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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Limited Edition Project Runway Fall 2012 Electric Fantasie Collection Colour Riche le Gloss in 481 The Mystic's Shine

Would you like to see two of the eyeshadow quads from this collection, with swatches and dupe comparisons? Click here to check 'em out.

I hit the jackpot and found some fully-stocked L'Oreal Project Runway Fall 2012 Electric Fantasie Collection displays at my local Rite Aid, so I did a pretty major haul of everything I wanted to try based on the press photos. Rite Aid is running a sale this week (through 9/22) that is conducive to a major haul, since all L'Oreal cosmetics are BOGO1/2OFF and when you spend $30 (after the BOGO1/2OFF deduction of course), you get $10 back in +UP Rewards. So I did some damage, but I plan to use my +UP Rewards tomorrow to pick up some limited edition NYC goodies and also a few Sally Hansen Lustre Shines, so expect some reviews of those products very soon.

But today let's focus on the lip gloss I wanted from the Project Runway Electric Fantasie displays (there are four different displays in this collection). The gloss I picked up is called The Mystic's Shine, and it's from this display:

 L'Oreal Limited Edition Project Runway Fall 2012
Electric Fantasie Collection: The Wise Mystic

L'Oreal Limited Edition Project Runway Fall 2012 Electric Fantasie Collection
Colour Riche le Gloss in  481 The Mystic's Shine
(retail: around $7.95, 0.40 oz)

The glitter in this gloss is actually more pink than what you see in the pics above. I was able to get a more accurate shot taken in low lighting:

Some swatches:

This gloss is absolutely stunning viewed at certain angles. It really is eye-catching with lots of pinkish-violet glitter, and when you view it at other angles, you can see that the base color is not completely clear--it has a green cast to it:

It was nearly impossible to photograph this accurately on my lips--I tried to capture it in a zillion different forms of lighting and the best I could do was this photo:

 (excuse my super-chapped lips; the dry heat we've been having 
here in San Diego has really taken a toll on my skin)

 A deliberately blurry photo to show you how much glitter is 
actually on the lips after application. As you can see, it's not
as dense as when swatched on my hand.

Now I'd like to show you what this gloss looks like layered on top of a purple-ish lipstick. The lipstick I'm using for these photos is Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze.


After (The Mystic's Shine layered on top of Amethyst Ablaze):

You can see that it really intensifies Amethyst Ablaze and gives it a ton of extra sparkle:

Since I already reviewed a permanent shade in the le Gloss collection here, today I'm just going to review this particular color and not get into the texture, staying power, etc. If you'd like to know what I think of the le Gloss line in general, check out my original review (the short version: I really love these lipglosses).

I'm a tiny bit disappointed in this one. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but what I get from this gloss is essentially a clear base with lots of violet-pink glitter. The green cast is unique and interesting, but you can't really see green after this gloss is applied to the lips. OK, you can kind of see green on the outer corners of the lips, but only at certain angles and, after about 20 minutes, it turns into a clear gloss with lots of glitter. And then, when the gloss fades, you're left with just the glitter.

Worn as a layering shade, however, it can really bring some extra pizazz to your existing lip colors. And the sugar cookie/buttercream scent and flavor are a bonus.

FINAL VERDICT: Not as cool or unique as I had hoped, but I love le Glosses in general and this one will be fun to use for layering. It's a tiny bit gritty at first due to the glitter, but the longer it's on the lips, the less gritty it feels. I'm a little sad about this one because I had such high hopes, but the interesting green base turns into a clear base within 15-20 minutes on the lips, and then it's just a regular ol' glitter gloss. If you're a layering type of gal or guy and you're looking for a violet-pink glitter gloss to bring some intensity to your pink and purple lippies, this might be a nice one to pick up. But if you were hoping this would be a more opaque duochrome type of gloss, then I'm afraid you'll be a tad disappointed.

Have you picked up any Project Runway Electric Fantasie products yet? If so, what are your thoughts? Please check back soon because I'll be swatching/reviewing some of the eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and polishes from this collection in the days to come (I'm going to try and post them as quickly as possible since I know time is of the essence when it comes to the availability of limited edition drugstore collections).


