wearing it overtop of some lipstick, but these DO NOT give that kind of color. I have all 4 of them and they are really like a clear gloss with a slight tint of sheer color.


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