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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spotted: Maybelline Summer 2012 Exotic Escape Collection (shadows, lipsticks and more)

If you caught my post from yesterday, you know that I spotted one of (possibly) several displays for the new Maybelline Sumner 2012 Exotic Escape collection. The display I spotted at my Rite Aid contained only core collection Falsies mascaras, but thanks to reader Anon, I can now show the display with shadows, liners, and more (I'm hoping that, like past seasonal collections from Maybelline, there will also be a display of polishes and glosses in this collection!):

image credit for all of the following photos: Anon for Nouveau Cheap

Maybelline Exotic Escape Collection

If you like bright, bold colors, this one's for YOU! Look at that gorgeous orange lipstick!



Another pic of the shadows:

Color Sensational Lipsticks

Here are the shade names (refer to the image above for color--I don't think the color in the photos below is 100% accurate):

Cheek color/bronzer

Tear-pad coupons!

A HUGE thanks to Anon for the fantastic sighting and pics. I really, really appreciate it!

Have you spotted Exotic Escape in your area yet? And if so, have you spotted additional nail polish and/or gloss displays?


  1. I like the Teal / Orange combo!

    1. Me too! The teal/orange and orange/bronze look very promising.

  2. haven't seen it yet but i have sure been looking! (note to self, check more Rite Aids).

  3. I wonder if the lipsticks are part of the shine line, I hated those. The shadows looks really pretty, hope I come across this soon!

  4. YES! Can I get an amen for a brown girl on the ad?!

  5. It's 1986 all over again with those crazy eye shadows! I swear I looked like a tropical fish with my Revlon palate back then. Gorgeous colors but there's no way I can pull that look off now :).

  6. Those eyeshadow duos look awesome! Just think - those pinky and orangey colors could double as blush <3

  7. They do look like Shine lipsticks. That silver lid is like one I have from the regular High Shine line in a plum shade. Will have to see in person because I think I prefer the the regular CS but some of these names are intriguing. The e/s really pop even though generally thiers don't impress me and I don't know if I could pull some of those off, sure are pretty though!

  8. LOVE the girl in the ad too, great display!

  9. I am not much a Maybelline fan, and I really don't have a reason, I just don't seem to own much of it, because I love me some Revlon, anyway I have to get my hands on some of this! I will begin prowling today!!! Great job Maybelline!

  10. Haven't seen this one yet but I've got my eye on the coral and bronze eyeshadow duo!

  11. I haven't spotted those displays yet, but those lippies caught my eye! Perfect for spring/summer looks!

  12. I'm confused are these limited edition, or are they just new products?

  13. oooohhh the shadows look so fun...waiting for a sale.

  14. It's late May, and I'm only just now spotting these at Ulta, Fred Meyer, and at a regional drugstore chain (Bartell's). I love Parisian Pink and Bali Berry Shine!

  15. It's late May, and I only spotted these two weeks ago at Ulta, Fred Meyer, and a regional drugstore chain (Bartell's.) I haven't seen these at local Walgreen's or Target - though I don't often go into Rite-Aid.

  16. does anyone have any swatches of the shadows or lipsticks?

  17. I cannot find this display anyplace in New York City. Have looked in Harmon, Rite Aid, Walgreen's, CVS and Duane Reade! Desperately want these!


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