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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Nuance Salma Hayek AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream

A while ago I received a variety of products from the Nuance Salma Hayek collection (available exclusively at CVS) for review, and today I'd like to show you this moisturizer, which I've been using for several weeks now.

 Nuance Salma Hayek AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream
(retail: $19.99 at CVS, 1.4 oz)


As you can see, this moisturizer comes in a jar which, as you know, is not my favorite type of packaging for skincare. However, I'm always looking for a good nighttime moisturizer, so I didn't let that stop me.

*Tip: to avoid using fingers, use a small, clean plastic spatula or spoon to scoop out product. Scoop enough to cover your face and neck, and gently put the product on the back of your hand. You can keep returning to the back of your hand to pick up more product as you apply your moisturizer to your face.

This is a thick, rich cream, although the texture is not heavy. I have never encountered a moisturizer with this consistency before, so I'm having a hard time trying to describe it:

This product has a thick, creamy, yet gel-like consistency to it. It glides across the skin quite easily, and you can feel the natural oils in the product as you smooth it across your face. But at the same time, it almost feels like a lightweight gel. It's like a hybrid of a thick, rich cream and a lightweight gel, if that makes any sense.

As the packaging indicates, you do NOT need a lot of product to cover your entire face and neck. I'm talking just one tiny scoop and you're set. So given the price ($19.99 for 1.4 oz), one jar should last you a VERY long time.

As its name states, this a morning and evening moisturizer. However, I cannot foresee ever using this in the daytime because I find it to be too heavy for my oily skin. There's something about this moisturizer that makes it feel like it's never fully absorbing into my skin (but as I will explain in a second, I don't consider this a negative aspect). But because it feels like it's never fully absorbed, it leaves a protective coating on the skin which would spell disaster for my makeup. I can see this making my foundation slip and slide around within an hour, so I actually haven't even attempted to use it in the daytime.

I know I said it feels like this never quite absorbs into the skin, but allow me to clarify. This does absorb to a degree, but it also stays on the surface on the skin to form a protective barrier. My skin has been experiencing some dryness lately due to cold weather, combined with an anti-acne cleanser that I've been testing for a future review, so I have REALLY needed a heavy-duty nighttime moisturizer to correct the dryness. So because of my current concerns, I am loving this product. I find this moisturizer not only hydrates my skin, but it keeps it hydrated throughout the night and well into the next morning.

Every morning since I've been using this moisturizer, I've woken up to soft-as-a-baby's-bottom skin that doesn't feel overly greasy. Therefore, I can confirm that it DOES absorb, however it's a slow process and I don't think it fully absorbs into the skin.

Just like every other bath, body, skincare and haircare product I've encountered in the Nuance line, I find the fragrance of this moisturizer to be absolutely lovely. It is very clean and fresh-smelling and not headache-inducing at all (such a relief given the fact that most nighttime moisturizers I've used over the years always tend to contain heavy floral notes).

FINAL VERDICT: If you're looking for a light moisturizer for daytime use, I would skip right over this one. But if you've got mature skin, dry skin or occasional dry patches that require some heavy-duty hydration, I think you might love using AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream before bed. I have mature, oily skin (I'm 40), fine wrinkles and mildly-uneven skintone, and I am loving how this product makes my skin feel when I wake up in the morning. I've been battling some dry patches lately and I find this product to be rich and hydrating enough to sooth dryness and keep my skin hydrated throughout the night and into the next morning. I have not experienced any dramatic results in terms of the appearance of my fine wrinkles or unevenness, however I think this product has worked wonders for me in terms of restoring moisture to my skin. If you have dry skin and you crave instant relief, I think you might be very happy with this one. Those with younger skin might find this too heavy of a product even for nighttime, but those with mature skin (like myself) might welcome this one with open arms. I would definitely consider purchasing this when I run out because I think it's a great product to have on hand for when your skin is feeling extra parched.

But don't just take my word for it: check out the 5-star reviews on the CVS website.

Have you tried any Nuance Salma Hayek skincare products? If so, I'd love to find out what you've tried and how you like them.

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. I'm so glad for this review! I have been tempted to buy this and it's great to have more info about it.

    My favorite thing from the Nuance line is the Rosehip Body Lotion. It absorbs quickly, isn't greasy at all, leaves skin velvety smooth and has the nicest, true rose scent. I love that the scent doesn't last long so it doesn't interfere with my perfume, but the scent lasts enough so the product is truly a pleasure to use.

  2. I defeintly need to check out this line. I just think some of their products are a bit too pricey.

  3. rosarita: I'm so glad you found this review a bit helpful! And thanks for the info about the Rosehip Body Lotion. Sounds so lovely. :)

    aly7: I agree that the prices are on the higher-end of drugstore scale, but CVS runs lots of sales on Nuance, so I'd wait for a good sale and try some things out (you can always return if they don't work for you). :)

  4. When i first saw Salma Hayek's line at CVS i thought GREAT a Latin who has her own makeup line.So I bought some of her products, even thou the sales lady said it was "so,so". I am not pleased at all with the ultra-volumizing mascara. It is very runny and when applied it turns clumpy.

  5. Her line is fantastic, everything that I have tried I have loved... from the body oil, which smells good, I dream about it, light and fresh... to the Rose Balm, great for lips and dry stops! Everything smells great and has done what it states. I have also used to conditioner, which also smells so great and it left my dry hair feeling shiny and sleek! So far i am thrilled with her body care!

  6. I do not like the serum with a roller and it does not absorb. Also the anti-aging eye cream is not for me as I tried a few times, and each time my eyes stayed dried out all day and did not feel smoothing at all. The jar of cream that is reviewed is fair, but would not purchase again since it did not absorb well enough for me.

