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Friday, May 6, 2011

Review: Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer

I purchased this concealer a while back when CVS was running a sale and I also had some Extra Bucks and coupons. I ended up getting it for just pennies, and since I've heard so many good things about this particular concealer, I figured I was long overdue to try it myself:

Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer in 002 Light Medium
(retail: around $10.99, .04 oz)

The one thing I dislike about concealers that come in a click-pen delivery system is that you just don't get much product for your dollar. For instance, my beloved Maybelline SuperStay concealer (which comes in a standard tube with a wand applicator) is 0.18 oz and retails for around $7.99, whereas the Revlon concealer is 0.04 oz. and retails for around $10.99.

The shade I purchased, 002 Light Medium, appeared to have the most peach in it out of all the shades, so that's why I selected it. If my concealer has too much yellow in it, I find that it makes my under-eye darkness turn into a really odd shade of ashy gray. I need my concealer to have a peach tone to it, otherwise I know it's going to be a disaster.

Unfortunately, when I actually applied this product to my skin, I quickly realized that there was too much yellow in it:

In the "before" picture, I'm wearing absolutely no makeup (I hate "before" pictures!). I apologize for the glare on my skin, but that's just a reflection from my moisturizer. Anyway, as you can see in the "during" picture, there's a lot of yellow in 002 Light Medium. In the "after" pic, you can see that it did a great job of evening out the redness around my eye area (see my lids) but as for the darkness underneath my eyes? It's not concealed and it looks ashy. Therefore, this is one of many concealers I own that I can use on the rest of my face, but just not under my eyes.

As for the texture of this product, I understand now why so many people enjoy it. It's thin, but not watery, and it's very easy to apply--absolutely no tugging or pulling during application. I find that it doesn't settle into my fine lines, and it seems to keep the skin around my eyes hydrated throughout the day, without feeling greasy. I do find it too sheer for my particular needs though, as I found myself having to build a few layers of product when I tried to conceal some old acne scars on my cheek. I couldn't do it with one application. On the upside, once this concealer is on my skin, it seems to last for a good 7-8 hours on my oily skin with the help of a little setting powder (in my case, powder foundation).

FINAL VERDICT: If you have dry skin and you don't have moderate-to-severe under-eye darkness, I think you might love Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer. It applies and blends with ease, it's got good staying power, and it seems to keep my delicate under-eye area hydrated throughout the day, without feeling oily or greasy. Unfortunately for me, it doesn't conceal my under-eye darkness, and the color is not a good match for my skintone. However, it does conceal redness on other parts of my face, but if you have targeted areas that need more concealing, you'll probably need to build and use multiple layers to do get the job done. I really think this product is best suited to those who have minimal under-eye darkness and need a hydrating under-eye concealer that's not going to settle into fine lines.

Have you tried Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer? What do you think of it?


  1. I think I need a more heavy duty concealer than this one. I'm pretty pale so it makes my reddish purple under eyes stand out even more. Right now I'm really liking the PF CircleRx one that you recommended before. I like the Maybelline SuperStay one also but i don't think the have a color exactly right for me.

  2. My local Walgreens have this on clearance for like $3.50! (along with a couple other Revlon things)

  3. The Walgreens in my area (Denver) have this on clearance right now for something like $2.87. Since they also have the BOG50% off on Revlon stuff, I paid about $2.00 a tube for it. I took it home and tried it (got the lightest and the shade you got). Both work really well for my skin tone and I fell in love!! It does stay put really well and I find it covers my circles excellently and doesn't creep into any fine lines. I have since been to several Walgreens around me and picked up what must be something like 8 tubes overall. It is a great price for a great coverup (that is easy to use when I'm out and about so I keep one in my purse). Sorry the color didn't work for you. :(

  4. !!SALE ALERT!!

    On Monday, I found this concealer on "Last Chance" Clearance at Walgreens (look for the orange stickers)- it is marked down to $2.79, plus all Revlon is BOGOHalf until tomorrow!

    Also at Walgreens:
    Rimmel Bronzer 50% off marked down to $2.89
    Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder (the ones that look like MAC MSF's) on Last Chance Clearance marked down to $3.59
    Revlon Age Defying Spa Illuminators (cream highlighters with brush tips) on Last Chance Clearance marked down to $3.59

    Combined with the BOGOHalf this week, you can try out these Revlon goodies for super cheap!

  5. The Age Defying Spa concealer is okay...not too much coverage, like you said...but I prefer Revlon's Age Defying Moisturizing concealer in the squeeze tube because it offers much better coverage. And it's creamy and doesn't look cakey either.

  6. I haven't tried this particular concealer, but I have the L'Oreal version that functions in pretty much the exact same way, and I loooooove iiiiiiit. Have you tried that one out? It's called something like True Match Touche Magique. I'm pretty bad at discerning colours/undertones, but I have the C2 shade, if I'm not mistaken, and it has what I'd describe as a peachy tone to it. You might like that one!

  7. excellent review..this is not for me cuz I have oily skin but your review on this was great!

  8. This is on clearance at my Wags and may pick up but IDK if I will run right out and get it....Good to know about the coverage.p.s. does anyone have puffy but not dark circles under their eyes? I do and would love a de-puffer that really works

  9. You should try the revlon age defying concealer; it has much more coverage and lasts all day!

  10. Thanks for the review, following you now! :)


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