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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sinful Colors Citrine: beautiful, hard to find and worth all 199 pennies

Perhaps THE most sought-after drugstore nail color for this spring and summer, Sinful Colors Citrine (#1123) is part of the Sinful Color Wow Pop Collection. This shade has garnered lots of attention this year due to the fact that it resembles the much-talked-about Pantone Color Of The Year for 2012, Tangerine Tango. In fact, Pantone partnered with Sephora to create a Tangerine Tango nail color, which you can only buy in this set (retail: $17).

So if you want this it-shade and you don't want to pay $17 for it, Sinful Colors Citrine is a nice alternative at just $1.99 a bottle (if you can find it!). The Wow Pop display is still all over my local Rite Aids, and in fact I purchased Citrine just the other day (and there were two bottles left in the display after my purchase!). There must not be a lot of lacquer-heads in my area though, because I've heard this shade is impossible to find in other regions of the US, especially if you don't live near a Rite Aid (hopefully it will show up at Walgreens soon--if you have spotted it at Walgreens, please let us know!).

So not only do I have some mani pics for you, but I also have a dupe to show you (more on that in a minute).

 Sinful Colors Citrine
Milani Fresh Teal

I LOVE orange and teal together (loved that combo since the 80s!) so I thought I'd do a Scotch Tape manicure with Milani Fresh Teal on just my accent nail. The lines didn't come out as crisp as I wanted them to be,  but I did this mani late last night and wasn't really "alert" at the time. Plus, in real life, where things are not in extreme close-up, the lines do look surprisingly clean and crisp. 

(Two coats Citrine, Fresh Teal layered over accent nail, one coat Seche Vite on all nails)

This photo is the most color-accurate photo of Citrine, although in real life it's got just a drop more red to it:

And now for that dupe I told you about:

I went through every orange, coral and tamale red creme polish in my 600+ polish collection and could only fine ONE shade that closely resembled Citrine. Unfortunately, it's a limited edition shade, but it MIGHT still be available at your local Walmart! Salon Perfect Tangy Tangerine was part of the limited edition collection I swatched for you here. These polishes retail for $2.98 and are Walmart-exclusive. So hopefully you can still find it (or better yet, you already own it).

And for the record, reader Robin TOTALLY called this dupe back when I first posted swatches of Tangy Tangerine. Way to go, Robin! You've got an awesome eye, and I wish I would have remembered your comment last would have saved me hours of digging!

Here are side-by-side swatches taken in a variety of different lights:

Citrine is a hair darker than Tangy Tangerine but for my money, I'd consider this a dupe.

Do you own Sinful Colors Citrine? Is it YOUR it-color for Summer 2012? Do you know of any other affordable, easy-to-find dupes of Citrine?


  1. Really pretty! I don't have it but I'm not sure I could pull it off anyway...I'm super fair with pink undertones. It looks beautiful on you, and I love it with the teal!

  2. Citrine is also pretty close to OPI A Roll in the Hague!

  3. Now I heart you and your blog even more G.! Thanks for the shout out! I think I am going to get this color out and try something tribal!!!

  4. I got Citrine right when it came out and I'm so glad I did. It is the PERFECT orange. :)

  5. Love the colour combo and design. Looks awesome:)

  6. I'm not usually a big fan of orange polish, I'll probably skip this one.

  7. Love your combo!! Just curious, have you ever posted your nail/cuticle care/treatment routine? Your nails & cuticles always look so nice! :)

  8. I have Citrine on my toenails right now! I'm super pale so I don't think I could pull it off on my hands, but every time I look down at my toes the color makes me happy!

  9. I've not seen this collection at any of the Walgreens around here. The only place I saw it was at Meijer. I must have found it not too long after it was put up because it was a full display. A couple of days later it was gone! I haven't worn this color yet, but will have to pull it out before summer's over. Too much new polish in a very short span of time.

