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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spotted: Vitamin Water Glam Kit at Target

A huge thanks to reader Jenny who spotted this bag the other day at her local Target.

Jenny spotted the Vitamin Water Glam Kit (retail: $9.99) and she believes it's full of beauty samples. Since it's a Vitamin Water kit, I'm assuming that it probably contains things like the Vitamin Water lip balms, but I haven't seen the contents so I can't confirm.

image credit: Jenny for Nouveau Cheap

I don't think this is the same bag as the Target Beauty Bag (though of course I could be wrong).

If you missed out on all the info regarding the FREE Target Beauty Bag, here's what I know, in a nutshell:

The Target Beauty Bag is a bag full of  beauty samples (and probably coupons) and it's free. You can sign up for it on the Target website. HOWEVER, you can only sign up for it if you have a special code. The code will print out on a Catalina coupon when you make a qualifying purchase at your local Target store. Don't ask me what the qualifying purchase is, because I don't know. Many people have asked Target to clarify, and their response is that they cannot specify an exact product to purchase in order to get the code. Apparently it's based on purchase history, and some people have reported that they've received the code after purchasing things like popcorn. So apparently your purchase does not have to be beauty-related in order to get the code. Oh, and Target says they will let us know of "other ways" to get code, but as far as I know, they have not yet released that info.

Whew! Thanks so much, Jenny, for the great scoop and pic. Now I'm curious exactly what's inside this Vitamin Water Glam Kit!


  1. Take about exclusivity! How can I try to earn something when I am not even given the 'Target' to aim for??!! (pun intended, yes!)

  2. Totally Target posted a blog with pictures of the contents of the Vitamin Water Glam Bag

    1. Oooh, thank you SO much, sweetie! This is extremely helpful! :)

    2. Ok... so buying 2 big packs of Vitamin Water gets the bag for free but--Wow, how could they even put a $9.99 price on a bag of shampoo samples?! hahaha, what a joke :-p

    3. Totally agree $10 is an insane price. I would be very unhappy if I bought this, got it home and found $2 worth of shampoo and a few coupons.

    4. I think they have to do that, store policy, they do the same things whenever they have a diet coke giveaway, like with the journals last month.

    5. I'm also wondering if it's possible that the manufacturer sets an absolute minimum price, since the point of the glam bag is for you to buy Vitamin Water and not just the bag?

  3. Not bad but would you go out of your way to get it?

  4. Ah! I love a mystery! and sample bags:) Now, I'm gonna find out what's in it>

  5. I just googled it and there are coupons and samples of shampoo and conditioners and I think a sample of Olay Facial Cloth.

  6. At my local Target (University Heights, OH) they were offering the bag FREE with a purchase of 2 six packs of vitamin waters. I took a peek inside and saw they were filled with samples of conditioners and shampoos.

  7. Found some more information regarding the contents here:


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