  7. I bought loads of nuance products 2 weeks ago when CVS had them on sale for $6.99 each. I have loved them all. My skin is sensitive and prone to redness. The serum and moisturizers have helped all that so much. I really love this stuff!

  8. I bought loads of nuance products 2 weeks ago when CVS had them on sale for $6.99 each. I have loved them all. My skin is sensitive and prone to redness. The serum and moisturizers have helped all that so much. I really love this stuff!

  9. I love this skincare line so much! I can't believe how affordable out is given the quality. And its great for my sensitive skin.

  10. Free Beauty Events is giving away Nuance Salma Hayek Exfoliating Body Cleansing Scrub. We tried the Exfoliating Body Cleansing Scrub in Macademia Nut, which is not inexpensive for a drugstore brand (it’s $8.99)...For more, go to

  11. I bought the Dual Phase Makeup Remover, and while I haven't decided yet whether I like the product, I am very unhappy with the bottle it comes in. It's the hardest plastic I've ever encountered. You cannot squeeze the bottle - you have to shake it out. They might just as well have bottled it in steel. Never seen anything like it.

  12. I love all the Nuance products I've tried. I have the perfect lips lip quad and I love the colors and it lasts all day, before I apply it I use the hydrating balm .
    I also have the foundation I love it!! It reminds me of the way my grandmothers used to apply their makeup. In love with the whole line!

  13. I have the foundation , the lip quad and the Rose petal balm and I love them all, I plan on purchasing more of the nuance line , I'm very exited to try more :)

  14. I have every product in the line. I love the skincare & makeup. The quality is high end but at a drugstore price. Plus, everything is cruelty-free!

  15. I love the Nuane AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream. I use it both day and night. I am African American and for my skin, this product absorbs wonderfully. So many other products leave my face feeling dry within a few hours. This is great, I feel moisturized all day. I do not experience heaviness left behind. I do use it all over my face, including the eye area and appreciate the fact that I have experienced no eye burning or irritation. I like not having to purchase a separate eye cream. I must say though, that after cleansing with a deep oil cleanser, I follow with an alcohol-free witch hazel (tone & moisture), then a 99.9% hyaluronic acid serum (deep layer moisture). I then follow that with the Nuance cream (surface moisture) and follow that with a homemade blend of about 8 natural and essential oils (lipid layer to lock in moisture). While I had great results with this routine minus the cream, since I've added the cream, the results are even better.

    I have also tried the Dark Cacao & Coffee Firming Body Cream. I had to add oil to it though to make it feel good going on. Prior, it seemed sticky and not emoilent enough. This may not be an issue for someone with fairer skin. I have only just begun using it so I have to use it a bit longer to determine whether or not it works for me.

  16. I just purchased the nuance ampm super cream nd eye. ccream 2 days ago nd I'm already seeing dramatic results ... I've tried everything in this price range and nothing has given me any noticeable resulys. in 2 daus my fine lines have lightened i am 33 and i really screwed up my skin from tanning so much nd being irish. i was so depressed bc i felt as if i look like I'm 40. I can honestly say this is the best cream ive Ever tried... only 2 days!!!! Wonderful results especially around eyes nd forehead. I'm already telling everyone i know to buy these 2 products!!!! Ty Salma for making this miracle cream!!!! I'm estatic!

  17. Wow I just finished watching rachael ray show and salma hayek was on talking about her makeup line called nuance......I'm quite impressed with what I saw so I read some of your reviews and I'm sold......I'm gonna scoot to my neighborhood cvs and check it out........then u will be hearing from my expieriences with the take care until then.........toodles

  18. This is very helpful I do need a moisturizer I don't mind if it's heavy it just as long as it does its job hehe thank you I definitely will be buying I love her makeup remover and her face scrubber I had darkness around my mouth area ever since I use her makeup remover as a everyday face routine with the nuance walnut scrub my face looks way better the darkness has disappeared :) so I love her line. Thank you for your helpful information

  19. I use the AM/PM super Anti-Aging Lotion and I LOVE IT! I've tried about everything out there. I was prev using No. 7 products but I feel I'm seeing better results with this line. Yes it does absorb as well as remain on your skin top layer. I put this on 10 mins. Before foundation. I use less foundation I've found, that's a plus. My skin feels fully silky and my "11's" are now "1's" I've recommended this product to others. I'm 42. My skin breaks out still once a month. I use PanOxyl face wash and then follow up with this moisturizer and I get clear skin! Highly reommended. Thx!

  20. I just bought the Nuance anti aging super lotion with a matte finish. I have oily skin and everything I tried was breaking me out. So here is hoping this one works :)

  21. I was looking for a better product than my usual L'Oreal Revitalift line, and I loved that CVS had a $5 trial size of this product. I used it with the firming and lifting serum. I am a youthful 60-something, but my skin is still mostly dry with that troublesome T-zone. I felt the difference immediately (I've had lots of practice with much more expensive products) I can only imagine the improvement over time if my skin looks and feels this good after one use. When the sample size runs out, I'll be going back to buy the full size version! Fantastic value!

  22. I really love this line. I want to go back and buy some more of her products. I am also interested in trying the shampoo and conditioner too :)

  23. This is my first week using this moisturizer for night time but I already see its value and love the results! I first started using Salma Hayek's hair mask and was absolutely blown away by how silky it left my hair which was incredibly dry having lived in a desert for 7 years at the time. Then I moved on to try her paprika colored lipstick which is so moisturizing my lips never chap when I'm using it. Next on deck is her shampoo and leave in conditioner. I'll let you know more about it then but I have to say my expectations are high nuance line by Salma Hayek has not let me down yet!


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