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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wet n Wild Coloricon Brow & Eye Liners (new shades!)

I'm working furiously behind the scenes to bring you the new 2011 Wet n Wild releases I received recently, and today I'd like to share with you the new shades offered in the core collection Coloricon Brow & Eye Liners.

The following image is of ALL the shades in the range, but I will give you a closer look at the new shades further down in this post.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Brow & Eye Liners
(retail: $0.99)
From Wet n Wild: 

Color Icon™ Brow & Eye Liner - $0.99 SRP
Fan, makeup artist, celebrity, and just about everyone’s favorite eyeliner – revamped! Same great rich, creamy eyeliners in an improved formula and new trendy shades! Delivers a new durable wax and soy glyceride system and is fortified with Vitamin E acetate to offer lasting color that glides on effortlessly.
New Shades in Purple, Amethyst, Green and Olive.

My first memory of Wet n Wild eyeliners was watching in awe as my best friend's big sister used a lighter to warm the tip of her black eyeliner pencil. Back then, most drugstore eyeliners were extremely firm and difficult to apply to the eye area unless your warmed the tip up beforehand.

BOY have things changed! The improved formula of the Coloricon Brow & Eye Liners is so smooth and creamy! I've been applying each of these shades to my eyes in the last several days (sometimes four or five within a given day, which is crazy even for me) and they are consistently smooth as buttah.


Here are the NEW shades in the Brow & Eye Liner collection:

I love that all of the new shades are rich jewel-tones colors. I'm especially loving Amethyst, which I think would look amazing on green and hazel eyes.

Here are the rest of the core collection shades (not new shades, but new and improved formula):

(Turquoise is the only shade in the range that has sparkle in it--the sparkle is silver if you can't see it in my photo)

Final Verdict: After wearing these newly-reformulated liners for several days now, I can confirm that they are extremely easy to apply and are quite smooth and creamy. The pigmentation of these pencils seems to vary slightly from shade to shade (for instance, Black is not an intense black, but more of a softer black) and the metallics in this range seem to be the most packed with pigment, though I wouldn't classify any of these pencils as "weak" in pigmentation.  The staying power for me and my super-oily skin was great on my upper lids, though I found that I didn't get the same level of staying power on my bottom lids. However, I always have better luck with long-wear pencils when it comes to my oily lower-lid area.

For $0.99 each, I think Coloricon Brow & Eye Liners are an extremely affordable way to experiment with color and try some shades that you normally wouldn't wear (or want to commit to purchasing at a higher price-point). You can play around with these and maybe discover some shades that you never thought would work for you before!

Do you already own any Coloricon Brow & Eye Liners? Are you excited to try the new, improved formula and the new shades? I'd love to hear from you!
Disclosure: The above image is published by request from Wet n Wild. has not received any form of compensation, monetary or otherwise, for writing this post or for accepting the title of "Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador". has received editorial samples from Wet n Wild for this review. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. These eyeliners are calling my name! I want to rush over to Walgreens right now!!! =) Thanks G giving us the details on their new collection! You're the best!

  2. Do you think these would work on the waterline? I wanna try amethyst and bronze. Thanks for posting. U rock!

  3. Wait, are they discontinuing Taupe?! D: Oh, no! It was my go to brow pencil... Guess it's time to stock up...

  4. I saw some of these new colors today at Walgreens but figured I'd wait until your review before purchasing. However, I forgot to check the price. I noticed two lengths so are the short pencils $.99 and the long ones more expensive or are they both the $.99? Thanks for the swatches!

  5. OH. EM. GEE. The Purple, Amethyst, and Green will be mine!

  6. Thanks for putting in the effort for such a great blog entry! The pencils look great. Wags is supposed to have a 50% off Wnw next week, so I expect I'll be pillaging there soon!

  7. It's good to hear that they are creamy and easy to apply. That's the reason I never used WnW liners before. So hard that it hurt to apply.

  8. The tourquise looks beautiful! I think I shall need that for spring! :) Thank you for all the work you do G.!! :) Love this blog!

  9. I'm in love with the purple color. These are such a great steal!

    Thanks again for sharing all these wonderful goodies with us!

  10. I don't think they've discontinued Taupe. It's my HG brow pencil so I would simply die if they did. LOL I recently bought the reformulated Coloricon Taupe pencil because I was running low on the one I had. I did swatches and, compared to the old formula Taupe, the new Coloricon Taupe is more grey/ashy in color. Since I have dark hair it actually works a little better for me, and I rather like how the new pencil is more creamy and less hard/waxy.

