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Monday, December 3, 2012

Spotted: New Revlon Top Speed Spellbound Hypnotizing FX For Nails Collection and more...

Stephanie Louise of All Things Beautiful just spotted some brand new Revlon collections and was nice enough to share some pics with us. First up, the new Top Speed Spellbound polishes:

image credit: Stephanie Louise for Nouveau Cheap
 New Revlon Top Speed Spellbound Hypnotizing FX For Nails

Keep reading for pics and details...

image credit: Stephanie Louise for Nouveau Cheap

This collection contains two new glitter top coats (gold and silver). One contains heart-shaped glitter while the other contains moon and star-shaped glitter (judging by the photo, it looks like there's some holo glitter in each shade). There are also six new Top Speed polish shades in this display (new according the red labels, but these colors look familiar to me so I'm not sure how new they are?).

Also, it doesn't look like it says "limited edition" on this display, so hopefully that means these are permanent additions to the Top Speed line.

Stephanie Louise also spotted the new Diamond Collection:

image credit: Stephanie Louise for Nouveau Cheap
New Revlon Diamond Collection

This collection contains sparkly nail files, eyelash curlers, slanted tweezers and makeup bags.

What do you think of those glitter top coats? Will you be purchasing either of them when you spot them at the drugstore?

Thanks so much, Stephanie Louise, for the great sightings and pics!


  1. Star, moon, and heart-shaped glitters? Also might be holo? BUY ALL THE GLITTERS!

  2. I put swatches up on the blog today, they're both lovely! & holo!

  3. Def getting glitter top coats tomorrow! Lol!

  4. Where did she spot these??? I need the glitter top coats NOW!!!

  5. Yes, I'll probably buy these glitter top coats!

  6. I may buy these at some point. But quite frankly I was at Ulta over the weekend and the Essence display had quite a few glitter polished that were either hearts or stars. I don't recall them being Hologram but still for the price I think I woul tend to buy those.

  7. I found these in my local HEB of all places. I immediately grabbed up both glitter polishes. The gold one is hearts and yes, tiny gold holo glitters. The silver one has a mix of crescent moons, stars, diamonds, and the tiny silver holo glitters suspended in a clear base. They are soo pretty!

  8. Too cute. That would be awesome if one could find these at Walgreens with that nail polish deal they have going on this week.

  9. Where are these sold????? I haven't seen them yet at either Target, Walmart, or CVS, but I assume they may not be stocked yet. Could you let us know where they WILL be sold?

  10. I saw both these displays at HEB too, in addition to the new Revlon BB cream display.

    The bottles on the Top Speed display all had numbers on the stickers, so looks like they are core.

    The tearpad on the Diamond display nets you the makeup bag free if you buy 2 of the beauty tools.

  11. I saw them yesterday at CVS, so keep your eyes open for display :) CVS also had a BOGO 50% going on for all Revlon products. I also got a gorgeous teal polish (590 Trendy) which seems to be new? I cannot find any info on Revlon's website or on any blogs.

  12. I swear I still haven't seen these anywhere. Ugh

  13. Oh Im so excited! I must have them--even if the top speed ones take twice as long to dry on my nails.


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