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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seven Random Facts about Me

It's been a while since I did a tag, and since I was just recently awarded this one by my good friend Kellie G of Also Known As, as well as Ali from Ali's Nail News, Renee from You Nailed It and Hebridian Sprite, I thought it would be a great time to share it with you (if you awarded this tag to me and I did not mention you here, please leave a comment and let me know--I've been under the weather lately and I apologize if you emailed me about this and I missed it!).

I want to thank all of you lovely ladies for the tag--I love your blogs so much!

The rules for this award are to:
thank and link the person who gave it to you,
jot down 7 random facts about you,
give the award to 15 other lucky bloggers
and let them know about it.

Here are my seven random facts:

1. I'm obsessed with new and unique candy. I don't eat it as much as I'd like (thank goodness) but this blog creates lemmings for me in much the same way that beauty blogs do--in other words, I go out and try to find new candies whenever there's a new blog post! I just need to see new candy in person, for myself. It's a sickness.

2. I used to collect vintage purses from the 1950s and 1960s (lucite and bakelite purses, especially) and I still have quite the collection even though I'm not an active collector anymore. Here's one of my favorites:

I love this little barrel purse! I love the carved lucite handle, the faux mother-of-pearl finish and just the general shape of it and how it opens and closes.

3. My go-to movie that I will stop to watch whenever it's on TV (and I do mean whenever): Pretty in Pink.

4. I have a younger brother who, apparently, is very attractive to the ladies. Whenever we go out, I see women stare at him, which of course I find absolutely hilarious. One time we were at a frozen yogurt shop and a group of teenage girls were standing behind him watching which flavors he was putting into his cup. At first I thought something was wrong, so I walked over to see what they were staring at. Then I overheard them giggling and I think one of them even took a cell phone pic of him. Needless to say, I still give him crap about this every single day.

5. I'm a night-owl and I always have been. I absolutely hate mornings.

6. I type 90 WPM (words per minute).

7. My boyfriend, "Mr. G", and I have been together for almost ten years. He's the most amazing man I've ever met, and I never thought it was possible to still have a crush on someone you've been with for almost a decade. But it is. And I do.

Whenever I do a tag, I try to highlight awesome bloggers who are not in my blogroll. And this time I'd like to tag some bloggers who are not located in the US. Reading beauty blogs from around the globe has opened my eyes to fascinating and diverse information that I would have never known about otherwise. So thanks to all of these wonderful bloggers--I hope you take a look at what they have to offer!

I tag:

Drugstore and Bargain Lover (Greece)
Gaby's Beauty Blog (Canada)
Catanya's Things (Spain)
Madame B Fatale (Australia)
Nihrida (Slovenia)
Deez Nailz (Canada)
Confessions of a Make Up Addict (England)
The War Paint Guru (Scotland)
Rugby Beauty (Sweden)
on beauty stuff and what else's (Philippines)
Amused Polish (Austria)
Shopcoholic for Makeup (Malaysia)
Pretty Much Makeup (Indonesia)
Alliebunni's Blog (Scotland)
Hangi Oje Yakismas Ki Bana (Turkey)
Askmewhats (Philippines)


  1. Thanks for sharing these random facts about you! I love learning personal things about bloggers I admire!

  2. I had fun reading about you! I have an older brother whom I guess is very attractive too. When I was vacationing with him, there were Japanese girls tailing us, giggling, and taking pictures of him. It was really cute, haha.

    Thank you for tagging me, I'm very honored! :)

  3. Fun!! Thanks for sharing!!! p.s. do you ever wear any of your collection of bags?

  4. Thanks G! Its nice to hear about "the woman behind the lipstick (or the nail polish, eyeliner, blush, eyeshadow, foundation, shampoo, skin care)!" The part about Mr. G made my heart happy :) I have a man like that (going on 8 years for us... we were 16 when we first got together!) and it makes me so happy that other people get to experience the same thing! Especially someone as sweet as you.

  5. So fun to learn more about the people behind the blog! Oh and that candy blog.....dying, love it :)

  6. Oh, G, why oh why did you have to mention/link that candy blog?! I have, shall we say, a bit of a sweet tooth which has only gotten worse since I've been pregnant! I am in T-R-O-U-B-L-E now!!! :)

  7. I enjoyed reading these random facts about you. That purse is really neat. I wish I could see more of your collection.

  8. This was really cute and fun to read! You realize that you have to post a picture of this brother of yours now, don't you? Haha. :]

  9. Thanks doll!! I love reading litle facts I wouldn't know already!

  10. Thanks for sharing, G! I love reading random facts about people. You definitely post a picture of your brother and maybe edit it so his eyes are covered!

  11. Thanks for the interesting factoids! That purse is to die for, and I bet the rest of your collection is too :)

  12. Wow dear, thanks for the tag :) super appreciate it :)

  13. Thanks soooo much for the tag girly! I really appreciate it! Loved hearing a little bit more about you! xxx

  14. I was a teenager in the 80s, so I've been watching Pretty In Pink for many, many years - it's my absolute hands-down favourite teen movie. I think Duckie is probably my One True Love, lol. I can't believe Andie chose Blane over him!

  15. oooh bakelite?
    That's awesome! Do you get those purses off Ebay mainly?

  16. K: What an absolutely sweet thing to say! Thank you, love! xo

    Fifi: OMG, how funny that we have that in common! Oh, and I just saw that you love the Pixies and Pearl Jam, so that makes it three things we have in common (at least)! xo

    robin: I used to use my purses when I'd go out on the weekends, but then I stopped because I started noticing some wear and tear. :(

    Jessi: You are an absolute doll, you know that? Thank you so much for that! And I am SO glad you've got a similar situation! It's so wonderful to find a soul-mate, and I know you're probably like me and don't take it for granted one bit. It's such a treasure, isn't it? xoxo

    Tracy: Yay for candy!! So glad you like it too, honey! :)

    JenJen: YOU'RE PREGNANT??? OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I need to email you and find out all the wonderful details!! Yay! I'm doing a happy dance for you right now! *hugs* xo

    bluecollarsophisticate: Awww, that's so sweet of you to say! Thank you, honey! :)

    J: Hahahah! I asked him about that and he was like, "Huh? Are you serious?" He so doesn't get it! haha!

    madame b fatale: You are so welcome! Love your blog! xl

    Kitty: Hahaha! I'm not sure if he's into it, but maybe! :)

    Dark Threads: Oh thank you so much, honey! I'm SO glad you love it too. :)

    Askmewhats: You are SO welcome, sweetie!

    Nic: It was truly my pleasure. Love ya, girlie! :)

    queta: Yay for new candy! haha! xo

    Dee: Me too! I was actually a teen starting in 1983 all the way through 1989, so this is definitely MY movie! haha! I wanted to be Andie soooo bad! And you know what? I read that in the original script, John Hughes DID have Andie end up with Duckie, but the audience didn't like it so...he changed it. :(

    AllThingsKitsch: I did get some from ebay back in the day before they charged an arm and a leg for vintage purses, but I also got some from local antique shops. :)

  17. Hmm yep... We're gonna need to see a picture of your brother haha!

  18. my bad.. sorry just read your twitter message =(

    thanks for the tag.. btw, im from the philippines hehe

  19. Thank you so much for tagging me G. ! ;) And what a cool thing to tag people from all around the world ;) x

  20. Funny, G- and cute too! It's nice getting to learn more about you beyond the blog!


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