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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Wednesday Question (the ultimate $20 challenge!)

Oooh, I've got a fun, and challenging, one this week! I hope you'll take a minute to answer this one, lovelies!

You're on vacation and you lose your makeup bag, your wallet and your coupons. A kind stranger gives you $20 and directs you to the nearest drugstore with a note that reads: "Here, get some makeup to get you through the next few days." What do you buy?

For the purposes of this exercise, let's assume the following:

1) We still have our skincare and makeup removers but we have no beauty tools (yep, no brushes)

2) This drugstore only carries the same mainstream brands that you would find at any Target or Walmart in the US, and it does NOT carry e.l.f. (come on, that would be too easy!)

3) no sales and no drugstore rewards program

4) no sales tax

My list:

Maybelline SuperStay concealer - $7.99
NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder - $2.99
Wet n Wild MegaLength Mascara- $2.99
Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow & Eyeliner in Taupe - $0.99
Wet n Wild Color Icon eyeshadow single in Penny - $1.99
Wet n Wild Color Icon eyeshadow single in Nutty - $1.99
NYC Ultra Moist Lipstick in Sheer Red - $0.99


Good concealer is essential for me, so that's my one splurge. This could double as both concealer and foundation, and I'd top it off with a bit of pressed powder. The Wet n Wild mascara is probably the most dependable, super-inexpensive mascara I've tried recently (not a lot of volume but it doesn't flake, smear or run for me), and the Taupe liner can double as both brow pencil and eyeliner. I'd use Penny as blush applied with my fingers, and I'd use Nutty as eyeshadow, also applied with my fingers. Then, I could use NYC Sheer Red as a light stain during the day (patted on with fingertips), but I could also vamp it up at night.

Time for YOU to take the $20 challenge. Sooo...what's it gonna be?


  1. i had to guesstimate prices, since i cant find some of these items online at my local drugstores website...but here we go:

    Neutrogena On-the-Spot Blemish Wand (do they even still make this?): $4

    L'Oreal Blush in Mauvelous: $7

    Great Lash Mascara: $2

    cheapie eyelash curler $2

    CoverGirl Powder Foundation: $5

    TOTAL: $20!

  2. Revlon Photoready Foundation- $11.99
    WetnWild Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner in Charcoal- $0.99
    WetnWild Color Icon palette in Lust- $4.99
    Chapstick- $0.99


    This challenge is so hard. Foundation is important to me. I wish I had enough to put in a Physician's Formula blush but I think pinching my cheeks will do. And I can dab on some eye shadow onto my lips for color. LOL I hope I won't lose my makeup bag and do this for real.

  3. going to guess on prices too!

    1. travel q-tips .99
    2. NYC bronzer color wheel 4.00
    3. Maybelline Falsies Mascara 7.50
    4. wnw brow pencil in dk brown .99
    5. wnw lip liner in brandywine .99
    6. any clear gloss thats under $5

    that should do it for me...i could multi task the brow pencil and the bronzer wheel for liner and shadow!

  4. I don't wear a lot of makeup. >_o So assuming that this was a trip that I was planning to doll up for, I would buy:

    One tube of Great Lash: $4

    The brown WnW 8-pan palette (a splurge for my makeup bag, lol!): $8

    Nivea Recovery lip balm: $3

    Then I would either blow the rest of it on nail polish I don't need, or buy myself and the kind stranger each a drink and/or a snack. :)

  5. Oooh, this is a fun game.

    Almay self-adjusting tinted moisturizer: $10ish

    Maybelline the falsies mascara: $7ish

    Lip balm: $2ish

    total: $19

    I hate wearing foundation without blush, but I can't apply blush without a brush, and I couldn't afford a non-elf brush.

  6. D8 If that happened to me I think I'd cry, since knowing me, I'd bring all my favorites.
    1)$6, Glamoflauge by Hard Candy
    2)$6, Liquif-eye liner by Milani
    3)$5, Expert eye quad in Natural Smokes by Maybelline
    4)$3, Blushable creme stick in Big apple Blush by NYC

    My list would've been sooo much longer If you didn't state mainstream only... ^^;
    XD and I agree, It Would've been way too easy with Elf.

  7. Realistically though, if I lost my makeup on vacation, and I didn't have access to a Sephora/high end items, here is what I would buy:

    Elf studio blush brush, $3
    Almay tinted moisturizer, $10
    Sonia Kashuk blush in sunset $7 (this is the most gorgeous coral)
    maybelline the falsies mascara $7
    lip balm $2

    that would be enough for daytime - $29

    if I was going out at night, i'd add maybelline gel eyeliner (in black, and the brush that comes with it is sufficient) for another $9

  8. ooh this is challenging!

    These are all guestimates on things i have bought in the past:

    Revlon Photoready powder to liquid compact with concealer pack -$8.99
    NYC brow/eyeliner in black -$0.99
    Revlon colorburst lipstick in rosey nude- about $8

    Total: about $18

    Low maintence for me!