  11. I don't see Taupe! That's my go to brow pencil. I really hope it's not discontinued!

  12. In true Nouveau Cheap fashion I rarely buy anything that isn't on sale. But these look gorgeous and are super inexpensive so I may have to make an exception.

  13. These aren't new, they came out last summer but were limited edition at that time. I've got all of these except turquoise and deep blue. Remember this?

    I'm glad they made these core products, my Rite Aid had none of the ColorIcon pencils, they had IdolEyes, Kohl, and H2O proof pencil liners instead. I didn't like any of them, they were hard and weren't well pigmented. I threw them out, but have been using the ColorIcon ones I bought from the limited edition display on a regular basis.

  14. Thanks so much, everyone, for the kind words. I hope these swatches help! :)

    twinkles6801: I've used the matte liners on my waterline and they were fine, but I'm not sure if I'd use the shimmers, metallics or the one with the sparkle, only because I've heard that those can sometimes irritate sensitive eyes (that goes for any shimmer, metallic or sparkly liner, not just WnW). Hope that helps!

    coco_fiere: these and the shimmer pencils are $0.99 but the new retractable liners (which I'm going to review shortly) are $1.99. :)

    Mimsy: I think you're right. Maybe they just forgot to send it to me, but I'm pretty certain Taupe has not been discontinued. Thanks for the helpful info!

    calmingchaos: Nope, I don't believe Taupe is d/c. See Mimsy's comment above. I think they just didn't send me that one.

    Jessi M: Haha! Well, I have some good news for you. I'll be mentioning this again my weekly drugstore makeup sale post, but all WnW will be 50% off at Wags next week. :)

    Donna: Yes, of course I remember that. I was hoping no one would mention that post until I had a chance to confirm this with WnW. Please, I don't know FOR SURE that these are not new, because per their press release, these new liners have been reformulated. I need to know FOR SURE, from WnW, before I mention that LE collection from earlier this year. I realize the colors are the same, however I did NOT want to say anything until I knew for sure if the FORMULA was different than the pencils in that LE collection. My guess is that this might the same scenario as the Pixel Perfect nail collection, where the colors are the same but the formula is different. I'll post an update when I have official confirmation.

  15. PS: Donna, you may be asking why I posted this liner post before I confirmed that with them, and all I can say is that I'm trying to get these WnW posts up as quickly as possible and I've already flooded them with reader questions and my own questions. So in other words, when I find out if these are truly new or not, I will let you know. But it might take a little while. I hope you understand. :)

  16. GGGGGGG!!! OMG I was so excited when I found out that you're Wet n Wild Beauty're perfect for it. I read your little post about it and how your first lipstick was wnw and I was like...awww...that's so cool!


  17. I always buy MAC Kohl pencils because I know they're soft enough to use n my waterline, but I may need to pick up one, (or all!), of these! Turquoise is calling my name, which is crazy, because I never wear bright liner.

  18. I love the charcoal for my brows (taupe is way too brown against my hair & skintone), I don't really use pencil liners anymore, but I might get a few colored ones. Btw is it just me or are the pencils shorter now?

  19. Aaah okay, G. I just thought it was odd that everyone is acting like we've never seen these before. I thought I was in the Twilight Zone for a sec and had to go chase down that post.

    I'm also envious that apparently everyone else has had ColorIcon pencils available all the time and not just in that limited edition display. Why is my Rite Aid still selling old crappy pencils??? I don't care if WnW reformulated because I already love the formula of the ColorIcon pencils I have!

    cjx3pooh, I kind of wish they were shorter. I'm extremely nearsighted and have to be really close to the mirror to apply my makeup and have to hold these pencils awkwardly, kind of sideways, to apply or they hit the mirror. I am curious to know if the product goes all the way to the end of the pencil. Are we really getting so much product? Can't really complain about that!

  20. I got one of these in Olive and it's fabulous :)

  21. Thanks for the reply, G! I stopped in Wags on my way home from work and decided to pick up 1 in Olive. Well, it was not midnight yet but they'd already been changed in the system so it rang up at $.49! So, of course I went back and added Green, Amethyst, Purple and the Dark Blue one to my purchase! I totally love that you're the WnW ambassador.

  22. I got the olive and the amethyst last week. I love that olive color. It's not a weak olive color.

  23. Hey, G! I went to Walgreens and found a shade called "Sky Blue". Is this limited edition?


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