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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wet n Wild Alert! Have you seen this traincase yet?

Before I get into this drugstore spotting, I want to mention that if you saw this post about the new limited edition Jordana Neon collection, my lovely Twitter follower and Youtuber Abby just gave me the heads-up that this collection is now available at Cherry Culture (click here for the eyeshadows and here for the automatic eyeliners)! So if you've been wanting some of these goodies but haven't spotted the display at your Walgreens, you have another way of getting them now. Big thanks for that tip, Abby!

Now for the Wet n Wild Traincase! Several bloggers and readers have told me about this and up until a few days ago, I didn't think I'd actually get to see it (I can't find it anywhere in my area). But then my lovely longtime reader BeautifulMonday not only spotted the WnW Traincase at her local CVS, but she also snapped some pics and sent them to me! So HUGE thanks to BeautifulMonday for taking all these great photos and sending them over!  This is one heck of a deal at just $9.99! If you spot this in YOUR area, I suggest you snatch one up ASAP.

Front of case:  

Two Color Icon Eyeshadow Trios
Sweet as Candy and Don't Steal my Thunder
(for a closer look at these trios, click here)

Two Color Icon Blushes 
Heather Silk and Berry Shimmer 
(hard to tell, but that's my best guess)

Close-up shot of front of case

Right side of case:

Two Mega Last Nail Colors
I can't see the English title but the French is "Rouge d'emotion" (this looks like the shade Red Tape but I could be wrong) and Sugar Coat

Back of case:

Two mascaras
Mega Length and Mega Plump

Right side of case:

Two Mega Last Lip Colors
Hard to tell, but maybe Red Velvet and Wine Room?

So, have you spotted the Wet n Wild Traincase in your area yet? I think this would be an AWESOME gift for makeup beginners and addicts alike. Also, I think it would be perfect for those gals who always say, "Wet n Wild? No thanks!" because it features a sampling of some of the best Wet n Wild has to offer. If you have someone in your life who doubts the powers of Wet n Wild, give them this for their birthday or for the holidays. I think it might change their minds. :)

Do you plan to pick up this traincase either for yourself or someone else? Have you spotted it in your area? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. !!!! This is me flipping out over this train case. I will be on the lookout for this now. SUCH A GOOD DEAL. :)

  2. omg that looks awesome! I might buy it for the case as well, I need more storage!

  3. @PCS- just one thing: it looks and feels a bit flimsy. i couldn't open it to see how it was arranged inside- one would hope it has shelves or drawers- but it was rather lightweight so i'd be interested to see how it would hold up.

    my traincase is really old and hefty, so i'm spoiled. it's also cushioned. once you close it up it's like a hydrogen bomb.

  4. This looks so cool and it's such a great and inexpensive way to try a lot of WnW products. If I see this I will definitely pick it up.

  5. I want, I want, I want... It would be great too because it's such a steal for the price as compared to buying the items separate.

  6. oh yeah! this is a great deal. even though i'm horrible at applying eyeshadow i think i'll swipe this one up. off to CVS!

  7. Aww yayyy love to see my name on my most fave blog! eeeek. But i need that traincase. i will be scouting for that bad boy everywhere. i want, i need. ahhh.

  8. If I see it, I am SO buying it!!!!

  9. I did not see this at my CVS yet. I think I should go and check it out again.

  10. so after reading this post i went out and bought this train case at my CVS. The products are all amazing and im super excited to use these.It took me a while to find this as it was not in the makeup aisle but down the center with all the gift packs thingies. My fiance thought i was crazy by the way i grabbed for it!

    The only down side: the eye shadow and blush are not in sturdy cases, i dont think they would survive a trip in a purse or anything. Other than that im pretty happy with this purchase.

  11. I want want want that. I can't find it online. Boo. I hope I can find it at a CVS or something.

  12. Whaaat. That's such a good deal, then again I might not like all the colors b.c you can't pick & choose

  13. My CVC had at least 10 of these yesterday. I was able to open it up and there is nothing inside. No bins, or trays, just open space. But for $9.99 I think it's a good value especially if you're just wanting to try out the products. I may go back and pick one up after my payday if they're still in stock. I might do a giveaway on my YT channel.

  14. Yay, my CVS is a little slow - but I spotted this today & snatched it right up. WHAT A DEAL! Not only do you get $50 worth of product for $10, I had a CVS 20% off storewide coupon (check those emails!) and got it for 7.99! WootWoot! Gianna, did you get one? or are you still searching for one in your area?

  15. Gosh they still have a ton of these at the two closeest CVS stores! Guess they weren't too popular here!


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