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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Please (please!) don't forget Small Business Saturday

With all the commotion regarding Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I want to take a moment to remind that you Saturday, 11/24, is Small Business Saturday.

Small businesses are the backbone of this country, and even though I'm sure many of you (myself included) make it a point to shop at local mom and pops on a regular basis for a variety of goods and services, I love that there's a day devoted to bringing even more awareness to the small businesses in our communities. Speaking as someone who tends to get wrapped up in drugstores deals and the like on a frequent basis, it's really important for me to achieve a balance and be a patron to small businesses on a regular, consistent basis.

Please consider making all of your purchases from small businesses in your local community this Saturday. It's wonderful to know that your purchases will contribute directly to your local economy, and who knows? You just might discover some amazing new products or services along the way.

Suggestions for Saturday: 
  • Buy a (real) book from your local used bookstore (I guarantee they'll appreciate it).
  • Seek out local candle and soap makers in your area and buy a beautiful, handmade gift for someone.
  • Get your hair done at a local, independently-owned salon (you totally deserve it).
  • Visit Yelp for ideas about tasty mom-and-pop places to eat in you area.
  • Have some pants you've been meaning to get hemmed for a while now? Take them to a local alterations shop on Saturday and finally make those suckers wearable.
  • And my favorite: visit your local indie bakery and buy some beautiful bread or pastries (and send some to me, please!)

Need help finding local businesses in your community? You can start here.

Are there some great local businesses in your area that you'd like to highlight and encourage others to visit on Saturday (or any other day of the week)? Leave a comment on this post and fill us in!


  1. If you have an American Express card you can register it on and they will give you a 25 dollar credit for making at least a 25 dollar purchase at a Small Business on Saturday, 11/24

  2. Don't forget independent and small studio artists!

    A lot of us have websites where you can buy prints of artwork you like, or commission us for something special and personal, or we have etsy or zazzle shops to buy gifts with fun artwork on them.

    Mine, for instance:

  3. I would encourage everyone to check out Bobeam Products of Etsy. She is a local (Dc Metro Area) soap maker that makes FANTASTIC solid shampoo bars!!! She is a great cult following, is a very sweet and humble person, and again, her products totally rock.

    Her Etsy shop is
    If you like this facebook page ( is an exclusive coupon code for 15% off her prices.

  4. as a small business owner I am so happy that you posted this. I hope you are not upset if I place my website Im a small vegan bath and body company that also sells soy candles. I get beat out every year because of the black friday ordeal. thank you G for having a great site with lots of info.

  5. Thank you! There are so many wonderful small businesses out there! And don't forget your independent service providers -- your hair stylist, your nail lady, and your local henna artist (of which I'm one).

  6. Thank you for your support of small businesses!

  7. I'm so excited that you posted this!!! I have an Etsy shop and I'm hoping I get some sales on Saturday!!! I think it's great that a day has been devoted to small business peeps.

  8. Great idea to give small businesses a nod. There's no better place to find something unique and often without all the dreaded (for me) Black Friday hassle.

  9. super post! I am spending the afternoon at a quirkly local fabric store/sewing studio learning some skills and picking up some awesome fabric. I will make sure to swing by and grab some dinner from our favorite local place and see if I can squeeze in those errands you mentioned.
    Personally I'm staying inside Friday-- it's just too insane for me.

  10. Oh, I love this post!

    Yelp is awesome! (I'm not just saying that because they hosted my wedding! No joke!) There are more than just restaurant reviews on there. I've found some really great salons through Yelp.

    Our local community (Boston!) is actually having a shop local event to promote shopping locally that starts 11/23 through December 12/23, but I have no idea what other regions do. Yelp is a great source to find out about local events in your area too. If you have an active local community (like most big cities would), you'll be able to find a list of upcoming events on the front page!

    Don't forget to go to your indie movie theaters! There are some great ones still around probably playing movies you'll never hear about unless you're a movie buff!

    This time of year a lot of local arts & crafts fairs might be popping up in your area! Check them out! So many cool locally handmade things like jewelry, ornaments, awesome graphic tees, soap & so much more!

    Some great Boston/Cambridge businesses:
    -When Pigs Fly (Delicious bread!)
    -Magpie (Indie boutique with tons of interesting didn't know you needed knickknacks)
    -Harvard Bookstore/Brookline Booksmith
    -Black Ink (another knickknack store with a lot of useful & interesting things to see, including Japanese household cleaning items)
    -Cambridge Antique Market (it's like walking into eBay/museum/back in time!)

  11. I live in Phoenix. Nothing but chain stores out here. I will hit up Etsy though.


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