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Thursday, October 27, 2011

My favorite makeup from the 80s

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, I'd like to share with you some of the makeup I used when I was a pre-teen and teenager in the 80s (I was 10 years old in 1980 so I'm about as 80s as it gets).


Everyone always talks about how much they miss Maybelline Kissing Coolers, but I personally miss the Kissing STICKS:

L'Oreal Shadow Riche Eyeshadows were the first eyeshadows I ever owned from the drugstore. I had a duo that was purple and lime green and I swear to you, to this day, that was the most finely-milled and pigmented shadow I ever owned!

Revlon Soft Lash Sponge-On Mascara. "Sponge-On", you say?? Yep. It had a "PUFFER BELLY SPONGE" applicator and no I'm not kidding!

I've got lots of other vintage drugstore commercials I could share with you, so if you enjoy this type of thing, let me know and I'll post some more favorites in the future!  

Do you remember any of these products? What are some of YOUR favorite makeup products from your youth?


  1. omg! *dies* that mascara is crazy!

  2. I remember the lacey tops. Man, I loved that look. And that super flashy eye shadow. I still love all of that but am currently waiting for it to come back into style. ;)

  3. Please keep them coming! I love retro advertising and beauty products! Sometime I see stuff that makes me laugh my butt off, or times I get a little retro envy, but either way, it's a great read/watch. :-D

  4. *sighs* They don't make commercials like this anymore. These days it seems like everything is digitally enhanced. Thanks for sharing though! :)

  5. Wow, a mascara commercial where they actually apply the mascara.

  6. Such a brilliant post! Thanks for bringing back some memories! I wish they would bring back those compacts of lip powder with gloss coat back! I loved those :)

  7. It's a shame that (almost all) drugstore eyeshadow is terrible quality now. I even remember as late as the late 90s, Maybelleine's eyeshadow was decent.

    Yes, keep the old commercials coming.

    I've currently been scanning microfilm printouts of drugstore salespapers from the 80s:

  8. I loved those L'Oréal Eyeshadows!

    I miss the Dial-A-Lash Mascara:

    Funny you should mention this...I just found a couple of tubes of mega old Urban Decay lipstick in their first round of packaging - silver top, brass tube. It's all metal, too. I have the colors Gash and Graffiti.

  9. i love this, g! i'm a total sucker for anything retro, and of course, beauty-related!

    some of my favorite beauty products from my teenage years... jane cosmetics! i used tons of jane and bonne bell. i had all of the lip smackers. i also loved the bottled emotion mini perfumes by bonne bell!

  10. I don't remember any of those. I do retro ads. So, I agree keep it coming.

    The first cosmetic had I remember is the one for perfume. The one with the song that says something like " I bring home the bacon,. Fry it up in a pan and never let you forget you're a man because I'm a woman".

    I must had been a preschooler back then because I remember seeing it at my babysitter's house. LOL!

  11. Hahaha these were awesome, how much bigger could those Maybelline Kissing sticks get?!

  12. OMG, I remember every single one of these ads LOL (which is mind boggling, when I'm SURE I'm only ... 29!)!

    Had & loved those L'oreal Color Riche shadows!

    Keep these coming! They are CLASSIC!

  13. I remember all of those. It seems like yesterday that these were on. And what do you know, that mascara was the beginning of all the mascara applicators out today.

    That Kissing Stick commercial! What a line - "What kisses your lips but isn't human?"

  14. Wow, did L'Oreal degrade their eyeshadows? The HiP ones I have right now are pigmented but hard to blend, I hardly ever use them

  15. Melody, I believe that was Enjoli! :-)

  16. I, and every single other girl I knew in high school wore the exact same lip gloss, even if the color was all wrong for you. It was a frosty pink gloss from Wet n Wild. It didn't have a name just a number and I can't recall what that was. It was very common to see a girl carry her books around in one hand with her pencils/pens/tube of frosty pink gloss in the other! I also wore Verve perfume. Remember that commercial? "Play play play Verve! Body scenting mist!"

  17. Yay!! I'm SO glad you ladies enjoy these as much as I do! I'm so obsessed with retro beauty commercials but was afraid that maybe you wouldn't want to see them. So thank you to everyone who commented--you made my day! More to come! :)

    Tina Marie: I KNOW, right??? I was just thinking that too! Everything's so digitally-enhanced now and all the fun seems to be gone. :(

    Teresa: HAHAH! I know, right? What a novel concept! ;)

    This passenger's element: OMG I totally remember those!! Oh man, I was obsessed!

    Carina: I had Gash too, in the metal tube! The only problem with those is that they dried out quickly--did yours do that too? But oh how I miss the old UD packaging. Have you seen my post with the old UD eyeshadows? I still have them, and I even have the original boxes. :)

    Melody: I agree with ccdouglass's comment: that was for Enjoli!! And here's the commercial. Man that song was catchy!

    LipstickChick: Wow, then how the heck do I remember them if I'm only 28? LOL!! ;) And could I love you ANY more for remembering (and owning) those L'Oreal eyeshadows? No, seriously, you have no idea. xoxo

    ggggg: Yay! So glad you remember them too!!! And you're so right--that line is hilarious! ;)

  18. Thanks ccdouglass and G. Could you put that video up the next time you do a retro post just in case people missed this link.

    I love these kinds of post. I have an obsession with retro ads in general. Me and my brother spend the last couple of days watching the old Office Max commercials with the rubber band man. I miss those.

  19. lol Those Kissing Sticks are huge! I had a gigantic Bonne Bell once. I think it was in Black Cherry. The Revlon commercial cracked me up. Eyelashes are so wasted on children! They appear to be in the Victorian era.

  20. Brilliant fantastic post! I love old adverts, they're just so fun! And it's really nice to see cosmetics adverts that haven't been digitally enhanced beyond all recognition, the mascara was being used on real eyelashes :O

  21. i remember in 4th grade everyone was gaga over kissing potion by maybelline! i think we could all have the entire line together! also, remember tickle deodorant? my fave was the green one. remember that huge ball? to this day, i can't even consider anything with the smaller roll-on ball!

  22. LOL at the 1977 ad! I went to college in the late '70s and all us girls had the same hairstyles. The makeup I miss the most is Revlon's eye shadow crayons from the early '70s. Lots of great colors and easy to apply.

  23. I wsa trying to Google that mascara, because I remember it fondly. You are my soulmate! Or my...mascara mate.

  24. I loved the Loreal eyeshadows back in the eighties and especially Merle Norman foundations, loose powder, eyeshadows, and lip crayons. The Loreal HIP eyeshadows are good...especially "Platinum"~ it wins Best Eyeshadow every year in Allure magazine :)

  25. Does anyone remember the name of a body cream in a white jar with a bright pink or purple lid? I think I bought it at Walgreens. It's motto was "make your tan glow"


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