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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Wednesday Question

Tell us about your makeup journey. When did you first start wearing makeup? How have your makeup preferences evolved over the years?  Do you tend to stick with the products and colors you know and love, or do you enjoy experimenting with the next new thing?


  1. My make-up journey? I'm a late bloomer. I didn't used to wear make-up, powder (which was the wrong shade, I realized much later), and lipstick. I was intimidated. Watching and reading tutorials and reviews has helped me a lot.

  2. I started wearing makeup in high school but unfortunately it wasn't often because eyeshadow would slide off my eyes so I would get discouraged. Then college came around and so did youtube. lol. Got some great information from the gurus and my makeup obsession has grown. I think the main experiment that I have done is with pigments. Still trying to get them to stay on my eyes without creasing. I've tried high end makeup and drugstore. Still growing and learning. I usually stick to something... anything that works for my skin type because it's so oily.

  3. I have always loved makeup, probably started in 5th grade. I used to love the Maybelline Shine Free products, electric blue mascara with blue eyeliner and Kissing Coolers. Now, I wear mainly neutrals.

  4. I started "doing" make up in high school because I was a theater kid (theater, choir AND dance. If it put me on a stage. I was there) but I didn't start wearing make up regularly until the college.

    Since I started off doing crazy, stage make up, I love experimenting and playing with my look but I do have some go-tos if I'm in a hurry. Product wise, once I find something I love I tend to stick with it unless something better AND cheaper comes along. For example, I'm pretty sure I'm never going to be buying another high-end lip stick or gloss because I've found some amazing drugstore ones.

  5. I was around 11 when I 1st started wearing makeup. Just started out with powder, blush, and lipstick. 8th grade was when I started wearing eye makeup. I've always loved makeup and trying new things with it. When I was really young I remember playing with my mom's makeup even though she didn't have much because she wasn't much into makeup. I didn't get my makeup obsession from her, that's for sure! I used to work at a Merle Norman Cosmetics studio as a makeup artist and I have my Esthetician license. Beauty products are my passion! I love playing with bright colors and new products. Eyshadows are my favorite.

  6. Lipgloss was always just a whatever whenever thing since I was little.
    Started out with just powder when I was 12.
    Moved on to eyeliner too(only wore it on the lower lashline too. *facepalm*)toward 13. In that same year I was obsessed with colorful liners.
    14-ish I started wearing Revlon colorstay as a concealer.
    At age 15, I started breaking out from puberty, so more experimenting with foundations. The WnW coloricon stuff just came out, so I jumped on that. (I've been obsessed with eyeshadow since.
    For the next 3 years I've expanded to EVERYTHING... And Now I have and addiction... xD

  7. I started out with lipbalms and lipglosses around age 10. Started to wear mascara and a few single-shade eyeshadows when I was around 14, and also got into glitter. By college I was wearing foundation and concealer and eye makeup, and experimenting with lip and cheek products. i also got hooked on eyelash curlers and skincare around then.

    I'd say the changes are that i typically wear sheerer, more luminous foundations than i used to. i never wore much cheek product,but now i either contour or blush or both daily. also, i usually use 2-4 eyeshadows in a basic eye look, which my younger self didn't know how to do. (my younger self used too-pale base and purple shimmer lipstick, so...) Also, my use of brushes has evolved though generally i still like to do my base with my fingers.

    i have a few standby looks for church, events, etc, but i LOVE colour and i adore experimenting and trying to refine my technique.

  8. When I was 12 my older brother went into the army and I was heartbroken. My mom took me shopping and bought me a mascara and some Bonnie Bell cheek tint thinking I may finally stop crying. Little did she know what she awakened in me! During the 80's I did that typically over made up look running the gamut from heavy eye make up to contouring and dark lips. Then when I became a stay at home mom in the 90s I still made up my face daily but definitely developed a very natural look that I continue today. I do still like to experiment with trends a lot too!

  9. I started wearing makeup last year, my freshmen year of college. I know, I'm probably a late bloomer in terms of makeup, but when I was younger in high school/middle school, I had a slightly negative view on makeup. I felt like makeup was used to hide yourself and I associated makeup with being fake. Now, this was in high school when girls would come to school with raccoon eyes like they were going to hit the club so that probably contributed to my negativity. But somehow towards the end of senior year (when I wanted to wear makeup for senior prom) I found myself watching "beauty gurus" on YouTube and reading beauty blogs. All of a sudden, I saw that makeup could be used to enhance beauty, not a means to hide. I've amassed a decent makeup collection since then (mostly drugstore for this college student) and I tend to stick to the same things, but I'm still in the learning process and I love trying new products.

  10. I was always drawn to makeup, eyeing my mom's stash when I was a little kid. In eighth grade my mom let me wear a bit of makeup, probably some tinted lip balm or something, and it just escalated from there. I have some standby products, but I love to experiment with colors. Find a good sale, what better way is there to play around without breaking the bank?

  11. I started wearing makeup in high school, but I didn't really get into it until recently, a couple years after college. I have gone from drugstore makeup to high end makeup to a current mix of the two. I have grown to prefer more neutral/natural looks. I fail at eye makeup, no matter how many Tiffany D. videos I watch.

  12. I started with Bonne Bell lipsmackers in Jr. High, then graduated to grey eyeliner in high school. I tried to use blush, but it wasn't successful so I just stuck to a smidge of eyeliner right through college. After that it was neutrals, neutrals, and more neutrals. I didn't want my make-up to stand out in any way...

    I actually didn't start wearing bright colors until my mid-40s... I'm much more confident now than I ever was in my 20s. Now I wear bright eyeliners or bold lipsticks. It's fun!

  13. I grew up with a mother who never wore any makeup but lipstick. When I entered high school, I discovered mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss and fell in love with them! They've always been staples, but I'd occasionally have a lipstick or powder around too. My makeup stash didn't explode until the end of last year when I discovered beauty blogs and YouTube makeup gurus. I was going through tough emotional times and makeup was, and still is, a welcome diversion. It's fun to come up with different looks and discover what looks good on me.

  14. I started off with Lip Smackers and Bonne Bell in my early teens, but I couldn't wear real makeup until I turned 16. I went to CVS and spent $50 on makeup, which was a lot back then, and spent the next few weeks experimenting. I had jobs where I had to have natural makeup so I just stuck to black eyeliner, brown shadows and nude lip glosses. I did try out foundations and blushes, but my skin color is NW55, and let's just say makeup wasn't as colorful as it is now! Once the L'oreal Hip line came out I became hooked on color! I got serious about sunscreen and skin care in college. In the past few years thanks to Youtube and blogs, I went from having one travel bag of makeup to a whole vanity area. I like to try new things a lot so I pretty much stick with drugstore products, but I do have a fair amount of MAC and some high end stuff thanks to a friend who works at Sephora(no palettes, though!)


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