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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret Outlet Haul

Before I show you the little goodies I picked up yesterday, I want to mention that the lovely Amber over at BeautyJunkiesUnite just reviewed one of the e.l.f. Luscious Liquid Lipsticks that I've been raving out lately. I pretty much begged her to get one the other day, but since she IS the Beauty Junkie, I didn't have to twist her arm too hard! :) So please be sure to click over and see the beautiful shade she purchased. Now I want that shade too, darnit.

OK, now on to the haul pics! If you're a faithful reader of this blog, you know that I usually don't post haul pics of products unless you can easily get the same products in your area, BUT, I do take exception when I encounter incredible deals. So if you're not fortunate enough to live within driving distance of a Bath & Body Works Outlet or a Victoria's Secret Outlet, I'm sorry to tantalize you! But on the other hand, if you do live within driving distance of either of these outlets, consider this inspiration to pay these stores a visit soon. There are TONS of great deals to be had!

Let's start with the BBW Outlet:

Bath & Body Works Outlet at the Las Americas Premium Outlet
(located literally footsteps away from the San Diego/Tijuana border)

For those of you who have never been to a BBW outlet store, imagine walking into your local BBW store and discovering that it's now twice the size it used to be. Then imagine that EVERYTHING is either 50%, 75% or 90% off. THEN imagine that, in addition to new products, you spot old favorites and long-ago discontinued seasonal products lining every single shelf, including Slatkin, CO Bigelow, etc.? Now you know what it feels like to walk into a BBW Outlet. It is paradise for BBW lovers. It's a goldmine for finding products from past collections (heck, they even had tons of Tutti Dolci Mango Sorbetto Body Wash at my BBW outlet, and that collection came out years ago!).

Despite my yearning to buy every single thing I saw yesterday, here's what I ended up getting:

Clockwise from the left:
Orange Sapphire Hand Cream
$5 (retail: $10)
Winter Indulgence Warm Vanilla Sugar Foaming Shower Mousse
$1.99 (retail: $14)
CO Bigelow Vitamin Mentha Tinted Lip Balm in Poppy Pink Mint
$1.99 (retail: $7.50)
Nutcracker Sweet Body Lotion
$1.20 (retail: $12)
True Blue Spa Shave the Day Shave Cream
$1.50 (retail: $6)
Signature Collection Home Fragrance Disc in Wild Honeysuckle
$0.49 (retail: $1.50)
Slatkin & Co Home Fragrance Disc in Fresh Balsam
$0.49 (retail: $1.50)
Slatkin & Co Home Fragrance Disc in Creamy Nutmeg$0.49 (retail: $1.50)

Total before tax: $13.15

I paid less than the retail price of the Shower Mousse alone and got eight products! Yay!! Believe it or not, the thing I'm the most excited about is that darn Nutcracker Sweet lotion. I love anything pistachio-scented and I never did get one of these when they were first released, so imagine how happy I was to find a shelf full of these with a big "90% off" sign next to them!

Moving on to the Victoria's Secret Outlet, here's what I purchased:

They had bins and bins and bins of Beauty Rush goodies with a big sign that said "5 for $5". I'm sorry, but who can resist a $5 for 5 deal??

Clockwise from the left:

Acai Berry & Magnolia Body Lotion
$1 (retail: unknown--no price tag on this tube)
Beauty Rush Nail Paint in Velvetini
$1 (retail: $7)
Beauty Rush Nail Paint in Red Hot
$1 (retail: $7)
Beauty Rush Luminous Shadow in Brown to Earth
$1 (retail: $7.50)
Beauty Rush Cream Shadow in What a Blush
$1 (retail: $7)

They also TONS of the Double Balmsticks for $1 but they only had the flavor Pina Colah Di Dah so I skipped it (I'm not a huge pina colada scent lover).

I'm hoping these work out for me--I don't have much experience with Beauty Rush makeup (I only own some of the baked shadows, which I love). Believe it or not, I'm the most excited about that little tube of lotion. I loooove anything acai-scented and I had been so curious about how the combo of acai and magnolia would be. Yesterday was my first time sniffing this scent and I LOVE it.

