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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New from Jordana: Glitters Specialty Nail Polish Collection (24 shades)

UPDATE: to see swatches of all 18 shades that are currently available, click here, here and here.

Very exciting news, glitter lovers! Jordana just released a new collection of 24 glitter polishes and I've got all the details for you:
(click to enlarge)

Jordana Glitters Specialty Nail Polish
(retail: $2.99 each)

This new 2012 launch is now available on the Jordana website, however the colors above with a dot next to them are "coming soon". If you're interested in knowing more about these shades, I encourage you to click here and then let your cursor hover over each swatch because a description will pop up that will let you know which ones have holo glitter, etc. I LOVE that most of these polishes contain both FINE and CHUNKY glitter.

TWELVE OF THE 24 SHADES IN THIS COLLECTION WILL LAUNCH AT KMART THIS FEBRUARY. The 12 shades that will be available at Kmart are: 01 Magenta Magic, 02 Celebration, 06 Fairy Dust, 08 Sequins, 10 Gemstones, 11 Cosmic, 12 Celestial, 14 LA City Nights, 15 Blue Bash, 17 Copper Blaze, 21 Funky Gold Town, and 23 Rhinestones.

Looking at the descriptions on the Jordana website (again, hover over each swatch for a better description), there seem to be some unique color combinations here with a nice mix of fine and chunky glitter. Exciting!

Glitter gals: are you excited to see some of these polishes in person when they hit Kmart next month? Thoughts? I'm super excited to try Gemstones. Outer Space, Bronze Beast and My Superstar look fun as well.


  1. Very excited about this!! I'll have to find myself to a Kmart, I don't have many.

  2. I hope I can find these before KMart closes up. =O
    If not, I hope they will end up with all of them on their website.

  3. I'd love all of these. Super excited i'm a glitter hoe ;)

    My kmart sadly will soon close down hopefully not before I get some of these.

    The only other place to get these will be on their site right?

  4. I love me some crazy, mixed up glitters.

  5. Oooo man, I think MOST of these shades look way interesting!

  6. I am LOVING the looks of these. Looking quickly at the site's swatches, Pixie Pink looks to be a close match to Essie's A Cut Above from the Luxe Effects collection, and Fairy Dust may be an OPI Teenage Dream dupe. Bronze Fest looks awesome.

    Are they going to be KMart-exclusive or do you think they will hit drugstores?

  7. I actually ran into some of these the other day at my Kmart - I picked up both Fairy Dust and Celestial. Fairy Dust has medium holo glitter and silver micro glitter in a pastel pink base. Celestial has a broad range of teal hex glitters in a clear base - it's loaded with tons of micro glitter so it doesn't really appear 'clear' when on the nail. They both have great coverage on the nail. I wish the store had more available, but now I'll just have to keep checking back!

  8. Gemstones a dupe for the Milani one?

  9. After Jordana's cyber Monday disastrous handling of my order, I won't be buying any more products from them or Milani. The colors look fun, but I won't indulge a company with such poor customer service.

  10. Cosmic and Carnival both remind me of Lippmann's Across the Universe. I definitely will be looking out for these, a lot of them look really interesting.

  11. A sears essentials just turned back into Kmart. I really hope they have these already on stock.

  12. Just wanted to let you all know- at the Kmart I work at we just redid the Jordana section to include the glitter polishes which were put out just yesterday, so you might be able to snag them earlier than February! They're $1.99 and some of them are just gorgeous!


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