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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Wednesday Question

Share a funny holiday story with us (it doesn't necessarily have to be about Thanksgiving).

I can't remember if it was Thanksgiving or Christmas, but when my little brother and I were kids (I think he was about five, which would make me ten), he had this tiny, plastic wind-up car. We were playing around with it and noticed that when you cranked it up and let it go, if you held the car up to your cheek, it made your skin tickle. So we were doing this to each other for a while and laughing about it, when we decided to do it to my dad. But instead of holding it to my dad's cheek, for some odd reason, we decided to hold it on the top of his head (he was sitting at the dinner table at the time). Well, little did we know that when the wind-up mechanism started moving, it grabbed my dad's hair and started winding his hair up into the car itself. After about two seconds, my dad starts yelling, and my brother and I look at each other and realize we're in deep trouble. My dad, who's over 6ft tall, had this tiny little wind-up car stuck to the top of his head, and he was ANGRY. But the fact that it looked so ridiculous made my brother and I laugh even harder, which was clearly the wrong thing to do (we couldn't help it). I don't remember exactly how we got the car out of his hair that day, but I'll be sure to ask them tomorrow and see if they remember. It still cracks me up just thinking about it...


  1. LOL That's hilarious!

    Mine isn't a memory of mine, but a story about me that gets told every xmas. When I was three, my parents got me my first Barbies. In the "celebrate diversity" spirit, they got me the blond, brunette, black, Asian, etc...all of the variety '85 had to offer. I unwrapped them...then looked at my parents....back to the dolls...back at my parents. Finally I asked "Does Santa know I'm white?" They still chuckle about it.

    The Asian one wound up being my favorite. :D She was the prettiest, even after one of the cats ate her feet off.

  2. OMG LIKE THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!!!!! A couple of years ago my little sister got a zhu zhu pet for christmas (its like a little hamtser that runs around) and she put it on top of my head when it was on and my hair got stuck inside of the hamster and my mom had to pull it out of my hair and it hure like crap and it pulled out a big chunk of hair!! i was so mad!

  3. I don't remember it but my mom says she used to ask me what I want for christmas and being the daddies girl I am I guess I used to say... "I want what my daddy wants me to have" haha :) happy thanksgiving!

  4. hahahayou made us lol.. happy thanksgiving...

  5. Your story made me laugh hysterically! I kind of have a story like that, but in reverse. One Christmas when I was probably six or seven, someone (maybe me, maybe my dad) got a remote control car. I had loooooooong hair, past my waist, and I was laying on the floor next to the tree, as you do. My dad was driving the car around while sitting on the couch. He drove the car over my hair. (Not on purpose! Our carpet was brown, as is my hair.) I don't know if I screamed or not but my mum was PISSED. The little wheels were so clogged up with hair I don't think we ever got it all out!

    Hope your Thanksgiving is tasty and fun!

  6. OMG! Thanks for the laugh...I sure needed that! I hope your dad can laugh about it now. Great story!!!


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