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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Very Important Wet n Wild Info (please read)

If you're interested in the new 2011 Wet n Wild products I showed you last week, then I am practically begging you to take a few minutes to read this post.  Since last week, I've been flooded with emails/comments/tweets from many of you with questions regarding the 2011 releases, and while I love hearing from you, I'm finding it difficult to respond to every question and I'm afraid I've fallen very behind on my replies. 

So hopefully this post will answer all of your questions, but of course if you still have a question that I did not address here, please leave it in the comments section (if you send me an email, I'm sorry but I may not reply in a timely manner) and I'll do my very best to respond. If I don't have the answer to your question, I'll try to get the answer, so please be patient with me. And thank you in advance!

Question: Are the new trios, 8-pans, polishes, etc. limited edition?

Answer: NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING that I've shown you from the 2011 Wet n Wild collection is limited edition. I don't understand how this rumor has spread like wildfire throughout the blogosphere, but I've seen many people on blogs and Twitter state that the new 8-pans, trios, etc. are limited edition. I never stated that in ANY of my reviews, and I have received direct confirmation from Wet n Wild that NOTHING I've shown you in the last week is limited edition. The ONLY "special" collection is the 8-pans, which are NOT limited edition, but will only be available in select retailers for now (Walgreens and Walmart). 

Question: When will I be able to find the 8-pans and all of the other new Wet n Wild products in my area? 

Answer: I cannot give you an exact date. It's my understanding that Wet n Wild shipped these at roughly the same time to their retailers, but IT IS UP TO YOUR SPECIFIC STORE as to when they choose to put these on display. Some stores are quicker than others, while other stores may be understaffed, etc. and those stores may not put them out for a while. I just have no way of telling you when you'll find the 8-pans or anything else from the 2011 collection, but I do know that they SHOULD start to surface around the 15th of this month.  

Question: I'm new to Wet n Wild and I'd like to know how I can purchase the products you've blogged about. 

Answer: If there are retailers in your area that already sell Wet n Wild (Kmart, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.), those very same retailers should eventually carry the new 2011 products that I have blogged about. The only exception is the 8-pans, which will only be sold at Walmart and Walgreens.

Question: When will Canadians have access to the 8-pans? 

Answer: Canadians will not have access to the 8-pans in Canada, at least for the first part of this year. This may change eventually.

Question: Are the existing 6-pans and trios (those released in 2010) being discontinued? Is the Taupe Coloricon Eye & Brow Liner being discontinued?

Answer: Here is the official list (directly from Wet n Wild) of EVERYTHING THAT IS BEING DISCONTINUED THIS YEAR:
  • I-Sparkle Eyeshadow
  • Lash Intense Mascara
  • MegaChrome Eyeliner
  • Arch Envy Color & Set
  • H2O Proof Blending Eye Pencil
  • MegaMixers Flavored Lip Balm
  • MegaLast Long Wear Dual Lip Color
  • Craze Nail Color (current shades) 
NOTE: There may be limited edition Craze collections released throughout the year with new formulas and new packaging.

As of the time I write this, the products above are the ONLY products that are being discontinued.

Question: Are the Coloricon Eye & Brow Liners you showed us here truly NEW? I swear I've seen them in my drugstores for a while now.

Answer: Yes, they are brand new because the formula has been improved. If you saw any of the shades listed in this post last year, those pencils were part of an LE collection released last year. The pencils in this post are new, with a new, improved formula, although some of the shades are the same as those in the previous LE collection.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. And don't forget--if you have a question that I did not answer in this post, please leave a comment below and I will do my very best to get an answer for you! 

Oh, and don't forget Wet n Wild is currently 50% off at Walgreens THIS WEEK (sale ends Saturday night).


  1. Still crossing my fingers that I'll find some new goodies at Walgreens before the sale is over!

    Thanks for the info!

  2. As an American living in Canada, I have to say I am VERY disappointed in our lack of availability for beauty products.

    Wondering if that is a customs thing-it's terrible. Often, Canada won't receive entire collections from makeup companies! Sad, isn't it....

  3. Thank you so much for posting this G. :) x

  4. You are doing an amazing job bringing us all this information and organizing it in such a great user friendly way.

  5. Thanks G. You work so hard and really go above and beyond. I know very few people who are dedicated as you. You don't just show us swatches, you actually take the time to answer our questions and when you don't know the answer, you find out. Wet n Wild is lucky to have you as it's ambassador!

