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Friday, December 21, 2012

Five Buck Friday (Special Holiday Edition)

Since this is my last Five Buck Friday post before Christmas, and the holidays are the Season of Giving, I thought I'd do something a little different this week.

In this series, I usually suggest to you Nouveau Cheap-approved products that will set you back a grand total of five bucks. Well, if you follow me on Facebook, then you know that I'm participating in the 26 Acts of Random Kindness movement to honor the victims in Connecticut. If you don't know what this is, you basically perform 26 random acts of kindness to honor each victim. For more info, check out the Facebook page here. And I really, really urge you to click here to see some beautiful examples of what people across the country are doing (warning: have a tissue on hand in case you tear up--I know I did).

Critics of this movement say that we should be kind ALL of the time, not just now. And my response is always, "I agree. But what's wrong with being EXTRA kind right now?"  I'm not trying to preach about this or convince you to commit random acts of kindness. It's a personal choice and I respect if you don't want to participate. 

But if you do, here are five suggestions and, just like with my usual Five Buck Friday posts, the grand total for these random acts of kindness will set you back five bucks.

1) Take four quarters and leave them in gumball machines at your local grocery store, drugstore etc. Imagine the smile it will bring to a child's face when he or she goes to get a gumball or toy and sees that there's already a quarter in the machine.

2) Go to the card section of your local Target, drugstore, etc. and leave a dollar in a $0.99 sympathy card. If someone's taking the time to send a sympathy card to someone, why not brighten their day by giving them the card for free? (I got this idea from reader Kelly on Facebook--this is what she did for act #26. I thought it was such a beautiful gesture that I told her I was stealing the idea!)

3) The next time you're at the dollar store, hand the person in line ahead of you a dollar (this works best if the person is only buying one thing, but even if they're buying several items, at least they'll get one for free!).

4) Leave four quarters in the washer or dryer in your laundry room or local laundromat.

5) Buy a $0.99 thank you card and give it to your favorite employee at the drugstore (you know you have one!). Take the time to tell him or her exactly why you think they're awesome.

You don't have to be a millionaire to spread a little love and joy. Pay it forward, any way you can. Hugs and smiles are free!

G. xo


  1. I love the quarters in the candy machines. :) There is an android app called 'DoGood' and you use it to tally in your good deeds. It's free and makes me feel really good.

  2. Those are some wonderful ideas. Thanks so much G!

  3. Lovely ideas. Went out today to do some errands and believe me.. there are a lot of people out there who need a lesson in kindness.

  4. These are such cute ideas!

    On time, I was buying this second hand coat at Value Village - it was Gap and gorgeous and I was pretty excited about my find. I was even more excited when I found a dollar in the pocket of the coat! One dollar off my coat!

  5. These are great ideas! I remember as a kid I would get excited to see a coin in the gumball machine. (This brings a smile to my face)

  6. Thanks for the wonderful ideas! Those simple acts can be really powerful. I was really moved that I had a student give me Christmas treats even though I'm just a substitute teacher/band helper. I thought it was really sweet that she thought of me. :-)

  7. Absolutely beautiful, G! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Nouveau Cheap...a beautiful blog, inside and out. Such a heartwarming FBF. Thank you. Happy holidays, and a happy healthy new year to all! :)


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