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Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine Body Wash

A few months ago, when this new Suave fragrance hit the drugstores (it's also available in shampoo, conditioner, body wash and deodorant), I went a bit nuts for it. I think I did five separate blog posts about it and I cannot believe it's taken me so long to post my review, but better late than never!

I purchased this "special value" bottle at my local Target for around $2:

Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine Body Wash
(retail: around $2, 18 oz)

 Everlasting Sunshine is described as a passion fruit and vanilla fragrance, but there's another fun note going on here that's not on the label:

If you notice at the top of the label above, it states: "Fragrance Appeal as uplifting as Bath & Body Works" and then at the very bottom is says:

So Suave is not saying that this is a dupe of BBW Berry Vanilla (one of my very favorite fragrances from BBW, by the way), they're saying that it has a similar uplifting "fragrance appeal". Well I'm not exactly sure what that means, but my best guess is that, when you immediately pour it out of the bottle, you'll get a similar type of uplifting vibe as you do when you pour BBW Berry Vanilla.

As luck would have it, I happen to own the BBW Berry Vanilla Body Wash (recently discontinued) so I was able to do a side by side "whiff comparison". I can verify that I get the same type of "burst" from both fragrances straight out of the bottle, and they are, indeed, both uplifting.

But is Suave Everlasting Sunshine a dupe for BBW Berry Vanilla? No.  But are they similar? Quite! In fact, I'd venture to guess that if you love BBW Berry Vanilla, you'll probably very much enjoy Suave Everlasting Sunshine.

I mentioned earlier that there's more going on here than just passion flower and vanilla, and I meant it. In previous posts that I've written about this fragrance, readers have left comments saying that they get a banana note in this fragrance and I totally agree. I love banana-scented products (candy, soap, candles, I love it all) so I'm very happy about that surprising little note that makes its way to the top of this fragrance. Also, when compared to BBW Berry Vanilla, I don't really get any berry from Everlasting Sunshine. To me, it's all passion flower and banana, with a creamy vanilla base. I'd say that the biggest difference between the two fragrances is that the Sauve fragrance lacks the tart, hit-you-on-the-back-of-the-tongue berry note of Berry Vanilla. Everlasting Sunshine is smooth and creamy, with a banana note that really brings out a tropical feel.

As with all of the other Suave body washes I own, this one lathers up nicely with just a small squirt on a bath pouf. I find it on par to other Suave body washes, which always work well for my particular skin. This doesn't dry out my skin or leave it feeling tight, yet it doesn't leave any type of moisturizing film behind either.

FINAL VERDICT: If you like creamy, tropical, banana-type fragrances or if you were a fan of BBW Berry Vanilla, you might want to give Suave Everlasting Sunshine a whirl. You can't beat the price, and it's quickly becoming the body wash I reach for the most in my shower. And don't forget this fragrance is also available in lotion, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant form.

Do you already own any Suave Everlasting Sunshine products? Thoughts?


  1. I am so glad you agree about the banana note! I never know if my nose can recognize certain scents, it's nice to get verification! :-) I just used Everlasting Sunshine conditioner today, it is a very uplifting fragrance!

  2. There is a BOGO free coupon for sauve lotion in the coupons in yesterdays paper. Also, at Walgreens I got $1 off coupon in store. They were $3 a piece before coupon. In the end, my total was $2 for two, 18 oz. lotions. I got the everlasting sunshine and the mango mandarin lotion. I already had the body wash in everlasting sunshine and I absolutely love the scent, I have the deodorant too!

  3. I'm going to get this, then. I LOVE Suave body washes! Actually, I love anything Suave.

    Incidentally, I'm also using Suave 24-Hour protection deoderant in "Tropical Paradise," which to me smells exactly like the Tahitian Renewal scent from Caress (coconutty-floral, if that makes sense). Right now I can only find it at CVS, in a small 1.8oz size (perhaps its a test market-type thing). Anyhoo I really hope there might be an accompanying lotion. Right now, the Shea Butter and Cocoa Body Wash from Suave has this same scent, so I'm sort of hoping they rename it Tropical Paradise and do the same series of products as they have for Everlasting Sunshine. It's wonderful and I check everytime I'm at the store.

  4. I just bought the lotion & I have to agree there is a slight banana scent which is really odd that I don't mind it since I do not like Anything banana scented (I can't even eat bananas because of the scent! I don't know why but there it is.) But after I put some on last night before bed I asked my husband to sniff & if he liked it, he said yes, it smelled like another lotion of mine that is cookie scented so who knows! lol

  5. A little over a month ago I purchased the lotion and body wash. Loved the scent so much I just re-purchased the body wash. I LOVE Suave products. They really prove that you can get a nice product for a truly reasonable price.

  6. Funny, I bought ES a short while ago because it appealed to me the most out of all the scents...sniffing my pits now, I think I smell that banana.

  7. Glad to see a good review! I was just looking at this at the store tonight, and I thought about buying it, but didn't because I really don't need any body wash right now. But I think I will change my mind, and pick this one up sometime.

  8. OK, now I will buy it. For some reason I thought it would be very sunflower-y and I dont care for Sunflower scents! Banana...Vanilla...I am in and since I am a total Suave girl it is a matter of time before it shows up in my shower, not to mention there is a coupon in this past Sunday's paper! Thanks G.

  9. I must try it now! I love banana fragrances!

  10. Thanks! I love reading your reviews! I have very similar tastes to you, I think, because I always agree with the products you love ;) I got a new job and for a long while I've been out of the beauty blog scene (due to being SO busy) and have been spending money on products that aren't so great! Its MUCH needed that I come back to your blog haha!

  11. I just purchased a Suave Cucumber Agave Smash lotion that says.. "Same great fragrance as Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon & I totally have 2 agree.. It smells really good.. Do they have 2 pay 2 put that on their bottles or r they merged companies or how can they do that??


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