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Monday, November 26, 2012

Coming in January: New TRESemme Keratin Smooth Collection

Well this is a first! Over the years, I've brought you new product info given to me directly from brands, and of course I've also brought you info that was found in stores, in magazines and online. But I don't recall ever giving you the heads-up about a new product that I discovered via a TV commercial...until now.

The other day, I was watching TV and saw a commercial for the new TRESemme Keratin Smooth line. Luckily I have a DVR, which means I could rewind the commercial, pause it, and snap some pics with my cell phone:

image captured via TRESemme television commercial, November 2012

I want to give props to TRESemme for putting a commercial on the air for a new product that is TRULY new and hasn't yet hit stores. Most of the time, brands seem to launch their TV marketing campaigns a month or two after we've spotted the product in stores and it isn't really "new" in the Nouveau Cheap sense of the word (you know what I mean!). While I completely understand the logic of waiting until a product is widely-distrubuted before airing a TV commercial (it makes sense that you'd want a consumer to be able to run out and buy a product immediately after seeing it on a commercial), I also think it's kind of exciting to see a TV commercial for a beauty product that hasn't come out yet. As you can see, this line debuts in January.

Keep reading for more shots of this new line...

image captured via TRESemme television commercial

The TREsemme Keratin Smooth line is "infused with keratin" and contains "lower sulfates."

 image captured via TRESemme television commercial

After a bit of research, I discovered that the TRESemme Keratin Smooth line debuted in the UK this past summer (you can click here and here for some reviews).

Are you a keratin fan? Are you excited to try these new TRESemme products next year? Have you seen this commercial on TV yet?


  1. I <3 tresemme, i always use the naturals and i have used the splitend remedy. I cant wait for this product to come out..why you guys are making me wait!!!

  2. PLEASE tell us when this keratin line will be coming out?? ACTUAL DATE. I'm holding off on buying the SUAVE keratin line that i have been using. STOKED about this PLEASE HURRY!!!

  3. Oh my gosh I cant wait to get my hands on this one.What a truley wonderfull and smart idea.Thanx Tresemme!;-)

  4. I want to try it so bad,,,I am Hispanic with thick thick thick curly hair and I always use gel and hairspray to keep my hair down and styled from grizzly and watnots,,,,the keratin treatment in da salon is very expensive,starting at $150,,and then I have to also buy the Salem kit,,Dats up to $220 every three to four months,,,I hope this new Tresseme line will help me on my own and save money,,

  5. Omg i have been to the stote a bunch already in january looking for this product since i got such thick wavy hair and have tried everything else out their and nothing works hoping this will come on guys tell us the exact date already


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