Oh! And I also bought these body mists:

Merry Vanilla Twirl and Gilded Ginger Creme Body Mists
$2.25 each (retail: $9 each)

I'm sorry but $2.25 for a full-size body mist? Are you crazy? Of course I had to get these. They had tons of seasonal products reduced down to 75% off, but these were my weaknesses. Did you pick up any of these when they were released during the holidays? When I read the descriptions of the scents, I knew they had to be mine. Merry Vanilla Twist is a combo of "Creme Brulee, Vanilla and Starfruit." Hello!! I don't care if it's summertime, I am wearing this baby TODAY!

So my total for the Beauty Rush stuff and the body mists before tax? $9.50. I pretty much got the entire purchase for the retail price of just one of the body mists. Not bad at all!

If you would like more information about anything I purchased, just leave a comment on this post and I'd be happy to answer your questions.

Do you live near a BBW or VS outlet store? If so, do you shop there often? If you don't live near one of these outlets, do you live near another type of outlet store (like CCO) that you like to visit for great beauty deals? I'd love to hear from you! Oh, and BTW, there is also a CCO in the Las Americas Outlet, but I had to stay faaar away from it because I knew I'd be in trouble if I even so much as looked in the window. :)


  1. I didn't even know that Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body had outlets! I need to check out the outlets by me and soon!

  2. Arrrgh! Where are the nearest VS and BBW outlets to NY? I must track them down. I must visit them at least once in my lifetime! I know there's a CCO in Riverhead.

    You got some fab bargains there!

  3. I need to find that VS outlet near me because ALL holiday season I wanted that Merry Vanilla Twirl (I'm a sucker for vanilla smells) but I was being good and shopping for everyone else. By the time I got done, holiday season was over and I realized that I didnt get that limited edition vanilla. I thought all hope was gone, but nope, there it is! I know you love it right? It smells AMAZING!

  4. We have a BBW at our outlet mall, but it's not an outlet (this is the case for a lot of the stores which is just plain weird)! Anyway, great deals! I am anxiously awaiting for swatches of the nail polishes!

    Oh and I recently in the mail received a coupon from VS for a free panty and $10 off any purchase - it expires soon so I'm going to be checking my local store out in a bit. I'm not sure this is something everyone gets since they used to do this for their stockholders (I'm one) but haven't for quite awhile because of the economy.

    I love haul posts even if I can't get the deals, so don't stop. =)

  5. Omg, I am so jealous you live by these outlets. I would just go crazy I think. :)

  6. Good lord, please take me there. I am coming to visit!

  7. Good gosh, those are some amazing deals! I can't believe the outlet prices are so much cheaper, definitely a good deal!

  8. I didn't even know that VS Outlets existed! Now I MUST find one. I live about 10 minutes away from a BBW Outlet, and it's so much fun! I never buy anything at regular BBW anymore, because the same stuff (maybe older packaging though) is like 75% cheaper.

  9. I didn't know such outlets existed! Awesome!

  10. I live 30 minutes or so from a BBW and a CCO, even a NY &Co outlet! But i'vr never heard of a Victoria's Secret Outlet!! Great Buys you got! My BBW outlet is pretty dope. I always get a ton of stuff out of there.

  11. My boyfriend's dad works in TIjuana! Maybe he can drop me off on his way to work! lol. OMG I remember Tutti Dolci! I was like 12 when that came out and I had just bought my first tube of mascara I was wearing for the first time when I saw it first!

  12. Went to the one in Queenstown, MD but it was a bust (the Wed. before Memorial Day weekend) but it still had a good selection, just nothing calling my name.

  13. Funny that you posted this RIGHT after I went to a B&BW outlet this past weekend! I bought two of the shower foaming mousse things but at my outlet mall (Philadelphia Premium Outlet) they were selling for $1.20. I purchased one in coconut lime and also in a midnight something or other. Thanks for sharing!