  10. I just bought Citrine at Walgreens today! There's a new hanging display(spotted in 2 different stores) that has all the "wow pop" colors(Citrine, Dressed to Kill, Outrages, Clementine, Energetic Red, Let's Meet, Why Not, Exotic Green) as well as other core colors(Boom Boom, Innocent, Pink Forever and a couple others I can't remember) and lip glosses. I think the display said "Wow Bang". I first spotted the display on Monday but both bottles of Citrine were goopy so I passed on them and HAD to hunt down another display. Strangely, the 2nd store's display also had 2 goopy bottles and(luckily!) one good one. btw I'm from the St. Louis area.

  11. I was a sucker and bought the Pantone set pretty much right when it came out (I'm obsessed with anything orange). But then, the set was $24, so $6 per polish. Not TERRIBLE, but not $1.99.
    Sephora has the nail polish set & most of the other Tangerine Tango products on sale now (at $17 for the set, it's now $4.25 per polish). Not a huuuge price drop, but if breaking the $20 price for the set was holding some off, it's a good time to grab it if Citrine can't be found.

  12. Meh. Personally, I'm over the Tangerine Tango. I didn't much care when it came out (not a fav orange), and now I'm totally done. Pantone has been on a losing streak for the last couple years with their picks, at least in my little world where I am the judge, LOL! I much prefer the coral trend this year--I still can't get enough coral in my life.
    Also, I have to add that I love citrines as gemstones, and they are nothing like that color, so I think I also am put off because I was expecting something in a yellow-gold family based on the name.

  13. I have that Milani fresh teal. I love that color.

  14. The Wow!Pop! counter displays have been at several Austin,TX Walgreen's stores since April. I haven't seen those in a while but today I saw one of those side/end aisle displays that Courtney described.

  15. Your accent nail looks like a palm tree!! Super cute mani! Love the color combo! :)

  16. I'm loving Citrine for my toes :-)

  17. That collection was in the Walgreens near my work (in Philadelphia) months ago! I'm seeing it in Rite Aids now. In fact I just saw it in one tonight. I pick this up and put it down every time, but haven't bought it... oranges are weird for me, though I love them on other people.

  18. Awesome colors! Love the combination, going to try them myself. I heard of people using the painters tape to get crisp lines, I'm going to try it myself :)Thank you for post and have a nice day!

  19. Definitely a fun orange. Any idea if Loreal's Boozy Brunch is similar? It seems close.

  20. So happy to say I found the Citrine! Love it and wearing it happily on my toenails today! : )

  21. I had wanted Citrine since I read about it being a dupe for Tangerine Tango. I live in South Florida, and there are no Rite Aids in Florida. Last week I saw Citrine in a Walgreens on Broward Blvd. and Nob Hill in Broward County. They had several bottles. Even though I had been dying to get it, I checked the bottle color against the swatches of my collection on nail wheels that I always carry in my purse. Even the slightest shade difference would have justified the purchase because I love orange polishes. But, it was 100% IDENTICAL to L'Oreal's L'Orange that my husband's aunt bought for me earlier this year. I even asked permission to swatch the color on my wheel next to the L'Orange because I wanted to make sure it was the same. Sometimes bottle color is different from the actual polish color. Nope. 100% IDENTICAL to L'Oreal's L'Orange. I saw another color I loved in the same Sinful Colors display (the colors were in with the regular collection display), but after comparing the bottle's color to my swatches, and then swatching it, too, after getting permission, it was IDENTICAL to China Glaze's Papaya Punch. So if anyone wants a cheap dupe for that, Sinful Colors has it. It was called Clementine. I will be doing a post soon on my blog with the comparison photos.

    1. I saw on another post that people had been having problems commenting. I wrote this comment, but then I was asked to sign in with my Google ID, and when I came back, my comment was gone, and there was no message that the comment was waiting for approval or anything like that. I waited an hour, still didn't see the comment, so I wrote a new comment (below), much shorter. I didn't mean for there to be two posts! Sorry!

  22. I saw Citrine at a South Florida Walgreens. They had several bottles. It is 100% IDENTICAL to L'Oreal's L'Orange that was bought for me earlier this year. Another pretty Sinful Colors, Clementine, was 100% identical to China Glaze's Papaya Punch. I will have a blog post up soon with pictures of all four polishes.


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