  6. Maureen: Crossing my fingers FOR you. :)

    meredith: In my limited knowledge of foreign distribution, a lot of times it's out of the brand's control because each country has their own company that handles the distribution for that particular country. I can't speak for Wet n Wild or any other US beauty brands, but I think it's more complicated than we (consumers) are aware of. But that said, I feel your frustration! That are TONS of brands I wish would come to the US (hello, Barry M.!) but sadly, it might not ever happen. :(

    Stavroula: You're so welcome, honey!

    beautynscience: Thank you so much for that. It really, really means the world to me that you'd think that, and then take the time to leave it in a comment. *hugs*

    Jessi M: Thank you so much, sweetheart. I think what fuels my passion about this is that I personally am a longtime fan of this brand, you know? I'm JUST as excited as all of you, so if I can get you more info, I'll do it in a heartbeat because it's info that I would want to know as well! So thank you for that. xo

  7. Thanks for all the information. I just started following your blog a few days ago...its really helpful. =)

  8. Thank you so much for this, G!

    I was really worried that the six pan palettes, old trios, and singles were going away for good. I'm so happy they're not - I've been getting bad hours at work now that it's after holiday season, and I didn't wanna run out and buy backups when I'm low on cash. :p

    It's awesome that you've got all this info for us, I love coming home and reading the new posts!

  9. I live in Canada and am SO sad that we won't be getting the 8-pan palettes. Hopefully WnW will eventually bring them over :'(!!

  10. Okay, I'll totally take your word for it. I got kinda weirded out because the first new WnW stuff I saw in my Walgreens (namely the pencils, polishes, mascaras and shadow trios) were all in this disposable little cardboard endcap type display, hanging on the side of an aisle. It's how they displayed LE WnW stuff in the past and it made me worry that these were limited edition too. I guess they'll be moving these products to the wall in the future.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. :) XOXO

  11. Thanks so much for giving up ALL the deets, G- not just pretty pictures (check!), not just quick reviews (check!), not just swatches, (check!), not just every new option all shown together (check!), but above and beyond! The future WnW Ambassadors are never going to be able to match your unflagging energy and enthusiasm! :)

  12. Thank you G.!! This is very helpful. When and if you do reviews on the new pencils (especially with glitter) could you note if the glitter "travels"? This could be helpful for contact lens wearers. I keep hoping to find pencils w glitter that doesnt. Thanks in advance!

  13. This is a great post, but when it comes to comments asking the same things over and over... I would suggest that you work to preserve YOUR time instead of catering to people who can't be bothered to do a bit of reading/research, and just not reply to comments that you've already answered many times in posts!

  14. G, you are the best! Thank you so much for getting all this information for us.

    The one thing that surprised me is that they are discontinuing the Craze polishes, since it appears to me that those are the most popular ones. Although the Wild Shines don't do too badly either. I would think the MegaLasts would be the ones to go. Sure every once in awhile a new color gets a little interest but for the most part I don't know of anyone who is or has been totally excited by that line.

    My Walgreens doesn't have any of the new stuff out! Grrrrrrr! I'm sure they will be out next week after the 50% off sale ends...

  15. I thought of a question, in the list of new stuff there was supposed to be glitters and shimmer dusts, why didn't WnW send those to you for review? And are they still coming out with them?

  16. Wow! Great info...
    You're the Best!

  17. this might help your readers since i don't think i've seen this put out there. i found the new trios, liners, and nail polishes on a cardboard endcap in the shampoo aisle (or the aisle right next to the makeup) just like the holiday palettes were displayed. i totally missed them my first go round! and they did ring up 50% off without any problem! i'll be looking forward to the 8-pan palettes!

  18. Just to second Sarah's post -- my Walgreen's also had the end-cap display with the new for 2011 items, EXCEPT the 8-pan shadows (I asked for them; the SA confirmed that they weren't on display, but didn't know if the store had received shipment yet). And the new 2011 merch did ring up at 50% off, even though that display was not labeled as on sale at all.

    Finally, I LOVE the "Buffy the Violet Slayer" fast-dry color. It's on my nails now! Thanks for bringing these great products to our attention, and saving us lots of money!

  19. Agreed. Canada never gets collections when it comes to drugstore which is why reading your blog makes me exciting and depressed. I don't expect to see these Wet n Wild products for months. :( SO SAD.

  20. I just saw a display at Rite Aid yesterday with all the new trios, so they seem to be out at other locations besides Walgreens already :)

  21. Steffy, the only product that is exclusive to Walgreens and Walmart is the 8 pan palettes. Everything else that G has shown us will be showing up anywhere that sells Wet N Wild. The only reason everyone was checking Walgreens was because WnW was 50% off last week. This week WnW is BOGO50 at Rite Aid (I think), so we will be over there looking for the nail polishes, trios, eye pencils, etc this week...and checking Walgreens and Walmart for the 8 pans! lol


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