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Monday, August 1, 2011

Ten Questions with Gio from Beautiful with Brains

I've been wanting to do a blogger interview series for a while now because I just love reading them on other blogs. I've been interviewed a few times recently for some of my favorite blogs, which is what gave me the final push to start doing it myself! I hope you enjoy this series--it's a chance to get to know bloggers in a new or different light, which is always fun!

For the first interview in this series, I chose the lovely Gio of Beautiful with Brains, who recently interviewed me for her fab blog (thanks again, for that, Gio!). Gio lives in Europe and if you haven't checked out her blog yet, it's a great, and quite informative, read.

Gio, the blogger behind Beautiful with Brains 

1) Why did you start your blog?
I have always loved makeup and all things beauty but none of my friends are interested in cosmetics so I decided to start my blog to share my passion with other beauty addicts like me. Also, at the time I started my blog (in 2008) I had just begun to research the ingredients contained in beauty products but found there is a lot of twisted and misleading information about them on the internet. So, I thought that sharing my findings on a blog might help set the record straight on what works and what's safe, and help people make informed decisions, based on scientific research instead than fear, on what products to buy. 

2) What are your favorite high end brands?
I'm really into Estee Lauder at the moment. I had never really been that interested in their products until  Tom Pecheux took over. Since then, the brand has really stepped up its game and released some gorgeous collections. But I also like Nars, Urban Decay (especially their eyeliners and eyeshadows), and Clinique (especially for skincare). 

3) What are your favorite mass market/drugstore brands?
I love Sleek Makeup, especially their palettes. They are so pigmented and such great value for money! I also love Barry M, Wet n Wild and Kiko Cosmetics. It's an Italian brand that reminds me of MAC for the wide variety of shades they make, but the prices are much cheaper and the quality is pretty good. For skincare, I love Olay. They make some great moisturizers. 

4) Name three of your Holy Grail products.
That's a tough one... Definitely Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, a very effective but gentle cleanser that removes all traces of makeup and dirt, exfoliates skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Porcelain, which has a creamy texture that does a great job at covering dark circles and other imperfections. I also can't live without Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, an eyeshadow base that gives that vibrant, foiled look without having to wet your brush. 

5) How would you classify your personal style?
Colorful. Makeup-wise, I like to wear bright and bold looks. As for clothes, I like casual and classic pieces that are comfortable and can be worn for most occasions. 

6) What's your favorite thing about having a blog?
My favourite thing about having a blog is my readers. I love interacting with them, learning their opinions, sharing tips, getting to know them better and making new friends. I feel really blessed that my blog has grown into a lovely community of people that share the same passion and help each other out. I also have met, and become friends, with some fantastic people thanks to my blog. 

7) What non-beauty-related websites do you visit on a regular basis?
I'm a history geek so I read lots of history blogs. Some of my favourites are Scandalous Women, The Anne Boleyn Files, Confessions of A Ci-Devant, Madame Guillotine, and Versailles And More. I also visit Anglotopia (I'm an Anglphiole too), Bakerella, Etsy Stalker and a couple of Italian newspapers. 

8) What's your favorite television program?
My all-time favourite TV Show is Friends, it's such a funny and happy show. At the moment, though, I'm hooked on True Blood. It's an amazing show with some kick-ass character and I just adore Eric. 

9) Who is your celebrity crush?
Duncan James. He is an English singer, actor and TV presenter. I'm a huge fan of him because, unlike many talentless people who become famous for doing nothing, he's actually very talented and can both act and sing. And it helps that he is absolutely gorgeous! ;) I also have a huge crush on Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Eric in True Blood. He's so hot and a great actor! 

10) If you didn't have a blog, how would you use that extra time?
That's a great question! Blogging is such a big part of my life that I just can't imagine myself not doing it. Mmm I love reading but don't have a lot of time to do that these days, so I would definitely use the extra time to catch up on some good books. But I also really enjoy writing so I think I would have found an outlet for this passion like writing some short stories or maybe the odd guest post on other people's blogs. Guess I can't really stay away from blogging after all.. ;) 

Thanks so much, Gio! I loved reading your answers, and it's great to know we're both fans of Eric the gorgeous Viking vampire.


  1. I love this! I always love reading interviews of bloggers and am so glad you are starting this series =]

  2. i like to read interview like these! Keep them coming! Also how bout some interviews with some of your most loyal readers?! Tho' how you would pick I couldnt guess!

  3. Very interesting, I loved it! Keep them coming .

  4. Cool interview. Looking forward to reading more :)


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