  9. Hmm, Great challenge, its really hard!

    Wet 'n' wild pressed powder-$5
    Almay eyeshadow trio-$5
    Maybelline one by one-$5
    Covergirl natureluxe gloss balm-$5

  10. maybelline concealer: $6
    wet'n'wild 6 pan: $5 (not sure which)
    nyc bronzer in sunny: $3
    wet'n'wild mega length: $3
    wet'n'wild creme shadow pencil in pixi: $2
    lip balm: $1
    shazam :)

  11. rimmel bronzer in sunlight 3.99
    Rimmel Lasting Finish 5.99
    Maybelline Falsies Mascara 5.99
    Wet n Wild Nutty Eyeshadow 1.99
    Wetn Wild Eyeliner Pencil .99
    NYC Cafe lipstick .99

  12. Wow, hard question!
    I'm not sure about american prices, since I live in canada so I will have to use prices. This is what I would get:

    -Wet n' Wild Color Icon Brow and Eye Pencil in Taupe (for brows, and as an eyeliner)$0.99
    -Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow 8 Pan in comfort zone $4.99
    -Chapstick $0.99
    -Wet n' Wild Mega last lip color in Pink Suga' (also to double as a blush)$2.99
    -NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder $2.69
    -Maybelline Fit Me Concealer $4.99
    -Wet n Wild MegaLength Mascara, Very Black $2.99

    Total: 20.63

    ...I would be forced to beg and/or panhandle and/or scrounge change off the ground in order to come up with the extra $0.63 :p

  13. This is partially a no-brainer for me. I'd be a bit "wahhh" over the loss of my UD primers, but my necessary tinted face products are already drugstore, for the most part.

    Covergirl Fresh Complexion concealer in Creamy Natural - $4
    Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse in Natural Ivory - $7

    I usually use Palladio rice powder, which isn't mainstream so I'd have to sub...

    Maybelline Shine Control Powder in whatever looks the best - $5

    That Maybelline powder comes with an applicator, so I'd be set on necessities.

    If I had to have an eye shadow, I'd probably grab a cream shadow/shadow stick by WnW. Or a trio, but if I'm so hard-by I'm using a stranger's $20 for makeup, eyeshadow's probably the least of my worries.

  14. Hmmm...

    Wnw Comfort Zone -$5
    CG Lashblast Mascara, waterproof of course -$8
    If there was a Hot Topic around, Eyeliner -$2, if not I'd use an eyeshadow from Comfort Zone.

    That's all I typically wear, so total would be $13, or $15 (:

  15. Easy. Buy Loreal Million Lashes mascara and CG Wetslicks gloss in strawberry. That's it!!! I rarely wear foundation and I can go without eyeshadow.

  16. Here’s what I’d get.

    Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipcolor in 909D Coral-ine. A lovely, bright coral shade that would look fresh and summery. This could also serve as cream blusher. 2.99$

    Wet n Wild Ultimate Sheer Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15. 3.99$

    Wet N Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder in Spotlight peach. 3.99$

    Maybelline Mineral power concealer, 6.94$

    total of 17,91$ for a beautiful, glowy complexion and summery lips.

    No mascara there, because I rarely use it.

  17. covergirl clean liquid foundation- $6
    wet n' wild concealer stick- $3
    wet n' wild trio in waling on eggshells- $3
    wet n' wild flirt? (I can't remember the name exactly) mascara- $3
    NYC smooth loose powder- $3
    wet n' wild tinted lip balm(in a color that would work for both cheeks and lips) - $2

    total- $20 exactly (I had to estimate prices)

  18. I once forgot my makeup bag when we were going on a cruise, but I had access to ELF, this will be hard.

    Maybelline quad in plum smokes 4.50
    WNW mascara red tube 2.00
    WNW blush heather silk 3.00
    LAColors dual shadowliner in tantalize 1.00
    NYC Gloss in Brighton peach 2.50
    WNW Megalast polish bird bath 2.00
    Rubykisses bronzer 4.00
    Nail file 1.00

    I really rarely wear foundation so, thats not an issue.

  19. Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Pealesant Pink $2.99

    Covergirl Aqua Smoothers Tinted Moisture $5

    Wet n Wild Sweet As Candy Trio $2.99

    Nivea A Kiss Of Moisture $2.99

    Maybelline Volum Express Turbo Boost Mascara In Black $5

    Hoping I could use my finger to get some extra mascara off of the wand and use it as eyeliner- I do love my eyeliner.

    Total - $19!

  20. This is super easy for me, I always count up my cosmetic cost in my head for the day. The lower it is, the bigger rush I get. Since the majority of my clothes comes from thrifting, clearance I do this for my outfit as well. It's really kind of sad how happy this makes me.

    WetNWild Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe $.99
    WetNWild MegaLast Lipstick 902c $1.99
    This lipstick is topped off with any cheap,pinkybeigyneutraly gloss $1.99
    Loreal Voluminous Mascara in black/brown $6
    The light beige frosty wetnwild .99 cent lipstick(forgot the number) to use as highlighter(brow, cheeks, tip of nose,inner eye)
    NYC smooth skin liquid foundation in soft beige applied sparingly with fingers around the nose $3
    Any bronzer/blusher in a pinky brown shade used as blusher on temples and apples but also eye crease(applicator below), using brush included $3
    LA Colors eyeshadow single in beige $1 or the wnw equivalent
    $WetNWild dark brown eye liner .99
    The last dollar would have to buy cheapie shadow applicators $1


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