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Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Nyx Wonder Pencils

New from Nyx, take a peek at the Wonder Pencil collection (available this month):

New Nyx Wonder Pencils
Left to right: Light, Medium, Deep
(retail: $4.50, 0.04 oz)
Introducing the Wonder Pencil…It’s the essential pencil that will meet all of your beauty desires! Conquer the 3 important makeup deeds with one product – conceal, brighten, and line! Use this pencil as a lip liner and an eye brightener inside your water line. Get that impeccable look naturally. Available in 3 shades to match your skin tone flawlessly.

What it is: Multi-functional Wonder Pencil that conceals, brightens and lines.

What it does: This product has the ability to hide blemishes, acts as a lip liner to prevent your favorite lip color from bleeding and is an eyeliner that brightens your eyes once you apply it on the water line.

Why we love it: It’s the pencil that we can’t live without! It saves us from imperfections, feathering lip color and livens up our eyes!

- artist tips / suggested use -

How to use: Use the Wonder Pencil as a concealer, simply apply the pencil onto your
imperfections and blend with a brush or clean fingers. To use it as a lip liner, line the
outside of your lips and then fill in with the Wonder Pencil to make your lip color pop.
Lastly, to brighten your eyes, line the water line and illuminate your look.

LIGHT - Matte, light skin tone
MEDIUM - Matte, medium skin tone
DEEP - Matte, deep skin tone
Available this month on the Nyx website.


  1. This looks neat. Reminds me of my fav HG mufe concealer pencil. Wonder if it covers well. Can't wait to see it. :)

  2. With all these new NYX products coming out, I wonder if that is why the NXY display at my Ulta has been looking VERY bare these past few months? Nearly every product gone! Or maybe it's just my Ulta or the holiday, regardless I can't wait to get my hands on these new goodies! Thanks G! = )

  3. Looks interesting but I hope that people have the brains to use separate pencils for lining around lips and waterlines... I don't believe in sharing stuff like that on my face!

  4. You could always wipe the pencil with alcohol before using on the eyes.

  5. It looks like a great product :) I wish NYX was more easily available in EU...

  6. This looks really interesting! I'll definitely have to pick one up! :)

  7. I love that they've finally come out with a dupe for the MAC chromagraphic nude pencils! I was almost about to blow $15 on one until I saw this and the rimmel eye pencil in nude!

    1. Me too! I had hoped the Rimmel nude would be released out here. Had seen it in some UK blogs:)

  8. I'm so glad they finally came out with a dupe for the MAC chromagraphic eye pencils! With the description it sounds like they came up with an exact dupe since the chromagraphic pencils are meant to be concealers as well.

  9. Oh my. Please test for wear on the waterline.

  10. I'm am totally excited to try some of these NYX Wonder Pencils (light & medium) because I love using the little concealer pencils that come in the package with the Glamoflauge concealer by Hard Candy. I use it around my lips, on spot blemishes, and to clean up underneath my eyebrows. As far as I know you cannot buy the Hard Candy pencil separately and they are so tiny that it's easy to use them up real quick.

  11. Interesting. I can't wait to find these and try one out. I have been reading about the brightener for the waterline.

  12. G, are you planning to review these at some point? Can't wait to hear your take on them!

  13. Bought one of these!!! LOVE IT!

  14. I really really really want to try this one but the lightest shade is always sold out...i need to constantly check their site to see the availability!


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