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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Palmer's Eventone BB Cream: now at Target

Ever since my original post last July about the new BB creams from Palmer's, I've been looking for them (I've heard from some of you who have able to find this line at Walmart). I don't often shop at Walmart, so I've been scouring Target and all the drugstores for this new line but to no avail. So I'm delighted to tell you that reader Melissa spotted the Palmer's Eventone BB creams at her local Target! Take a peek:

image credit: Melissa for Nouveau Cheap
Palmer's Eventone BB Cream in Fair/Light
(retail: $8.99 at Target, 1.0 oz)

Keep reading for more info...

image credit: Melissa for Nouveau Cheap

Melissa confirmed that the other shade in this range, Medium/Dark, was also available at Target. I was surprised to hear that these are priced at $8.99, since the original information I posted back in July had these priced at $12.94.  For more info, click here to view my original post.

Melissa said that she hasn't yet tried this product on her face, but that Fair/Light appeared to be colorless when she swatched it on her arm, leading her to believe this is more of a treatment type of product. Interesting...

Have you spotted/tried the new Palmer's Eventone BB Cream yet? Thoughts?

Thanks again, Melissa, for the pics and for letting us know this is now available at Target!


  1. i'm actually pretty pleased with the coverage i get from this, it's the SMELL i can't stand. very strong and persistent. it could also be a bit more hydrating.

  2. Wish the spf was a bit stronger! But I'm interested to see you review this

  3. Cocoa butter is HIGHLY comedogenic - so. Not putting it on my face and wondering why it's in there.

    1. Cocoa butter is Palmers' "thing" which is probably why they squeezed it in there...

  4. Hmmm. Curious about this one. But I still have a couple other BB creams I'm working my way through, and I think I'll want to try the Physicians Formula before this, especially if the smell is too strong.

  5. Is EVERY brand going to come out with a BB cream?

    1. I asked my Magic-8-Ball and it said "Outlook good." So hopefully at least one of them will eventually get it right, you know?

  6. I have had this for several months. Also got it from Target. I do not like it at all. I think it is OK for a very sheer tint (very sheer) but that is about it. I would not recommend it unless you really like Palmers and are not looking for coverage. I also think that the amount is really small for the price. I was wayyyyy disappointed.


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