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Sunday, November 25, 2012

So I got a new camera...

Not perfect, but getting better...

So my dad gave me a new camera the other day (THANKS, Dad!!) and it's pretty darned fancy. He used to photograph professionally and it's one of his older Nikons, which still blows the socks off the two cameras I was using before (I mean, ridiculously blows the socks off my old cameras.)

It's going to take me a while to dial things in (literally), but the pic above was one of the photos that I think looks pretty decent after hours of experimenting with different settings and lighting scenarios yesterday (my full review of that polish coming this week).

I'm taking the rest of the day to get myself better acquainted with my new camera, and also I just plain need a break from blogging. The drugstore sales for this week will be up either tonight or tomorrow. I'm sorry but after the constant Black Friday/Cyber Monday round-up updates, I need to take a little break from the bloggy-blog and "step away from the mouse" for just a bit.

Thanks to everyone who continues to leave comments and updates on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Round-up (and also on the You Tell Me page). If you haven't checked the comments on those posts lately, there are new sales and info that I have not added to the round-up there. Oh, and if you know of any additional Cyber Monday sales, please do leave your info on this post (I appreciate that so much!).

Hope you're all enjoying what's left of the holiday weekend! I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully with prettier pictures than you're used to seeing around here).

G. xo


  1. Have fun with the new camera, G! Hope you had a good holiday.

    Thanks for all the BF/CM updates too. ^^

  2. yay! i need a new camera... the one i was using got messed up & now i do everything with my phone, so not the best quality! specially now that i'm more dedicated to my blog & thinking of doing videos..

  3. Oh how exciting!! I love new trinkets :)

  4. congrats on your new camera!!

  5. Yay, have fun with the new camera! I'm jealous - I've been wanting a DSLR! :)

    Definitely take a break, you deserve it.

  6. I think the pic looks really good! So fun to get a new camera!

  7. If a pro photographer uses Nikon. I'm going to check them out.

  8. If anyone deserves a blogging break its so you!! Enjoy your time off but don't take too long - i need my NC and can't wait to see pics from the new camera!

  9. Hi G,

    I am one of your regular readers and want to take this moment to say thanks.

    You are a one-woman show who dedicates her time, effort and expertise to helping us indulge in our favorite hobby and pastime. Reading your posts every day is a moment I take for myself, so no need to say sorry today taking a break today. You deserve it and more.

    Thanks for providing us with so much information, so much fun, and so much entertainment. Have fun playing with your new camera. New toys are always so much fun :)

  10. Hi! I'm one of your readers that suggested trying a new camera a while back, and I'm so excited for you and looking forward to more great content. Thank you for all your hard work!

  11. Congrats on your new camera! What kind did you get?


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