  1. I bought the gold lipgloss - The Muse's Shine - and I like it, it's a subtle and pretty gold glitter in a clear base.

    I also got five of the nail polishes and I LOVE THEM ALL. The Mystic's Fortune is my favorite, but I think The Temptress' Power is really interesting / unique.

    I have reviews of the gloss/ nail polish on my blog, and I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on everything!

  2. I got The Queen's Shine, the darkest lip gloss. I quite like it! I stained my lips nicely after it wore off so that was a plus. :) I also bought Mystic's blush but haven't tried it.

  3. Oh wow, after seeing it on your lips I was indecisive about buying it or not but now I know I need these. Those are gorgeous!

  4. I am dying for these worse than you can imagine. They just haven't hit my state yet. :( and it's killing meeeee!

  5. I found the whole collection at bed, bath and beyond yesterday

  6. FYI, I have seen full displays of this in several cvs stores in NYC, if anyone's looking :)

  7. The name was super mouth full, wasn't it? lol I "hate" you for getting this collection with a bargain, we prob won't get it at all.

    I have been digging purple-ish lip shades lately, kinda hoped this one turned out great. Why is it so hard to make a coloured base for these glosses with good pigmentation? I got tired of sheer/ clear base with a bunch of glitters. Thanks for the review, as always, G

  8. This looks like it would be really pretty over a matte purple lipstick. It definitely looks fun in the tube.

  9. I got this (and, ahem...other stuff, too. My shame prevents me from revealing exact details. lol)

    I love this gloss!! It is my first LeGloss experience, and I am impressed with the product in general. And specifically, I love this color.

    I think you are so great and honest to tell your readers that it is essentially a clear gloss with violet-pink glitter.

    But for me, that is my favorite thing. Before I really got "into" make up in a big way, this is the sort of thing I would gravitate toward, and I wound up with a ton of glosses that looked different in the tube, but the same on my lips. Weirdly, I am OK with that. It's probably because I consider this my go-to look for when I have either a bare face, or almost a bare face.

    But for those who were hoping for something more pigmented, no. Clear gloss with sparkles is definitely what you get, regardless of how it appears in the tube.

  10. Thanks for this review! I definitely like it much better over another lipstick. :)

  11. Thanks for this review G! I love the unique glitter to it, but I don't think it's something so unique that I need to break my no-buy for! :)

  12. Is it just me, or is the Ulta link taking anyone else to a page to last year's Project Runway collection (Colors Take Flight)? Which just reminds me that I missed out on that one last year . . . :(

    1. kaymah: THANK YOU SO MUCH! Oh my goodness, I thought all this time that the collection for Fall 2012 had the same name as the collection from LAST year! lol! I just now saw that it's actually called "Electric Fantasie". So THAT explains why the page on Ulta doesn't take you to any of the actual products. They've been gone for a year now. Doh! LOL! Thank you so very, very much for setting me straight--I'm updating my post now! xo

    2. No worries!! I have a couple of gift cards to Ulta burning a hole in my wallet, so I've been watching for them to show up there.

      Good news for me though -- I popped into a random Walgreens (north Dallas) on the way home from work this evening and found a fully-stocked display. Picked up 3 polishes . . . . . if I had realized they were BOGO50% before I had walked out the door, I wouldve grabbed a 4th too. Oh well, I'm eyeing a couple of the palettes (and a couple of other polishes!), so I may have to go make another visit tomorrow.

  13. Being a lacquer addict I bought *the temptress' power* yesterday, and I'm rocking it right now. =)

  14. i saw the full displays hit some local CVS stores this week and this was one of the things i thought about getting but held off on though for LE i'm willing to flex my no-buy. i traipsed to 8 different drugstores one night and FINALLY found a full display of the Maybelline LE Fashion week colour tattoos (YAY) and bought some.

    anyways very curious to see your thoughts on the rest of the collection- i was able to resist for now but the brighter coloured shadow quads were calling quietly to me....

  15. That gloss is really strange. Definitely not a fan of glittery lips.

  16. Very cool! It looks very beautiful over Amethyst Ablaze. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find this collection at Walgreens or CVS. (And our Rite-Aid is PATHETIC.) I haven't given up hope yet, though! Thanks for the lovely swatches!


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