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Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Rose

It seems like it was so long ago that my pal Kimberly spotted the Physicians Formula Happy Booster collection and shared her pics with us, but in reality it was only one month ago! Boy how time flies, right?

By now, I'm sure you've seen reviews of this blush on several other blogs, but today I'd just like to chime in and give you my thoughts.

Physician Formula Happy Booster
Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Rose
(retail: around $13, .24 oz)

I purchased this almost three weeks ago and I've been using it off and on ever since. As the box indicates, this is a "mood boosting blush", which means it's infused with natural plant extracts that mimic the effect of endorphins, thus creating a happy feeling when worn on the skin:

To further elevate your happiness, there is a "violet" scent to this blush, which I find just lovely. But honestly, I don't really get violet from it. To my nose, it's more of a soft floral rose blend--almost tea-rose, actually. But whatever it is, I find it actually does make me happy when I smell it, so mission accomplished, Physicians Formula!

Also, how can you NOT be happy when you look at this blush? I mean, really.

The pink! The hearts! The metallic red compact! This blush is overflowing with happiness! This might be purely psychological, but I swear I get in a better mood just holding this blush in my hands.

The compact itself is designed just like other PF compacts (product on top, mirror and applicator underneath). And the brush is just too cute with its pink and red bristles. Surprisingly, this brush looks like it's going to be quite rough when you first see it, but I've used it in a pinch a few times and I didn't find it rough or harsh at all.

The above pics were taken right after application (these pics were actually taken on the same day as the pics I took for my Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara review). As you can see, this blush gives a nice pinkish-rose glow to the skin, and there is some sparkle, shimmer and sheen to this blush as well. Some of the hearts contain more sparkle, while some hearts contain more shimmer/sheen. But when blended, I do want you to be aware that you will definitely see some shimmer on your cheeks. This is not a matte blush by any means. This isn't a super sparkly or shimmery blush (believe me, I've used blushes that contain far more sparkle and shimmer) but it is there, and I tried to capture it in these photos.

I found this blush to apply very easily (powder blushes are my favorite so I'm quite the critic) and it blends quite easily as well. The powder is finely milled and a cinch to work with. I absolutely love the texture.

One thing I DEFINITELY want to call to your attention is that, at first, I always think I haven't applied enough of this blush. It always feels like I can't quite see it on my cheeks, so I reach for more and start building the color. BUT THEN, it's like this blush slowly creeps up on you and BAM, it's so easy to over-do it! And once you layer on too much, it's difficult to soften it up (even applying some powder over the blush doesn't really diminish its intensity for me!).

So a word of caution: apply a small amount, and then wait a minute. You might be surprised to see that you've applied the perfect amount, even though it might not feel like it at first! Less is actually more with this product and, for me, it takes a minute or two for the color to really take effect. Resist the urge to build for more intensity, because you might apply too much and, since this blush is very pigmented, it's a challenge to tone down.

FINAL VERDICT: Whether or not this truly boosts your mood is up for you to decide. Even if the plant extracts don't work for you, there are still so many things about this blush that can put you in a happy mood, including the heart pattern, metallic red compact, pink and red brush, the soft floral fragrance, and the actual product itself. I love love love the pinkish-rose shade of Rose, and I find it extremely pigmented and easy to work with. All in all, I think this blush is pretty irresistible. I certainly would never talk you out of making a purchase (especially this week since there's a $3 off peelie on the box AND you get $7 back in Extra Bucks at CVS, AND you might get lucky and get the $3 Physicians Formula coupon from the red scanner box!). If you can take advantage of those three deals (or even one ore two of them), then this one has your name written all over it. Heck, I would purchase it for full price and I rarely, if ever, say that. Between this and all the other new PF products I've reviewed lately, I have to say that I'm QUITE impressed with their 2011 offerings so far.

Do you own anything from the Physicians Formula Happy Booster collection? If so, what do you think of these products? Do they increase your happiness a bit? Are you pleased with their performance? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I just picked this up the other day, and I pretty much totally agree with your review! The packaging is adorable and the product is decent. However is does go on quite boldly and it's easy to over apply (like you mentioned.)

