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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Breaking news! (and some musings on a REALLY weird beauty idea)

First the breaking news: The Jane Cosmetics website is back up and running! It's been down for a really long time and I'm SO happy to see it back up (although I still don't see any mention of the new Aguaceuticals line). I hope they are getting back on track and that they'll continue to stay in business for the long haul. I'm so relieved that I no longer have to stockpile my beloved Be Pure Mineral Lip Balm in "Rose Quartz". (Do you own this yet? If not, then you totally should.)

Also, I wanted to keep you informed about a crazy new trend I'm seeing on the internets lately. Women--and a lot of them--are using Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel in a totally unconventional way. Instead of using it on the area intended for use, they're using it on their FACES as a make-up primer. Now...I guess you could say that if it's good enough for your private areas it's good enough for your face, but how can you be certain? (To be fair, the Monistat website does state this product is great for all areas of the body, including underarms, and that it can be used to soothe your skin after shaving or waxing.)

I've read various reviews that claim the ingredients are similar to very popular and very expensive makeup primers and that this is an incredible way to save money (apparently one of the main ingredients in the wildy popular Smashbox primer is dimethicone, which also happens to be the main ingredient in Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel). While the Smashbox product retails for $36, I can understand the allure of the Monistat product since it retails $7.99. I've also read reviews claiming that Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel actually performs BETTER than expensive makeup primers. Don't believe me? Read through the reviews on and you'll see: click here.

I'm all for saving money and using non-beauty products in creative ways (see here) but this...I just don't know. Thoughts?


  1. Hey R,
    I actually have been using the Monistat Anti-Chafing for quite sometime. MakeupAlley started discussing the alternate use of the product several years back. Unlike the yeast infection cream, this anti-chafing isn't exclusive to the nether region. It can be used anywhere there is irritating friction. As a matter of fact, I have used it under my bra strap and my shoes (prevent blisters). This as a primer works really well. I like it more than the smashbox primer. It has yet to break me out. However, I have read that others have not had the same luck. It is worth a try, you can even try the generic one.

  2. Hey T! Those MUA girls are the first to try *everything* aren't they? :) Thank you so much for letting me (and my readers) know that you've used it and with success! I think I'll pick some up and start slowly by using it for post-shaving, etc. and we'll see if I ever get up the courage to use it on my face! But it's comforting to hear from you directly that you use and love it! Also, do you have dry, normal or oily skin? Thanks!

  3. Woe Dude...I've heard about this before...I don't know...which leads me to wonder about the hemorrhoid cream for the eye bags thing...I bought some one time but just couldn't do it...Ever tried it?
    Love your blog's concept btw...too cute!

  4. Hey josi! I've wanted to try the hemorrhoid cream under my eyes for a long time but, like you, I just can't bring myself to do it! This Monistat product seems a little easier to wrap my mind around, for some reason. Please let me know if you get up the courage to try it and I'll do the same :) Oh, and I love your blog too! I'm adding it to my links.

  5. Right back 'atch babe...consider yourself added! I also joined'll have to tell me more about it!

  6. I recently saw the Jane section in Walgreens - everything was on clearance and the display was almost empty. :(

    As for the whole anti-chafing thing...if it will keep my eyeshadow and eyeliner from creasing and smearing all over the place, then I'm sold. No matter what eye primer I've tried, my eye makeup still ends up all over the place.

  7. meredithelaine--I've actually blogged extensively about that...Jane and Walgreens parted ways (seems like it was a business deal gone sour) so Walgreens is getting rid of everything Jane ASAP. But that does NOT mean Jane is going under can still find their products at Rite-Aid. Yay!

    As for eyeshadow bases, have you tried the expensive yet totally indestructible Urban Decay Primer Potion? Your e/s will NOT move. I promise.

  8. You know, I can get behind using it to stop chafing on other parts of the body, and I can understand that logically there's nothing wrong with putting it on the face, but it still squicks me out. It's nonsensical, but I don't think I could use it like that.

  9. Hey Leigh! I'm sort of feeling the same way as you, but after hearing from someone who actually uses it, and then also reading so many good reviews online, I'm getting a little more comfortable with the idea! We'll see...I'll definitely post my review here if I get up the courage to try it myself :)

  10. Haha... I think it's really funny that people are honestly uncomfortable with stuff like this! It's not like there are any weird ingredients in this stuff; it's got many of the same things as other products you already use. :)

    Anyway, I remember writing about this a loooong time ago, and I still intend to try it as soon as my regular primers run out! LOL!

  11. Hey JennBee...yeah, I think it's really more of a psychological issue for me! Just knowing that it's manufactured for another region of your body...I don't know, it's just odd. But I'm not opposed to trying it. I just need to muster up the courage :) Please let us know what you think when you use it?

  12. See, that's what I get for coming across your blog so late. Good to know that Jane isn't shutting down.

    re: Urban Decay Primer Potion - that's actually what I currently use. And most days, I'm either faded or creased by about 2pm.

    I think that I'M just defective.

    I am really tempted to try this Anti-Chafing stuff, though.

  13. OK, if UDPP doesn't work, have you tried a MAC Paint in a neutral color like "Stilife"? I've had really good luck with those...let me know? Also, Benefit F.Y. Eye is SUPER good (used that for years). I swear I'm going to solve this crisis for you!!

  14. i love that Jane Mineral Lip Balm! My walgreens is having a "last chance" sale on all Jane products. :( So I bought the balm in Rose Quartz but it was a little too red for me. So I went back and stocked up on 2 of the Pink Quartz. I looove it! The color is natural and it feels good on my lips.

  15. Hey giz! Yay!! I'm so glad you like it too. I really love the consistency and how it makes your lips feel. :)

  16. I really like your your blog!So far the only one of it's kind.:) (cause cheap makeup is still pretty good
    sadly id stock up even more on the lip balm cause...

  17. Can't speak to the psychological factor - I am huge on multiple and alternative uses for items. As a travel nurse who lives in an RV and moves every 3 months, every item I own has to REALLY pay for itself.

    It probably depends on which part of your psyche is most powerful. I am also a BONAFIDE bargain hunter. Why on EARTH would I ever pay so much more for the same product because of a name???

    So I bought the chafing gel immediately after reading the reviews a year or so ago. I never batted an eye at the name, but some folks might not be as determined to pay as little as possible for the best quality products as I am.

    I use only loose mineral makeup powder but my skin is pretty oily and combining the primer with my ROC sunscreen/repair my face was positively gooey within an hour. I have started using it on razor rash and it works like soothing magic after waxing everything from brows to ankles and in between. I'll never be without it.

    So when I read all of those reviews a year or ago, it didn't bother me in the

  18. I've been using Monistat Chafing Relief forever ; I think I might have been the first to post about it on MUA. It really is fantastic! If you're bothered by the tube, squeeze it into a pretty cosmetic jar! Another great use: Apply it to your nostrils when you have a bad cold or allergy attack. The product protects your nose from "tissue burn" better than those annoying, slimy-feeling "lotion tissues".


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