  14. there's a bbw at the outlet mall but it's not an outlet store same with VS :(

  15. OK, R, if I didn't like your blog so darn well I'd just have to quit stalking it, out of jealousy of this post! LOL! Seriously though...the parent company of BB&W and VS is HQ'd in MY TOWN, and we don't even have an outlet store?! Where is the justice?! LOL! :-)

  16. I didn't even KNOW VS had outlet stores! where are the outlets you went to located? please do share :) great haul!

  17. UGH I just looked online and found that there are NO VS outlet stores anywhere near me. There is one in colorado though, where we might go on vacation later this summer. I'm going to see if I can't fit that into the schedule. :)

  18. This is a GREAT haul. You made me do some searching too. I live Orlando a huge tourist city with tons of shopping and I hardly do any of the "touristy" things. I couldn't find a BB&B outlet, but there is a VS one at the outlet mall about 5 minutes from my apartment. I'm living in under a rock. I'm going to go today and hopefully find some nail polish! Wee! I'm excited. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Kathleen: Yep! Hopefully you have one (or both) in your area! :)

    VexintheCity: Hum...I have no idea if they have these outlet stores in NY....sorry! :( But definitely worth looking into for the next time you're in the states! You could do some serious damage in these stores. lol! :)

    adorepink: I loooooooove this vanilla body mist! OMG, I cannot stop misting it on myself! lol. Now I'm regretting not getting a second bottle. lol. I might have to back for more. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you can find a VS outlet near you, honey. Oh, and they also had the lotion. :)

    JT: OMG, I hate it when they do that! There are a few shops in my outlet mall that are the same way. For instance, there's a Sally Beauty, which seems like it would be AWESOME, but when you walk in, you quickly discover it's not an outlet...just a regular Sally. :( Thanks for the heads-up about the VS coupon! :D

    In Her Makeup Bag: OMG, believe me--it's waaaaaay too easy to go crazy. The first time I ever went into my BBW outlet I spent about 100 dollars. I seriously could not help myself. Since then, I've learned restraint. lol! But it is AWESOME to go here to do Christmas shopping. You can get enough gifts for 20 people and barely spend 100 bucks. Crazy!

    Amber: You got it, honey! xo :D

    Stephine: Yup! It's pretty crazy. lol! :)

    Ruby: I know, right? Ever since I discovered this BBW outlet, I rarely, if ever, go into regular BBW stores anymore. lol!

    Phyrra: Yep! I hope you have these in your area. :D

    Jamie: Yay! I'm so glad you live near a BBW outlet too! Now we just have to find you a VS outlet. Ha! :D

    PCS: Oh yes, you could definitely spend an entire day at this outlet mall, so not a bad idea! There's an Old Navy outlet, and a CCO and about a zillion different other places with great deals. :) And are you TRYING to make me feel old? You were 12 when TD first came out? I was um...32! LOL!

    Bunny: Awww, darn. I hate it when that happens! Every once in a blue moon I'll go to the BBW outlet and find nothing I want to buy. But it's RARE. lol! :)

    Candice: Wow, that's funny!! And I wonder why your shower mousses were $1.20 when mine were $1.50? Hum! Thanks for the info! :)

    Joyce: Oh I HATE it when they're not really outlet stores (but yet they're in an "outlet" mall). :(

    JenJen: HAHAHAHA!!! Oh honey, that is just NOT fair AT ALL! You should have a special "flagship outlet store" in your city, for crying out loud! They should be practically GIVING their stuff away there! :(

    Pau: Please re-read the post. I mention exactly where it is and I also provide a link to this specific outlet mall. :) Hope that helps!

    Ruby: Oh darn. Well, at least you might be able to squeeze in a visit when you're on vacation. :)

    Stephanie: OMG, you neeed to get your booty over to that VS outlet! It's only 5 minutes away?? Awesome!! I hope you can snag some polishes! Keep me posted, please. :)

  20. @StarDustStephanie I live in Orlando too. I 'think' there is a BBW along with a VS in the Prime Outlet Mall. I have resisted going in the BBW store. But I did go into the Evelyn and Crabtree store. I didn't just buy for me, though. I got some goodies for my next giveaway.

    OK, you have totally weakened any resolve I had about going to the BBW store at the outlet mall, just to see if it is truly an outlet store. sigh....not like I don't have enough BBW as it is.

  21. Kimberly: Do it! Do it! :) Think of it this way: if it IS a true outlet store, you can keep it in mind for the holidays. I looove doing my Christmas shopping at my BBW outlet because the deals are incredible and you can get twice or three times as many gifts for people than you would if you paid full retail. :)

  22. Wow that's such a great deal, wish I had one near me

  23. I live a 45 minutes from a VS outlet and didn't even know it. Going tomorrow. Besides beauty, how were the prices on bras and undies?


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