    Great review!!!

  2. It will appear that you need more indoors, but because it's so sheer it's easy to build up too much color. I've noticed that the ingredients list features butters and oils that are good for your skin, so perhaps they make it last longer and cause the color to be more intense.

  3. Great review G!!! I just reviewed this blush on my blog as well. :) I *totally* love it!!! You are right...I get happy just holding this pretty compact in my hand, lol! And, is easy to "overdo" if not careful as the color truely does creep up on you. But, so very pretty!!! Love it!!! :)

  4. I JUST purchased this! Literally an hour ago! I was on the hunt at Ulta for the Katy Perry polishes (sold out!) But I spotted this and it turned my frown into a smile ;) Cheesy, but I love it! Can't wait to use it!

  5. I picked this up in Natural and I was surprised at how much I love it.

    It's pigmented but not hard to work with. The scent is lovely and I usually hate scent in makeup. It's glowy but the shimmer is not overkill. It's just perfectly balanced!

    Best of all, it's a really close dupe of Benefit's Coralista blush! I have comparison pics on my blog. :)

  6. Love this. It is exactly what my cool blonde complexion needs until the sun comes out in cold Central NY. I little does go along way!

  7. I did purchase this a few weeks back but had to return it. I didn't use the product itself, but the scent was way too much for me! I guess I have a very sensitive nose... but I do love the packaging like you mentioned!

  8. *crosses fingers* that I get the CVS coupon at the scanner thing. :)

  9. it swatches so pretty on your cheeks!!! :D i want to get one of these!

  10. I haven't seen these in Canada yet, at least where I've gone but I will be on the lookout, these look so pretty.

  11. I absolutely LOVE my Happy Booster in Natural. It's a really fantastic, glowy, NATURAL blush...

  12. I purchased this in the natural shade. I really like it ;)
    Rose is cute on you.

  13. i haven't been able to find these, so i caved and bought the Stila one!

  14. I picked these up in Rose and Natural about a month ago and since then all of my other blushes have been feeling very neglected! :) At first I thought they smelled of roses, but now I get more of a Clinique Happy vibe (but not as potent) - but my sniffer is whacked from being pregnant, so who knows?! All I know is I hope they don't discontinue these anytime soon!

  15. Just discovered your blog, I am officially obsessed! Thanks for writing the blog. I knew there must be others out there who are obsessed with drug store beauty!

  16. I just got this today! The packaging is so cute and the colors are gorgeous. I'm so happy I got this for $4!

  17. I found it, I found it! Because of the weather here this week (and the general slowness with new product displays here), nobody was getting this stuff stocked. FInally, on my fifth CVS (yes, five...ugh..well I didn't have anything else to do and it was too pretty out to sit at home. :p Sitting in the car soaking up the sun was fun) I found the display...brand-spanking new. Couldn't have been up more than an hour and everything was completely untouched. I got my pick of the lot!

    Grabbed the blush, translucent powder, and the new 3-pack eyeliners. Wanna guess what I paid for everything? $15. Thank you coupons from the CVS machine, extra bucks, promotions, and coupons on the actual items.

    Kind of disappointed with the liners, but that's for another post. The blush? Awesome! Just looking at it makes me happy!

  18. Yay! I'm so glad that, for the most part, it seems that those of you who also own this blush share my feelings about it! Thanks SO much for sharing your thoughts here! :)

    Crystal: So sorry to hear the fragrance was too strong for you. I only really smell it upon application, and then I can't smell it anymore. But either way, I love the smell and it does boost my mood a bit. Sorry it didn't work for you in the same way. :(

    CheapChick: I'm crossing my fingers FOR you!

    Anita: Yay! We drugstore makeup lovers have to stick together!

    Zombii: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear the liners aren't working for you! I LOVE them so much--what exactly didn't work for you about them?

  19. Just saw these in Rite Aid but didn't purchase b/c I have so many amazing CVS coupons! Hopefully they get these soon.

    Also: I'm disappointed the blushes are the same price as the powders and bronzers, considering those are bigger!


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